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  1. You'll call it a distinction without a difference but Minnesota's starters are overwhelmingly 3 and 4 stars. They do have a few 2 and below stars on Defense (one being Antwan Winfield Jr- but most will agree that he's just a little better than that). You and the committee seem to by employing the intuitive "Alabama is better because of course they're better" approach. I'm not even saying you're wrong. Gun to the head, I'd pick Alabama in a head to head- but I'd have taken Penn State last week too. The problem (and why I think many are frustrated), is that the intuitive approach, while often correct, is difficult to defend. The committee can't say "well honestly, record be dammed, we think team A is just better, because, well, they just are." So they have to figure out how to justify it, which exposes/ creates the contradictions that people are bringing up now. Ultimately, I don't think that the Alabama v Minnesota thing matters much. If MN wins out (highly doubtful), they're in.
  2. My 9 year old loves everything WW2. I've been careful not to give him too much but he's cool with Memphis Belle, Tuskegee Airmen, and Dunkirk. Good to go on this one?
  3. Very slim. They'd have to beat Ohio State in the conference championship game. They're not THAT good. Still might lose 2 of the next 3 but who cares. Playing with house money.
  4. 10 mil initially. Gradually goes down from there.
  5. Yep, though they had to put in a lot of work to get there. Not a top 3 reason for slow ticket sales, but it certainly doesn't help that this morning was the start of Deer Season. It's a really big deal in MN and it draws a lot of people away from the city over the weekend. Even the Vikings feel it when they have home games during opener (lots of sold but empty seats).
  6. It'll take sustained success to get the students and young alum locked in, but it's possible. Right girls? Stuck at the boy's hockey tournament all day but I'll do my best to watch. Should be fun
  7. I was just having a little fun... This is all absolutely correct, except the last bit. Minnesotans have no hubris at all. Anything that resembles it is simply an overcompensated insecurity.
  8. U of M fans love the Gophers, but they also love the Wild, Wolves, and Vikings. Iowa State fans need only choose between the Cyclones and the meat raffle at the American Legion.
  9. I can tell you from direct experience that the big lake near Austin has absolutely nothing on the big lake near Minneapolis (on which he lives).
  10. That's what I said Re: season 1. It's Rainbow Six.
  11. I'm through 5 episodes and liking it. In my mind I've completely disassociated it from the books and that's made all the difference from season one. It's absurd, but it's fun.
  12. Especially the shitty ones. It's akin to naming Alamo Heights, Westlake, Hills, or River Oaks the worst cities in TX.
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