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  1. I don't know what the hell that is. Is "Subway platform pseudo funk" a genre?
  2. It's on an online auction site here in MN. Current bid is $47 with about a day and a half left.
  3. "Beautiful hand made fixed blade Damascus steel knife with custom handle and leather sheath. The acid dipped Damascus steel blade offers a unique pattern with a nice clean edge. The handle is a combination of wood and bone in classic Red, White and , Blue with a star set in the end and a stainless bolster. There is no manufacturer stamping on the blade being hand made. Leather sheath with belt loop included." Overall length of the knife: 8.0" Blade edge length: 4.0"
  4. I think I want this.
  5. Not that it matters- I'm just glad to see someone appreciates it as much as I do- but it's 5 or 6 posts up from yours.
  6. Not rubbing it in- My team sucks. But I thought you'd get a kick out of this.
  7. He is the 2020 Cy young runner-up. But ok.
  8. The previously posted Henry V scene is fucking perfect. I love everything about it, and Patrick Doyle's soundtrack is a perfect compliment. Aside from that, you could probably populate a long thread from West Wing monologues alone- starting, of course, with the two cathedrals rant. But sticking to movies, I'm surprised this one hasn't been mentioned yet. If you simply read the words on the page without context you probably wouldn't think too much of it. But the way in which it is shot and performed is chilling.
  9. If he took a puddle jumper he wouldn't be hung over. He'd be drunk. Much better.
  10. Solo in the Keys sounds awesome. Solo in Miami sounds... whatever the opposite of awesome is. (Aweful?)
  11. If I recall, there is a small airport in the Keys. You could do a one way car rental and puddle jump back.
  12. If I have a 3 day vacation, I'm not going to want to spend too much time in transit, particularly between locations. I'd probably just go with one primary spot and day trip from there. I'd also not want to play around too much with drastically different time-zones. So with that in mind... Reykjavik. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/iceland-travel-guide-covid/
  13. And now they'll give up the game for good measure. It's that kind of season.
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