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  1. Tried this. The forum title is still there, you just can't get to the content.
  2. That is exactly what happened to me with the 11 year old. I was navigating over to the "Bevoette and Jade's lol pics" thread to show her a pic and she saw the title over my shoulder and asked me about it. I really would have preferred not to have had the resulting conversation.
  3. Was afraid that my favorite beer style had gone the way of the Dodo, but enjoyed a Black IPA this week for the first time in a couple years. Unfortunately it's just a seasonal re-release, and won't be canned (brought home a growler). Midnight Ryder by Indeed. Not my pic, but this was the scene.
  4. Charlie just released a new one! What a ripper! Fun story... about 12 years ago some buddies and I, on a total whim, got in contact with Charlie and asked him if he'd play a house concert for us in South Minneapolis. In these parts, Charlie was/is too big to be playing house gigs, but he was intrigued, so he and a couple buddies came down from Duluth and jammed in our back yard for hours. Top ten night for me. Sitting on the roof of my house jamming to sweet tunes.
  5. What do you mean? That's as calm as he gets.
  6. Maybe not, but #6 predated Fleck.
  7. I think you're shortchanging Minnesota there. Auburn's playing hard.
  8. Trick play? It was a play action pass. From the Wildcat, but still...
  9. For as much as they run the wildcat on goal line, that's the first pass out of it this year.
  10. Of course that hardly matters when you give up 96 yard kick off returns.
  11. Checking in. Auburn is clearly the better overall team, but if they insist on playing straight up man against the Gophers receivers they're gonna get worked on D.
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