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  1. Ride there pretty often with my son. It's really well groomed, marked, and maintained. Best in the area, and there are a lot. We've hit up just about everything in the Twin Cities, so Cuyuna is next. Or maybe Decorah. Need to get back to Pulpit Rock.
  2. She was great in League Of Their Own.
  3. Sorry, I suppose given how much "time after time" has been covered it could have been it's own thread, but it'll run it's course. Love the arrangement on this one.
  4. I've never heard a cover of this song that I didn't appreciate, but here are my top 3: Bonus:
  5. It's good, and not all that long, but I couldn't get through it in one sitting. I'll let the rage subside and finish tomorrow.
  6. TexasHooch

    2020 MLB thread

    Yeah, he's really really good.
  7. Here's more. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/06/29/iran-issues-arrest-warrant-donald-trump-killing-top-general/
  8. This is my wife's family- one issue voters. Literally nothing else matters. My wife is also pro life in a big way but unlike her family, she places a high value on lives out of the womb as well. As such, she will not hold her nose and vote for a tyrant.
  9. I'm on s1e6, and I'm struggling. It just meanders, and I dont give a shit about any of them. Is it worth fighting through, or am I just not going to get it?
  10. it's just been reported that all highways coming in and out of both Minnepolis and St Paul will be closed at 7:00.
  11. I know you're talking about Austin but keep in mind the Twin Cities are on I35 too. As of now, here, they are keeping all highways open. With all the Intel of the protesters jumping to the suburbs, I'd think they may want to lock them down at curfew
  12. Tonight's going to suck so hard. I live in a suburb but even in running some errands, I could feel the tension in the air. The Targets are boarded up, the sound of copters is constant, and there's a steady stream of National Guard vehicles rolling down the highway. People are going to die tonight and I hate it..
  13. Law question: What does the impending divorce do to spousal privilege in court. Does it completely wash it away, or would the defense still need to waive it for her to testify? I bet this lady has stories to tell.
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