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  1. Yo La Tengo- I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass Mogwai- hardcore will never die but you will
  2. it's been probably 15 years since i saw a midnight show at preservation hall, but i'm fairly certain i paid $10 a ticket. it was so impressive that i went 2 nights in a row. definitely highly recommended.
  3. paste has an acoustic isbell solo set from 2011 streaming...back in the fat drunk isbell days. https://www.pastemagazine.com/music/jason-isbell/jason-isbell-streetlights2/
  4. Picked up beer at Live Oak, Hi Sign, Hops & Grain, Oddwood, and ABW on Friday afternoon. At each stop I was the only one picking up beer, employees were all very grateful. I now have enough beer to get me through a couple of weeks.
  5. They sold back most of their Austin space to the landlord...so even if they had the money to move the equipment back, there's nowhere for it to go. They're trying to sell the SM facility to another brewery in hopes of keeping the business afloat.
  6. no one discovers new music via the PA at a concert. beatles was a solid choice.
  7. h&g moved all of their brewing equipment from east austin to san marcos, then there were major infrastructure problems in san marcos and they couldn't brew any beer there for about 7 months. that's why there hasn't been anything on the shelves...they're operating solely on their 5 barrel system in east austin. not sure they can recover from the lost revenue.
  8. stc

    Your SXSW 2020 picks

    very interested to see how many people show up. most of the day shows i had on my list to see are still happening.
  9. pearl jam postponed their tour. fuck, was supposed to see them in phoenix next month.
  10. mike campbell sings lead on a song off the echo album and I always thought it was remarkable how much he sounds like petty.
  11. that sounded interesting until I read they're playing a Rush album. good to see the sword touring again though.
  12. why would anyone always never buy name brand drugs ever?
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