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  1. i don't care too much for either of their albums but i think they're pretty great live.
  2. i enjoyed it but thought the crowd was pretty terrible. couldn't get away from people talking.
  3. firmly in this camp, abw is highly overrated. what beers did you have that were good?
  4. yeah, me too. get there early enough to check out think no think.
  5. around christmas is one of the busiest times of the year at big bend. you should still be able to find a camping spot as long as you're ok with backcountry.
  6. What do you want to know? Go. Have tamales. Drink tequila.
  7. saw a bunch of great stuff at levitation festival this past weekend. a place to bury strangers, frankie and the witch fingers, and monolord were my personal favorites. somehow 3 straight nights of staying out until 2am didn't kill me.
  8. as great of a guy as he seems to be...it's not that hard to replace a drummer.
  9. there's a black crowes billboard on e 7th street.
  10. opener typically starts an hour after doors. emo's usually sends out an email to ticket holders with set times.
  11. the lead singer is kind of a big deal to most fans, whether or not that lead singer is an asshole is largely irrelevant.
  12. stc

    Pink Floyd

    interesting, takes a little of that 80's edge off.
  13. god damn tweedy has gotten fat as fuck.
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