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  1. had this happen to me in dallas. i ignored it and nothing ever happened.
  2. stc

    Pink Floyd

    this syd barrett box set finally arrived last week. syd really wrote some striking, unique music. there are some genuinely good songs and also some songs that sound like the ramblings of a man going insane. i'm glad gilmour was patient enough to work with syd and produce these albums, his accounts of these sessions sound very frustrating but ultimately produced some worthwhile albums.
  3. stc


    basically every record label in existence is doing at least 25% off. i've already ordered way too much stuff.
  4. there's video of her walking from the helicopter to the ambulance so she couldn't have been that seriously injured. whole thing doesn't make sense.
  5. stc


    lebowski's grill at highland lanes. the hideout across mopac from the domain.
  6. Floor is the only way to go at the moody center if you are willing to stand the whole time. Sound down there is great. We started in section 111 and the sound was good, moved over to 107 and the view was better but there was definitely a lot of echo. I've never had a problem finding my seats, it tells you which portal to use on your ticket and finding your section seems pretty straightforward from there.
  7. Got dragged to the national by the lady friend. That crowd was terrible. So many people talking through the music and endless arguments about people standing up. We moved to one of the empty sections on the side a few songs into the set. I generally find the national very boring. Live show was slightly better but still didn't do much for me.
  8. the report i read sounded like it was a rescue in progress but who knows
  9. it's weird that no one noticed she was missing for a week. it's my understanding that her car has been at the trailhead the whole time so it seems unlikely she's sitting in an airbnb. she either fell off a cliff or got in a car with someone.
  10. stc


    whatever seasoning they put on their fries, it isn't good. also, give me real ketchup. burger is good though.
  11. viben and the submersibles is an unforgivably bad band name. if they aren't a jamband they really should be.
  12. kool milds because we stole them from my friend's dad. camel turkish gold when i was buying my own. haven't smoked in 20 years.
  13. just saw that google lists guzzi up in alpine as permanently closed. that sucks, place was good every time i ate there and was one of the few places that was consistently open.
  14. stc

    Texas BBQ

    this has been my experience as well
  15. think i bought their entire discography for like $20 in college and rediscovered them during the pandemic. all of their albums are pretty bleak with depressing lyrics but there's a refreshing honesty to them as well. really feels like someone exercising their demons. all of the songs have interesting arrangements and great production. think i appreciate them more now than when i discovered them. have that same turntable that i also bought off craigslist, but from a guy in pflugerville.
  16. Flaming Lips were way better than the last couple of times I've seen them. Played 2 sets...Yoshimi in its entirety then another hour and a half of songs. As always it was a visual spectacle, and it was mostly the same stuff as the last time i saw them a decade ago. I did find it slightly distracting that all of the lyrics were on the giant screens, was like watching a concert with closed captioning...couldn't help but read them. Wayne Coyne still can't really sing and is a real applause whore but he's likable and the band sounded great. Glad I went.
  17. flaming lips playing all of yoshimi tonight at acl moody. been a while since i've seen them.
  18. looks like he played a couple of concerts this year, lafayette and fayetteville. and there's this: https://www.pbs.org/video/hardly-sound-jandek-preview/
  19. for those in austin looking for WS gear...academy didn't have shit and dick's still had plenty of shirts and hats around noon.
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