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  1. stc

    Pearl Jam

    While walking into the portland show a few weeks ago a lady stopped us, fanned out some cards and told us to pick one. I thought it was some kind of street grift and told her no thanks. She insisted that it was specifically for pearl jam fans so we each reluctantly chose one. Turned out to be PJ baseball cards. She said that's your spirit animal for the night, enjoy the show. Weird.
  2. Warpaint was good. Didn't know they were playing all of exquisite corpse, not my favorite album of theirs but still enjoyable. They're definitely all about the rhythm section and harmonies.
  3. stc


    Dan's. Satisfying. Dan's. Satisfying.
  4. stc


    had the burger at yellow ranger last night. not good. nothing we had was good including the drinks.
  5. stc


    adp is a weird place. it was really good for a while and then i'm assuming they changed owners because it became absolutely terrible. looks like it might be time to give them another try because i don't remember a burger on the menu previously.
  6. Motherfucker, again.
  7. i ate at zen somewhat frequently in college because it was cheap and relatively healthy. it was never very good but it was a break from cheeseburgers and taco cabana. never had the sushi, just the rice bowls.
  8. have made zero mods to mine and it still works fine after 15 years. you can buy all the fancy shit you want but it doesn't require a goddamn computer to cook bbq.
  9. There's really not a bad spot on the floor. It's small enough that you'll be fine even if you show up late. Your biggest danger is the talkers that inevitably end up at the back of the floor.
  10. the restroom situation is also terrible...how is there not another restroom outside? there used to be port a shitters on the 2nd floor deck behind the stage but those are long gone. the sound is good if you're on the floor or 1st balcony. floor gets disgustingly hot if it's over 80 degrees outside though. if possible i get there when doors open and secure a spot on the first balcony rail, otherwise you're fucked.
  11. stc

    Pink Floyd

    i'm a little worried about the setlist as he recently said he's reluctant to play songs from the 70s. i have no doubt he'll play his entire new album.
  12. stc

    Pink Floyd

    think we're up to 5 msg and 4 hollywood bowl shows. the way they did this was ridiculous.
  13. have marked both of you down as part of the problem.
  14. neg rep for supporting goth babe. i've never seen the entire venue as GA, usually it's just the lawn.
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