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  1. Have my dad's old cassette deck hooked up to my system. Doesn't get much use these days but I like to give it a workout every now and then.
  2. Viagra Boys- Cave World: Satirical Swedish rock with infectious grooves and a good sense of humor. Half of these songs would not be out of place on a Ween album. Ghost- Impera: Another Swedish rock album. 80's arena rock with a nod to the devil. hail satan! King Hannah- I'm not sorry, I was just being me: Atmospheric, slow building, trip hop sounding British rock/folk duo. Spoon- Lucifer on the Sofa: An excellent Spoon album that sounds exactly like a great Spoon album. Billy Howerdel- What Normal Was: Depeche Mode/Cure influenced solo album from the APC guitarist. Rickshaw Billies Burger Partrol- Doom Wop: Short and concise rock songs that deliver a punch. Best live show in Austin. Black Angels- Wilderness of Mirrors: Still bringing the psych rock formula and occasionally branching out into new territory. Hooveriii- A Round Of Applause: slightly jammy psych rock
  3. I actually prefer the 2nd half of the album, feels like they're at least trying to explore new ideas with the songs...whereas the first half definitely fits their tried and true formula.
  4. stc


    Matador Records holiday sale purchase arrived yesterday. All good Sunday morning records. Somehow didn't have any YLT in my collection.
  5. 3 days ago it still would've been a useless recommendation for a concert to see on 12/6.
  6. fuck the "can you talk" text. just call and i'll answer if I can talk, that's how phone calls work. voicemail is not set up on my cell phone so you will not be leaving a message.
  7. Camped at Cedar Hill State Park the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Park has a ton of campsites (350) and they were laid out pretty well to provide privacy. Tons of lakefront, quite nice in the summer I'm sure. Trails were all closed due to torrential rains but we caught a nice sunset after the storm rolled through.
  8. stc


    that's a very highly regarded Jackson direct drive pedophile.
  9. have been frequenting the silver medal at 290/183. tiny bar that smells like cigarette smoke, has cheap lone star on draft and a solid burger. open 3pm-2am every day. definitely an old school dive.
  10. right across from the landfill, nice.
  11. Drunk old dude in Fredericksburg bought us a round because he liked our dog staring at him through the window. Wish this happened more often.
  12. camped at south llano river state park this past weekend. sitting around the fire and heard something over by our van, got up to inspect and it sounded like it was coming from inside the van? upon further inspection it was coming from the engine compartment...figured it must be a mouse or a rat. opened up the hood and there's a ringtail sitting next to the battery staring at me. i watched it for a minute and it appeared to be chasing a bug or lizard. all my years camping i think that's only about the 4th ringtail i've seen in the wild, did not expect it to be in the engine compartment. was concerned it had chewed some wires or something but everything was fine.
  13. +1 for cooley being an amazing lyricist. gravity's gone i think is my favorite, so many great lines. cocaine rich comes quick, and that's why the small dicks have it all.
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