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  1. I thought this one kind of sucked.
  2. TBH it seems like everyone getting them must be using a bot. See my Best Buy anecdote. I literally was refreshing the page manually and going from sold out to add to cart in less than 3 seconds probably, and then adding it and still not getting one.
  3. Might be a thread for this show since its so old but I didn't see one with a casual search. We got Hulu recently and they have 9 seasons of this show with no ads. I was not expecting much as I despite virtually all broadcast television sitcoms but I'll be damned if this show is not funny as fuck. I think it probably helps that I was age 7-16 during the 80s. Also I love Jeff Garland from Curb and he is pretty good here too.
  4. Appreciate the offer, and its tempting because I don't see myself getting one without buying a brand new system and I don't want to do that mid way through the life cycle of the 3000 series. But I hate scalping so I can't.
  5. Yeah I am in SA so in person Microcenter is not an option for me. My online attempts continue to go poorly Newegg shuffle seems like a waste of time but it only takes like 2 minutes a day to do so I keep doing it. Yesterday one of the twitter accounts gave notice that Best Buy was going to be restocking. So I got on there and waited. They ended up starting around 11 a central or so and it lasted about 70 minutes. I was watching all of their 3060 Ti models. I got some added to my cart in literal seconds from them going back in stock and still came up empty.
  6. I don't like Cena and I didn't love the character in Suicide Squad. Show is pretty good though. Definitely has some of The Boys vibe.
  7. Catherine the Great. After watching The Great, this is a more grounded realistic version. It's not great (haha) but its watchable. 4 parts about an hour each.
  8. Hozz

    2021 Kindle Paperwhite

    I've had my 2021 Paperwhite for almost 3 months reading on average 20 minutes a day in airplane mode unless I am downloading something new. I am on my first charge and still have 43% left. Crazy shit.
  9. I thought it was a good watch. Intended or not, it did make Tammy out to be a sympathetic figure. Also her attitude towards homosexuals and AIDS, at least in the movie, was pretty ballsy for someone in her position at the time.
  10. The Eyes of Tammy Faye was pretty good. Intentional or not, the show portrays her in a very sympathetic light.
  11. As much as people shit on S5-7...I found them to be very good relative to other options. Were they as good as S1-4? No. Were they better than their contemporary competition? Yes, with perhaps a handful of exceptions according to personal taste. Now, S8 I would recommend to any new viewer to just flat out not watch. I wish I could unwatch it.
  12. I thought this was the best one of the three so far.
  13. Hozz

    Whatcha reading?

    I almost mentioned that one too, that is my third favorite of his. His most recent is Churchill/Battle of Britain and also pretty great.
  14. Hozz

    Whatcha reading?

    Have you read any Erik Larson? All of his stuff is pretty good but Devil in the White City and Dead Wake are particularly good IMO.
  15. I guess that is the new normal but those are both higher than MSRP. 3060 was $330 MSRP and the 3070 Ti $600.
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