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  1. I like Shaka. I wish him well…at some other school.
  2. And they want to keep it that way, it seems.
  3. jkates

    Axe Bat

    Cat 8/Posey - smooth looking bats. The best hitter on my son's team uses one. I have a buddy who believes the Axe Bat has a lighter swing weight and the Cat 8 a heavier swing weight. He gives his stronger kids the Posey but won't let his little kids use it. My son falls on the smaller side. This buddy is the one who put the Axe Bat in my son's hands.
  4. jkates

    Axe Bat

    He does seem to be making better contact, though not necessarily line drives. How much of that is attributable to the bat handle, I don't know. He bats lefthanded. His misses often resulted in flares or pop ups to SS/3B. He seems to have much fewer of those now. I assumed that handle design might help reduce rollover ground balls. Haven't had a chance to see that yet as he hasn't played games with it. We've just been doing tee work, flips, front toss, BP.
  5. jkates

    Axe Bat

    No doubt. The axe handle feels weird to me but I'm an old. He is comfortable with it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. jkates

    Axe Bat

    I wish you only missed year round baseball instead of the point. I'm asking about a bat with a different handle than any other. I'm not worried about blue flames or weather. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. BREAKING: School is out for winter break and the students are home with their friends and families. Classes resume January 21.
  8. jkates

    Axe Bat

    Do any of your kids use the Axe Bat? What do you think? Pros? Cons? Which one do they use (BBCOR, USABat, USSSA)? My son (9 years old, 10 in April) grabbed an Axe Bat this fall and fell in love with it. He says it feels better in his hand. I don't notice a major difference in his swing mechanics but he is making better contact lately. This could simply be his development, his comfort, his confidence, the fact that he's hitting more this winter than last, or some combination. I'm not one who thinks that a different bat cures a swing problem. Anyway, I think I'm about to pull the trigger on the 2020 Axe Avenge (-10) USSSA bat and was curious if any on here had opinions based on their kids' swinging one.
  9. This Twitter thread is worth considering....
  10. Which I noted. I also noted that the shooter didn't seem interested in speed. He could have fired a lot faster, even with a shotgun. We'll likely never know why he didn't. Point being, the AR may have been worse, but not necessarily.
  11. An AR-15 isn't necessarily the more effective killing tool. That said, he could have fired more rounds in that time frame. But, it seemed like he wasn't interested in max carnage, because he also could have chosen to fire the shotgun more quickly. The AR would have required more precise aiming than the shotgun. I can't tell where the 2 congregants were struck, but the 2nd one seemed to get hit low. That proved to be lethal with the shotgun, maybe it would not have been with a .223?
  12. That's a bizarre first sentence, full of emotion but lacking legs. What about the pro-gun culture enabled this lunatic to have a shotgun and/or made him use it at this church? As to the 2nd sentence, plenty of pro-gun (really, pro-2A) folks - including the NRA, IIRC - argue for things like gun violence restraining orders. It's myopic to equate not supporting your preferred gun policies with inaction or enabling something like this.
  13. Good job by the security team once the shooting started. My church has an obvious uniformed police presence on Sundays, along with additional plainclothes security folks. Many of the plainclothes are current LEO, some are former. We have a guy on staff who is former HPD Detective that runs security. Thank God for them.
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