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  1. Sat in a blind on Sunday evening with my 9-year old son. My dad sat in a different food plot. We didn't see much. A spike came out just after sunset. We let him walk because we were hoping for does and pigs. We'll try again this weekend. Still not much better than walking through the woods with my dad and son, even coming up empty.
  2. What a 2019 season for the Astros. They didn't #TakeItBack but got as close as possible. In my best trying-not-to-sound-heartbroken-Bill-Belichick imitation, "We're on to 2020." I still trust Jeff Luhnow and his team to put together a top-level squad. I am still happy that Reid Ryan and his team work for the Astros. AJ Hinch is a great leader for the players. Onward...
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  4. I'll be in Section 133 tonight with my mom, sister, and son. Pinch me.
  5. Washington is about to get destroyed.
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  7. Don't care right now. Game 1!!!!!!!!
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