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  1. Excellent!! Glad to see we're finally implementing SEC player retention policies.
  2. Craig is superb, but for those that remember further back he was preceded by Bill Schoening, who was also fantastic. Our program has been blessed with great playcallers for decades. Edit: And I almost forgot, before Bill we had Brad Sham. Pretty impressive.
  3. What happens in the pressbox stays in the pressbox.
  4. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 10 years in a row shame on..... Oh fuck it. Who am I kidding. I'm in.
  5. That's a really unfair thing to say about stuffed ferrets.
  6. South Austin's mom can help with the filling the gaps part.
  7. Do we have verification we have his paperwork yet?
  8. The new consortium can have its own championship tournament. The NCAA is just a consortium too. When you have a large chunk of prestigious teams pull out then the NCAA tourney won't have the same prestige anyway. Look at the NIT tourney 50 years ago when it meant something, but the bigger the NCAA tourney got the more it brought down the NIT leaving it a shell of what it once was. Same could happen to NCAA.
  9. When you post in public with suggestive formatting you're just asking for it.
  10. My favorite is 69. That is a medical term, right?
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