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  1. Can’t believe I forgot the Malibu name. Pretty sure you are a year or two or three older than me. You were friends with Paul S. And Stephen M. Right? I’m pretty positive I’ve seen those old hunting and fishing pictures. Paul is here in Port A of course. No idea what happened to Stephen. If you keep up with the goings on in AH, Dr. Wood committed suicide a few days ago. His son was a friend of mine, and his daughter married an older friend of mine.
  2. Wasn’t that the place on the NE corner of 410/I-10? I know I wrecked a few go carts there. never, ever thought I’d say this but I would much rather live in SA now than Austin. I hated San Antonio growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. Loved Austin in the 90’s. I’ve done a complete reverse. To go visit for a few days? It’s still Austin. To live? It’s San Antonio and it’s not even close.
  3. I’m fairly lazy when it comes to taking pictures and video when I’m fishing, but a buddy of mine put these together from a few trips with me. I’ve probably posted one or both of these before. I think I’m trying to make myself get depressed.
  4. Sigh. We are in prime time marlin season in Costa Rica and they still won’t let us in the country. So fucking sick of this shit.
  5. Yeah, open up Aug 18, temporary ban for Labor Day wouldn’t shock me. I’ll put it this way Port A is going to revolt if she tries to extend it again. We already have locals and tourists trying to tear down the barricades. The police are sick of enforcing it. i don’t know what y’all restaurant situation is over there. Ours is FUBAR. I laugh every time I drive by one on the weekend. It’s a combination tailgate party/dine in experience/packed bar. I’ll give some of the restaurants credit they are at least trying to enforce some kind of social distancing. Then the tourists come in and fuck it all up. I really should take more pictures when I drive around.
  6. There is no way the vehicle ban will still be in place in September. Haha. On that note, cases were trending down a little (10%?) but went up again yesterday. Put me in charge. Open the beach, keep the bars closed, make restaurants go to outdoor seating and takeout only, make everyone wear a mask in public. We will have this knocked out in time for college football.
  7. His plan was pretty shitty if that was his plan. Maybe he’s a dumbass. I don’t know. Edit- nevermind northloop pretty much said what I was going to.
  8. No they had insurance and roof problems. They aren’t alone. It’s completely gutted right now and looks like a parking garage. They’re looking at maybe 1.5 to 2 more years is my guess. Don’t ever buy a condo in a beach area that could possibly get a hurricane. Better yet, don’t ever buy a condo.
  9. Not a lawyer like you are but I’m not sure how you make the jump from his tweets to intent. The whole thing is so fucked up. Hopefully we can agree that if you ever make it down to Port A again I won’t shoot you and I expect the same from you. I hope they charge him. Let’s figure this out in court. edit- I said I hope they charge him. That’s not correct. I hope they get this right.
  10. Yes. I haven’t been down there in a few weeks but what I’ve heard is that you can absolutely do that. So of course it’s really crowded on the beach at Ave G, Sand Castle, 1, and 1A. Instead of going to the beach we’ve been going to Charlie’s Pasture or Roberts Point in the evenings for a cold beer.
  11. You can do whatever you want on the beach during daylight hours. The ban is all motorized vehicles. A wagon is fine. Lots of people using those and bikes to haul all their crap out there.
  12. Same with Port A. There is nowhere to park. Besides I think being able to drive on the beach is one of the few good things about Texas beaches. Screw lugging your pop up, cooler, grille, etc. I get what Canales is trying to do and it is way, way less crowded on the island since her original order banning vehicles. But I think as long as we are keeping the bars closed here it’s ok for the beach to be open to cars. If they are that worried about it shut the restaurants down too. There is nothing else to do here indoors. They’ve cracked down really hard on house parties. Coming to the beach can and should be something safe to do.
  13. The vehicle thing is all day. It started in mid July. The 8:30pm - 6am thing is a beach curfew that as far as I know was also extended.
  14. Shit. They just extended the vehicle ban on the beach until at least Aug. 17
  15. Unfortunately there aren’t really any left that I can confidently recommend. Probably your best bet is https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Fishing-Spot/Ambush-offshore-Fishing-Team-499645640001/ or https://www.badfishsportfishing.net Cheaper option would be one of these boats https://billbustersfishing.com
  16. I’m talking about this. If I misread your latest post then my bad. It looked to me that you were implying the same thing.
  17. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/07/28/covid-19-hospital-data-cdc-column/5478847002/ I mean, ok, so your contention is that CDC has been doing a good job? Name a single thing they’ve done. This change may not be a good thing, but it can’t possibly be worse than doing nothing at all. It’s a beauracratic maneuver to stay relevant. As to the bolded, if that’s what CDC has been in charge of they are a complete failure. I’m not sure what the argument is here. Trump maybe hasn’t been listening to CDC. I have no clue what they are telling him. He’s not going to magically start listening now. Maybe if we give him his own little data aggregating entity, and the news is bad, he will listen. I doubt it, but it’s a better alternative than doing the same thing we’ve been doing since January.
  18. You keep saying this. It’s wrong. There is no reason to even look at those numbers on a national scale because that data is meaningless.The data regarding cases, positive rate, hospitalizations, and deaths are still being reported at the county and state level. What’s changed is they aren’t reporting more specific hospital numbers to CDC. Did you bother to look at the 40 page pdf of the new requirements? Deaths are getting reported more accurately and timely. If anything this would make Trump look bad. He[s screwed things up epically but so far this doesn’t seem to be one of them.
  19. If you choose to postpone, try to make them refund you. They’ve got waiting lists.
  20. And talked to a friend of mine that runs some charters. Bay guys are doing ok but struggling. Offshore less than 30 miles is bad as of yesterday. Outside that it’s ok. Who are you going with? If it’s a 12 hour offshore trip you’re likely fine. If it were me and I know it’s very short notice but I would reschedule. Or at least try and ask to see what they caught the day before.
  21. Ok, got an answer from my UT MSI marine biologist friend. She’s pretty good at what she does but this isn’t her specialty by any means. Edit- I asked if I should eat it. Will report back. it’s funnier because she’s a vegetarian
  22. They might. Do we though? Other than N.Y./NJ we still haven’t really proven we can do that. And I’m not real sure how much longer they can hold out. I’m firmly in the camp of us hitting the lather rinse repeat stage and we are stuck here. Hope I’m wrong. Also I’m totally unconvinced that the numbers we are seeing in a lot of other countries are accurate. We know our numbers are wrong. A few years from now we will look at excess deaths and do the math and figure out how bad it is or isn’t and hopefully find that there aren’t bad long term effects.
  23. Corpus new cases trending down and the better news is hospitalizations are dropping already too. I think our testing is so shitty here that we are almost seeing a direct correlation between new cases and hospital numbers. There’s almost no lag. That’s insane, wrong, and completely fucked up. October is going to be miserable.
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