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  1. But it wasn't as bad as it could have been so now the market is up! We're all rich!
  2. Maybe from those who post here.... but if you want to win suburban white women, destroying Waco is a bad idea. That’s their shiplaped Mecca and Medina.
  3. Dnaguy

    Its happening

    Yeah, but how do you stick your dick in a T?
  4. I give up on life and facts. From now on, the sky is purple and my dick is 11 inches long. I refuse to hear otherwise.
  5. Mormons believe that Gabrielle is the angelic form of Noah. They're the same being. Noah was just his name in human form while Gabrielle is his name in the angelic form.
  6. I just assumed they tore it down when they built the Biomedical Engineering building. Huh.
  7. But if they stay, isn't the university still left w/ black eyes when it comes to the public?
  8. Long Island is the longest and largest island in the contiguous USA my friend. It is indeed an island.
  9. Last stepped into that mess in 2007 Pretty sure that not much has changed since 1987.
  10. They’re all rich white millionaire asshats. So my guess is they all get a gentleman’s C
  11. I know that we’ve discussed this multiple times here, but the market is completely divorced from reality. i don’t want to lose money, but Im now kind of actively rooting for another crash here. Why? People need to be taught a lesson. This market fundamentally punishes actual investing and incentivizes recklessness. There is no fear. If we all come out of this without any real ‘punishment’ then I’m afraid of the future. The Chinese and US are escalating tensions. Crickets. Increasing cases. Crickets. and yes, I know. It’s already priced in and stocks only go up.
  12. It makes me almost think that they may start this process, then take it back. Bunch of Indian giv......
  13. Don’t underestimate the fact that suburban white women will vote out trump but still vote republican down ballot after that. See DNAgal as example. Sorry. No pics. She’s lives in Canada. You wouldn’t know her. Edit Realized I replied to the wrong post and now realize I replied to the post that is agreeing with what I wanted to say
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