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  1. Applewhite was like Tom Herman; had a lot of gutsy upset type wins (probably not as many as it seems) but also shit the bed against teams he and Texas should’ve dominated. His noodle arm limited the teams’ ceiling. Despite the perception, especially by frat boys, players at that time almost unanimously said Applewhite was the divisive one who thought his dick entered the locker room a minute before he did, while Simms tried to be one of the guys despite being the #1 recruit in the country and son of NFL HOFer.
  2. I thought there might have been an olive branch and $$$ offered after Bud died, but Bud’s daughter has been repeatedly cunty in interviews when the topic came up, and I think Bob McNair was too proud to ask what it would take anyway. Cal McNair is just retarded and oblivious.
  3. Are you saying Jax shouldn’t have to pay anything more than the #1 pick for Watson?
  4. I’m bracing myself for a trade of Watson analogous to what they did for Hopkins. Tua + a single first, or worse yet Darnold plus a single first, or maybe worst just the #1 overall alone from Jax and getting to watch Watson beat our shit twice a year while Sunshine Lawrence turns out to not live up to his hype. The floor for any trade of Watson should be 3 first rounders. I think Darnold’s present value if the Jets try to dump him is a second rounder, maybe a 3+4; something slightly better than what AZ got for Rosen. Darnold plus two #1’s wouldn’t be worth it to me if I was Caserio.
  5. Pancakes should have been fired when the Oiler left town. His MO is to tongue tickle the nuts of the Adams (even to this day despite Houston having a new franchise for 18 years) and McNair families. He always peddled their moronic personnel and draft decisions as wise per anonymous league graybeards. He believes his access makes him a better, smarter, and more knowledgeable fan than any of us on a lazyboy. That said, he is not responsible for franchises not winning Super Bowls. NYC and Philly have the harshest sports media in the country and has that helped the Knicks, Jets, 76ers, E
  6. Does NFL allow trade language like “higher of pick x and pick y in 2022” like the NBA does in trades? I.E. Jets trade Darnold, the #2 this year, the better of their two first rounders in 2022, and their first in 2023. I don’t like Darnold. If he was part of that trade I’d try to flip him.
  7. Read a clickbait story off Facebook quoting Steve Young that he would give up two first round picks for a generational QB like Mahomes or Watson, maybe even Herbert. Two first rounders? How generous, Steve!
  8. You can lose a lawsuit for refusing to let an employee out of a contract they signed or trading him to his desired opponent (likely with below value return)???
  9. That’s not a sufficient reason to get buttfucked on a trade. Haven’t Houston fans been punished enough on this front between Hopkins then Harden? Tua + 3 first rounders or 4 first rounders from someone else in return for a generational talent who is only 25 and locked up for 5 more seasons. Fuck this bullshit of Tua plus one first round pick. As I stated earlier, the Texans would also be eating $22-25M in cap hit for his next team, and we already established in the Osweiler trade that that alone is worth a 2nd round pick.
  10. If a player holds out and is not paid/is fined, I don’t believe they count against the salary cap. Like the case with Leveon Bell’s holdout a few years ago, if the player doesn’t report for at least 6 or 8 games, that year doesn’t count as a year against their contract. So holding out a year will just extend how long the Texans control his rights and he wouldn’t be counting against their 2021 cap. Now where he could screw them is hold out, wait for them to sign a replacement QB or other guys that put them close to the cap limit, then show up so his salary would put them over the cap.
  11. Unless the pick is in the top 4, correct? Tank baby tank!
  12. Is the ink still wet enough on Caserio’s contract to wipe it off and pretend it never happened? Or maybe a 30 day trial period where no money is owed if canceled?
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