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  1. If the primary concern is about the health of student athletes, which scenario gives them greater odds of catching the covids: 1. being “in a bubble” on campus with no other non-athlete students where they are tested weekly or whatever and they practice and play games, or 2. not playing this season, taking classes online while living at home and trying to resist the urge to hang out with their friends and chasing tail back in their home towns If you see any athletes on Instagram etc you know they are not mastering the concept of social distancing.
  2. For the Governor Abbotts of the world
  3. Yeah it was around the corner from Kens Donuts, kind of across the street diagonally from Toy Joy. RIP campus Conans.
  4. Do you ask for separate checks at Wendy’s?
  5. NCAA should require Mike Leach-style OL splits and a 6 foot neutral zone across the line of scrimmage. Not for the Covaids, just the entertainment.
  6. I’m guess the terrain wasn’t the only thing with dense bush.
  7. At first glance I read the thread title as “No panties at UT this fall”
  8. Yeah the claim is that people want to shower off immediate after the bath (bathing in their own filth?) so having it the shower means no water on the bathroom floor...or if not used that way then any bathtub splashing won’t get on the bathroom floor. I don’t like it.
  9. Private citizens are not permitted to sell to anyone they want?
  10. Washington Golden Gophers!
  11. Hope this trend keeps up if we end up listing in the next 3 months. We have the “urban modern farmhouse” shit to get Joanna Gaines’ panties drenched.
  12. Don’t worry. China will give us an accurate count of all 3 people who will die.
  13. Is there a simple equation to estimate total costs (“closing costs”) on a new or refi at whatever the current advertised rates are? And is there anyway to accurately estimate how many points above the advertised rate you’d have to go in order to have a zero cost loan? I bothered Thad on this for about two weeks on my refi by going back and forth a hundred times whenever the rates changed a hair. It would’ve been easier to just track myself and then reach out to pull the trigger.
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