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  1. If they made teams go for two starting in the first OT, many of these games wouldn’t go so long (and less bullshit stat padding like when a QB throws 3 TDs in regulation but 3-4 more in OTs).
  2. As a scientist, I guessed it was more incompetence of lab personnel than an intentional release (although testing the splicing of different viruses for “legitimate vaccine purposes wink wink” also possible with either scenario), but 99% sure it came out of that building in Wuhan. I was more bothered by China’s complete and immediate denial of it all and how quickly national media and some politicians were to absolve China. If a super bubonic plague got kicked off across the street from the CDC in Atlanta, you know there’d be questions and hell to pay.
  3. The feds should have a division for smashing hands with hammers and cutting the scrotums off internationals that hack or commit other cyber frauds. Fuck all these assholes.
  4. This guy tries to be data driven to replicate the procedures and processes for consistently great BBQ. He is convinced Franklin lathers his briskets with beef tallow at the point when he wraps them (at the stall? I haven’t kept up on Franklin method). He did a head to head and said the tallow rubbed brisket was moist AF and extra delicious. Anyone try something like this?
  5. This thread is like saying “No offense, but...” “No CR, but why are so many service industry employees not coming back to work?”
  6. How Lina sees herself in the eyes of her constituents after Covid
  7. If this was a serious debate, I suppose you were in special Ed. for 8th grade. Malone was slaying bar strange any night he wasn’t distracted by stupid Diane shit.
  8. I had no clue Judge Harry was dead. I must be living under a Stone.
  9. Any better odds of falling no lower than #4 though?
  10. Tell them to move along by date TBD, then trash all their “belongings” and power wash/fire hose the areas?
  11. In most years, the hyped first round QBs were not mentioned as high round picks 12 months prior. A year ago, who thought Zach Wilson or Mac Jones would be first rounders, let alone #2 and nearly #3 overall, respectively? We have no idea what the QB position will look like in the 2022 draft except that there is no Manning/Luck/Lawrence slam dunk guy at this point.
  12. Rodgers to Broncos about to go down?
  13. If that’s their play, they probably moved to early. Now watch the Pats get punked by some team trading up with the Dolphins or Lions.
  14. Adam Schefter and most of the NFLN guys were quarter past midnight about Ebron. After the Lions took him, he was supposed to be the versatile weapon that finally put them and Stafford over the top in the NFC North.
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