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  1. I don’t know how they validated the kit. Odds are if you had a scientist watching the data in real time, they’d probably make the positive/negative call in fewer than 5 minutes. However many PCR cycles run in 13 minutes probably give them some 10^n confidence of a negative.
  2. Maybe I'm dumb, but how does a positive result take shorter time than a negative result? If the RNA sequence is there, you will see it multiply quickly and can confirm the signal is present. If it’s not there, you have to run it a little longer to be certain it’s really not there.
  3. The thought of coaching in 2020 with COVID on the loose just scares this guy to death. *he’d rather get the clap
  4. I believe he could have got more for Clowney by acting earlier, and for Hopkins, and I want him fired as much as the next fan, but I do not believe this trade summary table is as damning as most. Just looking at the picks, offsetting the gives and gets in the same rounds* and excluding the non-contributors thrown in, they traded two first rounders, Hopkins, and Clowney’s rights (that were essentially worthless at that point) for a franchise LT, Kenny Stills, Duke Johnson, David Johnson, Conley, and a fourth rounder. The two #1’s for Tunsil is probably market value. So was it a good swap of Hopkins plus Clowney’s franchise rights for Stills, Johnson & Johnson, Conley, and a #4? Not if you hold to the disingenuous notion that Clowney was a top 5 DE and under contract, neither of which was true. They might have got a #1 if they traded him before the 2018 season, but by 2019 and him wanting a big contract, he may have got a #2 and BoB farted around and got a #3. Is there something behind the scenes with Hopkins that was causing locker room drama and/or contract holdout problems that warranted getting rid of him at a discount? Stills and Duke Johnson provided a lot of value last year, Conley at least contributed at CB. If (big if) David Johnson can return to 2016-2017 form with Watson and the Houston OL, the trade might look good. *offsetting picks of the same round also makes the trades look worse, because they gave up picks late in each round and most of the picks they received were early in the rounds. There’s some Jimmy Johnson value in there.
  5. The lady who has voiced Ahsoka from the beginning made a statement yesterday that reads like she’s pissed at Filoni for not being considered for the live role.
  6. Yes. Even more annoyed when being lied to even if it’s for a good cause. Nurses in my neighborhood Facebook group started the shaming over a week ago by saying they were already out of PPE and re-using gloves at various Seton hospitals. No you weren’t. Just come out say you are trying to conserve and stock up for the coming wave? Don’t lie. Not going to quote him, but Yankee fan didn’t address the point that if people say the masks are ineffective, why do they need them? They should at least admit that they offer some protection depending on the filter material. Agree with the overall premise though. If this outbreak went another way or during the next one, and we had a shortage of food, water, medicine, electricity, etc., based on this it seems like “preppers” would be shamed to hell for not sharing or outright donating 100% of their stuff, while it’s en vogue to mock preppers most of the time. They were being responsible for themselves and their families ahead of time at the expense of no one, and now in times of shortage it’s their fault?
  7. Every time I see this thread get bumped, my insides feel sick and I despair. A few posts up someone brought up the common bitch about Texans fans need to stop selling out the stadium. That’s one strategy, and it might result in your team playing in another city. All you can do is hope that public bitching reaches a fever pitch and gets echoed constantly by local media until the vain owners decide to act. I’ve never heard of a professional team owner selling his franchise because fans hated him. See: Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, Alex Spanos, Drayton McClain, etc.
  8. NFL considering lifting the rule that allows only one (color) helmet per season in 2021, opening up possible return of throwback creamsicle Bucs, Patriot Pats, horse in the D Broncos, or any prehistoric versions of Bears, Eagles, Packers, et al.
  9. All of this. If enough of an RNA fragment was intact on whatever surfaces they were wiping, it could have bonded to the RT-PCR template and replicated for a positive test result without being a complete, viable, infectious virus. If the sample came from combined swabs of multiple surfaces in multiple rooms, this isn’t shocking.
  10. Prince William, step right up! And put your kids in the fallout bunker.
  11. I’m calling horseshit on that “Stanford Medicine” cleaning of PPE story. First, it said they used E. Coli as a test surrogate for CV....E Coli is a fucking bacteria! We know/believe that soap is more lethal to the active virus than alcohol or bleach. Unknown lethality to heat, UV, or ethylene oxide. Cooking the shit out of the masks may damage filter material that decreases its effectiveness at blocking vita particles on the next wear. I already suggested to the UT-Dell crowd source board that they look into steam autoclave (because every hospital has them) and check the mask filter porosity after repeated cycles; or maybe as simple as >100C (but not too hot) soapy water to get more effective surfactant activity. The UV won’t penetrate beyond the outermost facing surface of the porous mesh so that’s probably out. Ethylene oxide may not be readily available in hospitals, works on most viruses but is untested with CV, and has very low risk of toxicity to skin if residuals accumulate.
  12. I assume you want real data since you asked for a link. A doctor on the radio yesterday said if you go on one, it’s 60-40 you aren’t going to make it, biased more towards the olds and compromised. He also commented on how many of the old people, even if they improved, if they’d been vented more than 48 hrs they (or their lungs?) didn’t want to breathe on their own any more. Will look for published stats.
  13. Electric smoker just died and came back to this thread to haggle. Sad.
  14. Can I be on the panel that decides which surly posters get enrolled in the fish tank cleaner clinical trial?
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