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  1. You think they will lose at home to the Jags and Packers? I think they come out of that stretch 2-5 or 3-4 and are left for dead by national media, only to go on a tear and compete for the division again where 10-6 might win it.
  2. I think I’ll head down to that Baker Street where it was filmed and ask the hottest waitress if she wants to go bang it out over some Kung Fu.
  3. Is it just me or does Tecovas just want to be the boot of hipster “Texans”? The company seems contrived to appeal to Austin types in a HopDoddy way. I tried some one twice and they were fine, but I didn’t like them any better than any of my 1883’s or Anderson Beans. I wanted to “support local”, but at those prices, whew (boots, belts, and shirts). Will try Cueros if they ever restock.
  4. John and Lance in the early 2000s? Charlie Pallilo?
  5. There are plenty of unsolved murders, so I wouldn’t say it never works.
  6. Had to post this after seeing pic up thread of “Joe Jamail Field”. We honor the fallen for their sacrifice to the country and state. We recognize DKR for his contributions to Texas football and UT. Jamail gets named in the same breath because of $$$. Vomit
  7. I just plowed through the final 6 episodes. That was awesome. The commonality for me in the Dave Filoni series is I don’t want them to end, something I can’t say for Ep. 8 and 9. More on screen stories of what Vader, Ahsoka, and other relevant characters did between Ep. 3 and R1, and where was Ahsoka when Luke and the boys could have used an assist on Hoth, Bespin, and Endor? Was there a canonical meeting between Vader and Maul? Last Jedi only left me feeling angry at the writer/director and sad for Luke Skywalker. Rise of Skywalker carried that feeling of unfulfilled sadness for the central characters and for us the audience at not realizing a better story/ending for the saga. Best criticism of new trilogy is whoever said you don’t give a shit about any of these new characters. I have no desire to know or see anything else related to those movies, unlike Clone Wars, Rebels, and it seems like Mandorian.
  8. Ashley has been the one and only voice of Ahsoka for about 100 episodes of CW and Rebels. It will be weird hearing RD trying to sound like her. Whoever gets the part is going to have a shit load of makeup. Why must they use a “name actress” or whatever was mentioned?
  9. Taking @ButtFumble’s plan to the next level. Year 1: hire minority coach, get picks Year 2: hire minority GM, get picks Year 3. (If things not looking good) Fire coach 1, hire another minority coach, get picks Year 4. Fire GM 1 and coach 2, hire minority GM (get picks) and the coach you really want. Churn and burn and accumulate picks baby! 4 years of bonus picks plus 3 years of high picks because you probably sucked. Would be hilarious if Belichick pulled a Parcells (even funnier if above scenario employed asians) and took some Director of Player Personnel title and ran this scam to restock the cupboard in New England.
  10. You are right. The article in my google search was 2018. It is 4 now (yes, Rivera is a minority).
  11. The US is 77% white according to 2010 census. Because coaching has nothing to do with altheticism and fast twitch muscle content, an expectation of >23% of HC and GM jobs being filled by minorities is disproportionate to the population, assuming that all populations have an equal “coaching/GM talent.” The NFL currently has 8 minority HCs (25% of the league). Is there a problem statistically?
  12. Does mental handicap count as a minority, and if so,can Houston get some draft picks because Bill O’Brien is retarded?
  13. Ok switch from “Columbia Blue, Ivory White, and Scarlet Red” to “Carolina Blue, Liberty White, and Battle Red!” They’ve already got two out of the three trademarked! #betteremployeethanBoB
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