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  1. LOL Antonio Brown what a clown show.
  2. I’m interested if I can get wife on board or find a 78” hidey hole.
  3. The NFL didn’t make any royalties off the Chinese fakes. Advantage: Iconoclast and his tailor.
  4. Turns out Independence Day is also racist and anything done or created by people before 1865, 1964, or perhaps 2008 should be shamed for it is tainted by racism and the racists. Why do people believe the backpedal of “kneeling is not meant to be disrespectful”? It seems that he believes that “you” (all white people) enslaved his ancestors. If he didn’t disrespect the flag/veterans, he wouldn’t have got the attention he did. If that was his strategy, it worked just own it and accept that many will be offended. In the thread on The Eyes of Texas, someone said you can’t tell young black men what is or is not racist. Well the majority of NFL fans have stated plainly that they find the kneeling highly offensive. Stop saying that you don’t do it to offend. Your customers and most Americans have said it is offensive. “You’re fat, no offense. You’re stupid, no offense. I’m going to piss on your mother’s grave because according to some random veteran it could be shown as a sign of respect regardless of how you and your grandmother feel about it! PSSSSSSS”
  5. Was this a dine in or drive thru scenario? Both are impressive and perilous.
  6. Washington Tomahawks, honoring native warriors and badass missiles.
  7. After periodically seeing this pic on the internet: And my social media blowing up with adding Vanessa Guillen’s name to the list of victims of systemic racial injustice, I did not see this coming:
  8. Washington Indigs (politically correct. Fuck you Columbus!) Washington (Dances with) Wolves Washington Pipes (peace or crack, DC residents’ choice)
  9. If only there was a way to wall China off...
  10. He picked a good place to live for his pescatarian lifestyle.
  11. You said your legal opinion of the First Amendment is that the state shouldn’t be able to punish you, then went on to say the state university should expel someone for something they wrote on Twitter. ???
  12. IMO the best suggestion in this thread, if a change must be made, is to change the current lyrics to The Eyes of Texas are upon Us, showing consideration of past wrongs, willingness to change, and inclusiveness of all Texas alums.
  13. [pre rant acknowledgement: The official flag of MS should be changed] Ok, but the Japanese flag analogy is off base unless you were saying it’s like current Japanese citizens flying their fallen empire’s flag, or a Russian flying a USSR flag. It was their states and their ancestors who fought under the Confederate banners, and while you or others may disagree, some of them do still view it as a states rights thing more than a racist pro-slavery thing (good symbols can be corrupted and considered inappropriate, can a symbol of “racism” be used alternatively by future generations?). Re: “why would you losers want to fly a losing flag?” If the federal government abolished the states and became the United State of America, would you mock defeated and conquered Texans for flying a Texas flag a hundred years from now? If Canada conquered and annexed the USA (lol jk), would you mock people for still flying US flags that they felt made a statement of rebellion or opposition against their conquerers?
  14. It’s a party in the USA!
  15. How do they enforce these interstate quarantines? “Yep, sure thing Governor! I’m headed to my isolated cabin for the next 14 days!” [Drives to Atlantic City...]
  16. Re-watched the last 4 episodes of CW final season today....WTF Rian Johnson holy shit you suck so much I forget how shitty JJ Abrams was.
  17. LBJ said plenty of racist things, and he liked to hang dong in front of aides and secretaries.
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