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  1. Let's start by giving Oakland a nice big shitburger.
  2. Played a ton of home games early on. They're a decent team, but road games are a coming.
  3. The Creek Group of bars has treated me well. https://www.cedarcreekcafe.com/ Cottonwood on N. Shepherd is a Surly-preferred spot, as well. West Houston, I've always liked Watson's (Hwy 6 just south of I10)
  4. Agreed. Game changer. One of the "splurge" items in my cart. I've had it last over 2 weeks with no drop in quality.
  5. But what is Dogecoin? It's a hustle, right? Yeah, it's a hustle.
  6. Murder Durder was decent. Iceland was horrible. WTF Lorne?
  7. Campfire Bacon Not terrible. The flavor profile though comes off as spicy, chargrilled hot dogs. Won't be in the regular rotation, but I can see where it has it's place.
  8. Stepping down next year to spend more time with her family. https://www.businessinsider.com/jen-psaki-step-down-as-biden-press-secretary-next-year-2021-5
  9. The Tour had a players meeting with the Commissioner, Jay Monahan. Monahan stated that any player that signed with the Premier Golf League would be suspended, if not expelled from the PGA Tour. Perhaps, the Surly lawyers can better explain the legality of suspending/expelling independent contractors who play on a merit-based tour that still maintains a non-profit status.
  10. Boudin Klobasnik. Coffee, black.
  11. Probably gonna throw at him, not hit him, but inside. Both teams get their warning and we get going. Unless they both get warned before the game.
  12. I've probably posted this half a dozen times, but Lorne really needs to retire and let Fey take over show running.
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