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  1. Gentlemen, I need your advice. I had to suspend my flight training with my CFI back in early December due to a promotion and relocation. I had about $3,700 remaining in my account with my CFI. I met all the criteria to be refunded this amount per his policies and requested as such. He informed me that he would, but would have to be in installments as he had recently put some money into the airplane. I said that would not be a problem. I contacted him in early January after not receiving any of the refund yet. He said he was prepared to send me the first installment in a couple weeks. I contacted him again earlier this month as I still had not received anything. As of 2/21, still nothing. I want to know, in your opinion, what my best recourse would be? Should I file a complaint with the FAA? Seek legal assistance? Unfortunately, this has left a bad taste in my mouth and am now disappointed in the time and money already spent on my training with him. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. The radio play episode ranks way up there for me. As does the Halloween costume party episode.
  3. White suits and applause-a-thon. Let's go...
  4. Nothing is fucked here dude. You're being very un-dude. Let's let the season play out. Well, maybe some things are fucked, but I'm taking a wait-and-see approach.
  5. Theres a video of the crash out there. I'm not posting it though. May not even be real.
  6. Dammit. I hate that I'm saying this, but Bannister might be a decent option. Houston native. Knows the division and league. Not afraid to give the finger to an opponent. Trolling the Rangers is also a plus. Good interview at the airport.
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