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  1. Kids these days think playing dress up is more important than winning.
  2. Shadow Creek looks f'ing amazing. Not surprised, but what a cool track.
  3. Are you saying Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball? Wait. What? I got my references crossed-up. My bad.
  4. He's still alive? EVH is gone, but Rush is still kicking. Jesus-fing-Christ.
  5. Checking in. Votes cast in Tomball (Harris County). Lot of aggy in line.
  6. Just voted in Tomball (Harris County). 20 minutes.
  7. How many registered voters are in Harris County?
  8. Obvious answer: pricing is already built in.
  9. Shadow Creek this week. Should be good on the ol High-Def.
  10. Will have no issues with the turn-your-head-and-cough request.
  11. This was my initial thought, and would be well-deserved.
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