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  1. I know it's back open for a while, but how is the new iteration of Hudson's? Looks like a lot of classics on the menu with some new offerings.
  2. Rough off the fairways (not a ton, just slightly more), firm greens, and shaved areas around greens. That's the recipe.
  3. News flash, Dick Tracy, Even rich people want to make more money.
  4. I would hope you are correct, but there too many idiots in this town that will jump on those tickets.
  5. Throw in Boseli, Carr getting destroyed, Kubiak collapsing, Inmates comment, among other crazy shit, and you have a 30 for 30 on the most dysfunctional team in pro sports. Only the talents of Amy Palcic has kept all this shit under control. She's gone now. Hold onto your hat.
  6. We call that the Saddam. Or, the "dick-tater".
  7. Texans leaked that meeting. Going with the Paint-DW-as-a-Villain strategy. Sounds like they are fucking around and will definitely find out.
  8. Gotta drink plenty of water if you're going to go on the Byson Dechambeau program, Bregs.
  9. Don't forget his back too. Who knows how the accident effects his back in recovery.
  10. I don't think Tiger has ever worried about being late anywhere in his life minus tee times at majors.
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