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  1. Fun fact: An episode of Emerald Point NAS featured Sela Ward dancing to this tune.
  2. Looks like I'm getting the virus
  3. "Fuckin' Kook" would also have been accepted.
  4. Everyone at a service academy is active duty military. Crownover attended the US Military Academy Prep School for one year. Then either did not get an automatic admit to West Point or left voluntarily. Anyone can leave voluntarily through the first two years, generally, at a service academy including non-athletes.
  5. SaucyJack


    them there nice titties
  6. Live look at Zach's bro enjoying Oxford
  7. At best Syracuse can hope to get to top tier of the AAC. I think Charlie could field a top tier AAC Defense.
  8. That’s just Aggy speak for “they are going to beat us 50% of the time.”
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