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  1. Day and Kevin with a backdoor plan for David.
  2. Woodinville is doing some really good things. I’ve accumulated 3 different cask strength store picks and they are all incredible. And this is the 2nd best Glen after the Dickbutt I got last year.
  3. Jesus Christ. W12 is good for 2 things. 1. Trade bait to get something much better. 2. Make PMP Fight me. @Herbie Hancock agrees with me.
  4. Long branch falls flat to me. IMO, spend the extra $20 and get Russell’s Reserve.
  5. This was taken during production of Rhyner’s doc. I hope he does Rhyner’s podcast.
  6. Tasting with Freddie tonight.
  7. If you think the standard is overpriced, well this one is about a 100 bucks over that one. Retails for about 200 depending on where. It's 100 proof aged 24 months and its the only one that Ed and his son did completely by themselves. It's their first truly independent bottle. Ed created the mashbill and his son distilled it himself. There was only 12 barrels produced so it is limited. I really like it, its young so it's more of a floral profile instead of a typical Rye spice. It drinks remarkably smooth for 100 proof. One cool thing Ed did was give everyone on the 1999 Cup winning team a bottle with their name engraved on the cup. That top is heavy as hell. It doubles as a 1 oz jigger. I‘ve met his son through one of the local whiskey clubs I am in and he’s really passionate about what they are doing and it seems they are doing it right and taking their time with everything. They are in the process of building their own distillery in Kentucky. I also got Ed to sign my backup LE Rye, he’s super nice in person.
  8. Not so much what he said, but the other day when my wife and I were on a zoom call with my 8 yr old son’s school to see how in person learning was going to be, Our little fucking genius decided to do this with fucking Sharpies. Took 20 minutes to get it off. [emoji849] Guess he was going for a gay Deadpool look. [emoji2369]
  9. Had the caramel apple pie blizzard yesterday. Fucking great.
  10. I’ve got them all but my ch 1 is just about gone. Need to find another
  11. Little Book ch 4 is interesting. Brown rice bourbon is very unique tasting. Neck pour was good, excited to see how this one opens up. Belfour LE Rye for when the Stars win tonight and send fucking Vegas out the bubble.
  12. ‘‘Twas good. Went right before closing time and they were out of gravy.
  13. Old pic. I’ve drained one, still have another.
  14. Big problem with how they did Cody and his Grandfather. Cold blooded to air the moment he found out about his death.
  15. Fuck these people. 'Big Brother' Contestants Mock Autistic Houseguest Ian Terry http://www.tmz.com/2020/09/10/big-brother-houseguest-making-fun-ian-terry-autistic-autism-mocking-bullying
  16. Nice! Another local DFW pick. This one is great too!
  17. Enjoying the rain with a nice Crux Epicure Maduro.
  18. Had one yesterday. Sonic’s are better
  19. Built a strong relationship with my local Goody Goody over the last 4 years and developed a good friendship in the process. Did so by not starting off asking for allocated stuff. Just talk bourbon with them, let them know what you like/dislike, let them recommend things, support the store whether or not they have the bottle you are looking for. Now I meet up with the manager for drinks/cigars on a regular basis. I also give him a couple of pours out of the bottles I get from him and every christmas I give him a bottle of Poor Man's Pappy. I don't flip either and he knows it.
  20. The last 2 days have been incredible. Widow Jane 12 year private pick.
  21. My first bottle of scotch ever. I’m hooked.
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