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  1. Casey’s going to have a hard time making the HOF. If it was his contemporaries voting he’d be a first ballot inductee.
  2. We could build a pipeline to grab some quality players out of WSU, what do you think?
  3. Can I haz football opines please. Like the fucking forum says and shit.
  4. Save your laughter for when this thing fucking is behind us. This kind of thinking may kill someone you love.
  5. I think what henryg is talking about is not the real world stakes but the lack of emotional stakes in the show.
  6. aggy just needed to look inside their hearts…the surrender grackle was there along.
  7. When it is said and done I think the real treasure of moving to the SEC won’t be the money or greater exposure but the friendships we made along the way.
  8. The aggie sauce jug got me laughing. Thanks man!
  9. It’s been said several times but the correct answer is Facebook. Groupthink enabling motherfuckers. those bitches and their algorithms have one fucking job, keep you on FB. Vaccines bad, here’s some more bullshit. Nazi’s good, check this out this racist shit. Disagree with your family member, no worries here’s some random jackass to buttress your belief. Much like ou, they suck.
  10. “Because you’re on television dummy” Fucking brilliant. Along with Homicide life on the streets and Lex Luther’s sidekick I’m having a hard time remembering when he didn’t crush his role.
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