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  1. Sleep off ugly


    Started working there a while back. Never been around a more dedicated group of folks in my life. Good people doing good work. Thanks for thinking of us sidis! and pay up sooner fuck
  2. Not reading above posts for spoilers but just watched the Charles in Wales ep. Riveting tv. I dug the first two seasons, matt smith in particular, and thought this one started off not as good but it seems to hitting its stride
  3. I think the car drop was the “brick” of the long joke she told, so maybe Dr. M has a sense of humor. Also Imho this is the best cast on tv right now.
  4. Sleep off ugly


    Not to be rude but I am not a fan of those limp dicks north of the river
  5. Bob Stoops is the son of a thousand fathers. All of them bastards, just like him.
  6. aggy and lsu gonna get comeuppance next week. Maybe convince folks that SEC myth is bullshit ( trying hard to keep a straight face)
  7. Agree 100%. He was influential to so many folks the doc almost seems fictional.
  8. I worked on lake austin blvd for years. They have been there for a good while ( and down by the river ) though not as obvious as other underpasses.
  9. Y’all hear that, we’re using code names
  10. I think they’re going to cover the enormous impact The Return had on family and estate law in depth in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.
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