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  1. I have two 30 foot and a 15 foot Mexican Palms, a Mountain Laurel and a Kumquat tree that all look like they are dead. We will see. Those palms really tied the yard together.
  2. Wtf is going on here? Leprosy? Syphilis?
  3. Ever since HD tvs came out I have screamed that they need to pan the camera back just a bit and show the action in the secondary. I was a cornerback and receiver. I couldn't give two shits about watching the line block.
  4. Either Teflon tape or pipe dope. Both are fine.
  5. and teflon tape. This guy gets a little crazy with the teflon tape. 4 wraps should be plenty and he should have cleaned off the old tape first but this video should walk you thru it @burntorangebongos.
  6. I mean, who doesn't try to roll over a coyote? They are vermin that are only allowed to proliferate because white man killed off all the wolves.
  7. Oh lordy, one of Heidi's friends leaked their group texts to the NYT. Raawwwr. https://god.dailydot.com/neighbors-leak-heidi-cruz-cancun-texts/?fbclid=IwAR0TRN4hur055yF8KrYJln21khuR9Pz-X98uibMLsi6DJGaokO2ZM4SocvY
  8. They are leaving the samples there for a future mission to bring back.
  9. It gets to like 70 deg F in the summer there so, yeah.
  10. 2 minutes until hitting the atmosphere.
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