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  1. Lmao I was imagining a hooker walking out of the corn.
  2. If they switch to spring football, and covid goes away somehow, then what do they do next fall? You can't expect them to play 2 seasons in one year, right? I guess maybe they could if both seasons were shortened. idk
  3. Daaamnnnn, Rick Wilson uses his mouth prettier than a $20 Chooky.
  4. Haha, last I saw James White he was yelling at my friend for spreading his mother's ashes on the dance floor at the Spoke not too long after the anthrax letter scares. It was fucking hilarious.
  5. Yeah, you're right. I misread a friend's FB post. My bad. James White lives!
  6. Yup, that Mr. White. I meant to put that in the Sturgill thread.
  7. RIP James White. Another icon down.
  8. Choady won $51 million in the lottery as an APD officer and then basically bought the Sheriff's election by way outspending all the other candidates. His list of scandals is getting quite long.
  9. GOP grow a conscience? Only way that happens is if dumb dumb loses the election.
  10. Wasn't TJ the one who said all kinds of awful shit about his wife and then posted her ring doorbell tits picture?
  11. This. I seldom use my old cast irons anymore.
  12. I have come to the terrifying conclusion that Brisket is an optimist.
  13. Ten Bears


    50 mg would put me in a coma. Overindulging in edibles is the worst. Getting super high on edibles is the best. Fine line.
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