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  1. If you are a Bernie supporter and realize you have adopted right-wing talking points, at what point do you hear Ding Ding Ding.
  2. Do stupid people ever wake up and realize, “holy shit, I am a fucking idiot!” or do they just continue on with their day as if everything is normal
  3. I’ve already pointed out your warped sense of reality from snorting social media ooze. This is another indication that you have a problem. Close the social media accounts. Intervention
  4. We all know you have identified yourself as part of the problem. Only you can do something about it
  5. Of course. There is no justification for your position. I suggest you reflect and seek intervention.
  6. Yeah. And as I scrolled through. You and two others are part of the “loser brigade” and are part of the problem. If you aren’t unequivocally supporting any democrat during the general, you are part of the problem. Seek help
  7. Take a look at poll results bro. That should be some indication that your thought process isn’t “normal.”
  8. Because you are a fucking idiot and those aren’t two actual real choices, only two stupid choices your idiot brain has put together from snorting the ooze of social media for too long. Get help
  9. When mommy brings me a plate of only 6 tendies, I throw them out the window because I deserve 10 tendies!!?! You people are part of the problem. Something happened in your past that I suggest you explore. Maybe it’s as simple as having a twitter account and spending too much time on it. I get it. Or maybe your parents failed at establishing an appropriate level of emotional intelligence. Don’t blame them. Parenting can be hard so don’t hold it against them. Either way, intervention is warranted.
  10. WhAtAbOuT Christmas!! It has been awkward watching you grasp at straws. I used to think only one side uses the BoTh SiDeS fallacy.
  11. Being on purpose (or manufactured) doesn't mean it isn't also outrage. #FireChuckTodd was trending 7th last night. That's too bad. You should watch and read the quote. This being manufactured is critical to understanding the situation. Strawmen are a sign of a weak position. Maybe another strawman or maybe you haven't read this thread.
  12. This manufactured episode reminds me of an interview a former VP of Facebook gave and he described how Facebook and social media in general is being used to “rip apart our social fabric,” “tapping into short term dopamine feedback loops,” and that “you don’t realize it but you are being programmed.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/blogs-trending-42322746
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