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  1. Oh shit!! What did we miss? I get that Fox News and Lady G are telling you some mind-blowing things, but did they find evidence that any of the below wasn't true? That Russia interfered in the 2016 election in "sweeping and systematic fashion" to get Trump elected by running an email hacking/dumping operation and a social media campaign. That Trump asked for Russia's help. That Trump's campaign manager provided internal polling data to russian operatives. That Trump's campaign manager and son met with russian operatives with the stated goal of getting dirt of Hillary. Then Trump tried to cover up the meeting. That Trump's advisor was in constant contact with wikileaks and coordinating the public release of hacked emails. That Trump fired the director of the FBI because of the "Russia Thing." That Trump tried to end the Mueller investigation and then directed McGahn to hide that order. That Trump refused to testify and answer Mueller's questions. That Trump dangled a pardon to decrease witness cooperation. That Trump and GOP failed to pass legislation to strengthen our elections and deter foreign meddling. That instead Trump used national defense funds to attempt to bribe an ally into meddling in our election. That Trump has continued to hide his taxes and financial records. That Trump spoke alone with Putin multiple times. That Russia is currently interfering in the 2020 election to get Trump elected again.
  2. Sure. One party is shitting on the US. The other party wants that shitting to stop. This is election season. Drop the both sides narratives. It’s weak sauce.
  3. Yes. Your position is that both sides are culpable and to blame (although not equal culpability or equal blame) but only one side is responsible. You may want check the definitions for culpability and responsibility. It is true and a total mindblow, that if the Dems has won 2016 then trump wouldn’t be president. This is a bad take. Both sides narratives are almost always bad takes.
  4. Go ahead and break it down then. Your position appears to be that if the Dems would have been the winners in 2016 then trump wouldn’t be president. If so, that is a straight up groundbreaking take!!!! Stop the fucking presses!!! So your position is that both sides are to blame for trump’s four years of shitting on America, because trump won the election and the democrats lost? Or would it more accurate to lay fault on the GOP politicians in the senate that actively protect that shitting, trump who is doing the actual shitting, the voters and contributors that applaud the shitting, or the propaganda that tells folks the shitting isn’t actually shitting.
  5. So again: It’s dumb to point to any misstep throughout history of the Dems and say that is why we have a potus that rage tweets, or that is why McConnell is a complete hypocrite with no shame, or why we have a potus that vilifies the free press or why trump shat all over our country for four years. The fault lies on GOP politicians, trump, their voters and contributors, and their propaganda. If only the Jews had organized better, then Hitler wouldn’t have been a thing
  6. That is a fine restatement of his position. It isn’t the fault of “both sides” that one side is acting stupid fucking crazy. That both sides narrative is a defense of those actively shitting on our country. It is just as flawed as victim blaming is flawed. It’s dumb to point to any misstep throughout history of the Dems and say that is why we have a potus that rage tweets, or that is why McConnell is a complete hypocrite with no shame, or why we have a potus that vilifies the free press or why trump shat all over our country for four years. The fault lies on GOP politicians, trump, their voters and contributors, and their propaganda.
  7. it is fashionable to be late to a party. hopefully he'll vote straight Dem and push those around him to do the same.
  8. I understand you don't want political parties to play a role in this, but the two parties represent two stark directions on voting and on the strength of democracy in the US. The reality is that your desires on this issue align with the democratic party. It sounds like you should vote straight ticket democrat in November.
  9. Yep. We can decrease voter suppression. Limit efforts to purge voting roles. Make election day a federal holiday. One political party represents all of that.
  10. Why did we get to the point that the party of Cheney, Palin, McConnell, and Trump have any power in the US? Because they won elections. Why did they win elections? Because a sizable percent of our population are susceptible to right-wing radio, fox news, rightwing social media and other propaganda. We need to take steps to overcome the voting power of that gullible population. Adding senators from PR and DC would drastically help with the senate. Removing the electoral college would help with minimizing their control of the white house. Ending political gerrymandering would help make the US house more representative. Regulating social media and cable news in a fairness doctorine-type of way would help all around. There are a ton of real actions we can take, but it requires the GOP to be voted out of office.
  11. No. My point is that trump shitting on everything and the GOP in the Senate allowing it to occur is not the Dems fault. It is not the fault of "both sides" that one side has decided to act stupid fucking crazy
  12. I get that you wish the Dems were more progressive. That they are more like AOC. But those are only a portion of their constituents. Just because they aren't the perfect representation of what you want, does not mean they are to blame for trump shitting on everything the last four years. You mean the democratic primary candidate who beat the other democratic primary candidate in a primary election? When there is a primary election, there is a winner. I get that the bernie bros and rightwing trolls push that kind of divisivness but that doesn't mean we should parrot those narratives or pretend those narratives push trump's shit onto the Dems. Your position seems to be that because the Democratic party isn't perfect, trump has been able to shit everywhere. Sure the Democrats could have been better. They should have been the best ever. They could have been perfect and never allowed any republican to win any race anywhere. But that isn't feasible. Saying its the Dems fault because they let Trump win, falls flat. Folks need to put blame on those that are shitting everywhere and realize that the Dems are the only ones that are going to clean this up. Check out HR1, for the people act passed by Pelosi for clear structural changes that will minimize the likelyhood that the GOP ever gains power again until they clean their shop.
  13. Go ahead. Expand on that “some blame.” Are you referring to the Dems involvement in allowing right-wing radio, Fox News, and right-wing social media pushing an authoritarian to the head of the GOP, who then gave us four years under trump? Are you referring to the Dem’s involvement in citizen’s United? Or gerrymandering? Voter suppression? Or any other anti-democratic factor in our current system? Because you should know the Dems are the only ones that have been pushing back against all of that.
  14. I understand there are some folks who blame the system or blame both sides when we have one side going fucking batshit crazy.
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