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  1. Impeached, not removed, wins in 2020. Dems win more house seats and Senate seats, but still in minority in Senate. Wife convinces me to buy house at Cedar Creek Lake in early 2021. Locals refer to us as that "that Spanish fella with the redhead". I die three months later of a massive heart attack at a Gun Barrel City liquor store.
  2. Why in the world was the queen such a shitty dresser? Was it a bit?
  3. Siths are generally pretty good at distinguishing difference between credibility, types of evidence and elements of a crime, though.
  4. I'm not asking you what the burden of proof is, I'm asking you what kind of evidence you would need. I'm just vaguely curious.
  5. If she can make a mean curry and keep the fridge full of Kingfishers, I'd tap that.
  6. Eh, I think at least some Americans will get out of this that there are good federal employees trying to do their jobs, that pay to play ambassadorships have their downside, and that sometimes the right thing is to go through the process, even if you aren't going to win. 2018 happened. We can throw people out.
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