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  1. Oh shit. It was Kobe Bryant, not Cobi Jones?????
  2. Ersatz very much the wrong word. I'll stick with much less interesting.
  3. I'd like to hear about that. I'll admit it. Strait doesn't do it for me, and he became popular when I wasn't listening to much country music, other than getting an affinity for Dwight Y. and Steve Earle in the mid to late 80s. Strait was just too ersatz for me (and yes it may have been his persona) at the time, and I've never had a reason to go back and listen to his stuff. It is a good song. But I hear a George Jones or a Johnny Cash song and I want to unpeel all its layers. I listen to Strait and its nice production. Guess I just never did my homework or gave him the time.
  4. I'm not comparing him to nowadays shitbags. I'm comparing to actual interesting great country singers, like every single person who was mentioned in the aforementioned documentary.
  5. To me the only people who are at issue are low info minorities. Old Trump haters and young Trump haters will vote.
  6. When they showed Strait singing this on the "Country Music" documentary I thought "This is the most boring man in the history of country music.". No shot at the goodness or greatness of the song, but this guy could be a cyborg.
  7. Oh, I forgot to mention, about 3/4 of the way through I about shot out of my chair when two characters were talking about the old nursery rhyme they used to sing: "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a [N-word] by his toe." Yikes. Kind Hearts and Coronets premiered in London on 13 June 1949.[25] When the film was released in the US the following year, it was edited ,to satisfy the Hays Office Production Code. A new ending was added, showing
  8. Mostly just curious as to what percentage of men get these. I don't doubt that there is benefit. There would be a benefit from a good ear wax removal and temple message as well. One of the issues I think I have with it is the idea of having it done in a barber shop. The idea of doing it in a place devoted to feet seems a bit more "normal" than mixing it with a bunch of old barbers. From scanning the googles, it looks like it is more popular among younger men, but still sub 25%.
  9. I'm just wondering if everyone is just waiting until impeachment trial is over before they go into full blown panic favoring the moderates or full blown "fuck it" favoring the progressives.
  10. Sounds Jew/Slav to me. So sort of your lower grade white.
  11. You could make a lot worse prejudicial judgments in life than "superhero comics and movies are stupid".
  12. Libtards are the only ones who care about a scorched earth, so that's just more chance of libtard tears.
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