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  1. To paraphrase the second sentence of your OP: "Because this is what America is about. Not all of us are bitches crying about how our adversaries are being intellectually dishonest." To me, many of the solutions that BLM advocates are exploring are not practical, or are raced focus when they should be race blind and economically needs-based. I don't think impracticality, or even an erroneous reading of history, equals intellectual dishonesty. In any event, my only duty is such a situation is to point out errors or impracticality.
  2. I don't think you're a victim of anything. I do think that all your whining makes you sound like a victim. There is an irony to it, I recognize that. But as long as you are riled up about some people who feel, honestly, that blacks have been held back by historical forces, and those should be reckoned with and addressed, you are going to seem to be a victim. Continue to push back when you can if you think that their forms of addressing the injustice actually are counterproductive. That's all you can really do. In these days of twitter, you're going to have to get used to the blow back. We all have to deal with it.
  3. Bingo. Get away from the Twitter universe. Start championing conservative policies. You'll get more traction out of wanting to balance the budget if you are trying to enhance economic and educational opportunity at the same time. (Hint, you're going to have to give in on progressive taxation). If you don't like identity politics, don't engage in it, and calmly call out why it is problematic.
  4. Biden is embracing a straightforward slorchian strategy.
  5. Overindulgent Charlie got some serious playing time at the tantric household back in the day....
  6. As of yesterday, 60ish person feeling fine. 90ish person has taken a turn for the worse. 99.8, weak, loss of appetite.
  7. Not remotely chilled. I don't need to compare this guy to anyone to "charge" some emotional response to his loathsomeness.
  8. And in my answer above, I am assuming you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, slorch, from the ghetto, and are a professional football player.
  9. Not that you oppose them but maybe you don't have that much empathy for them. I think that was the whole (and relatively simple point that most assholes couldn't figure out) point. You're acting in empathy and solidarity with your brothers in sports.
  10. I lost interest when Harvey Fierstein died. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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