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  1. Amazon - The average tenure for an Amazon employee is 9 to 12 months... Glassdoor. When your attrition is that high, it's really hard to gain any footing, unless you have some really good "salts" and management is REALLY shitty. I'll admit, every story I heard on the Amazon election was completely and totally one sided in favor of the union.
  2. Because US labor laws allow companies to put their anti union messages on company property -- because it belongs to the company. I'd expect both the union and the company to pull out all the stops in winning the election. If the company violated the law, then they will have a re-vote or the Board will grant some kind of relief.
  3. I don't doubt this plays a part, but what manager would want to manage in a union environment vs. a non-union environment? Unions are an added expense. The way to quickly increase the number of union shops is for governments to require all government contracts to go to union shops. You can make it easier for unions to win elections, but that efforts are easy to push against since companies are private entities with a whole lot of rights.
  4. Plus the fact that if organized, the employees will pay union dues and their salaries won't go any higher. The problem is that solidarity doesn't sell unless you are in a shop where people are or are preparing to be long time employees. I'm not sure what the tenure for these Amazon folks are company wide but I bet it's short enough to be a big disadvantage for organizing.
  5. Onward (2020). I thought it had a couple of clever ideas but just didn't work. Very well meaning, though.
  6. So depressing. In any case -- My favorite bad Alabaman. My favorite good Alabamian:
  7. Tell us what you think. I would have liked living in that house.
  8. I'm not sure if he was brazen or not, but John Dos Passos (The USA Trilogy) sure made life seem a lot tougher and meaner and dirtier than Hemingway did.
  9. Well to be honest, I think the unifying theme might be coming to terms with the infliction of pain and death that one does in one's lifetime, and if you look at it that way, that's pretty damn important and deep. The problem is that lots of people try a novel and I just don't think he's novels work all that well, or maybe they are dated, or maybe he simply just wasn't as good in novels as he was with non-fiction or the short stories, which were short (I always for some reason thought of The Short Happy Life of FM as a novella, but it's pretty much a normal length short story - but it is t
  10. We've discussed on other threads, but in employment law, there has to be some evidence of animus in race or national origin cases. Ultimately, it seems a jury should certainly decide whether it was a hate crime and I would think a defense to the hate crime aspect would be mental illness.
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