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  1. https://www.whatthefuck/incredulityidiocy/2021/07/gofuckyourself
  2. I'll buy that it is quite possibly positive in many ways. But that's the furthest I'll go with my positivity. Beat Mizzou!
  3. Damn, lots more of you assholes in favor of this than I thought. Dixiephyliac cracker mofos.
  4. I don't want anything to do with those big southern wall-eyed fuck dummies.
  5. We need an elite commando unit made up entirely of bull dykes. I always laugh when someone says bull dykes. Some words are just funny.
  6. I think we are going to be dealing with uncommonly assholish assholes. It's not my call, and I figure the business guys are making the right decision, but fuck the wall-eyed SEC and all its current institutions except for maybe Vandy and it's only because I liked a couple of Vandy girls once. Dancing with these drooling fucks makes me do the opposite of relax. This is going to stain my university and I hope it's worth it.
  7. Stanford and to some extent Cal are the only two insufferable Pac members worried about culture. Stanford just as likely to drop D1 football as they are to go along with anything.
  8. I'm open to change. I just kind of wish OU/Tex/TT/OkSU had gone to Pac. Because poor Pac. Furk.
  9. Top two teams in each pod travel to Omaha for a double elimination series.
  10. Sorry, want the big schools in the four adjoining states. Texas, OU, Ark, LSU.
  11. Special Peoples Conference: Stanford/Cal/Baylor/TCU and whoever else wants in.
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