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  1. I heart 2/3 pit stop races. Lots of strategy, moving parts without a bunch of wrecks. Tires should always be this soft. Entertaining race
  2. Like Mercedes did with their side pod/ no side pod design as well? Make two designs, pick one to pursue? RB is only interested in IP, and will want the F1 officials to confirm the data wasn’t stolen from them. Horner said this while also saying what’s in someone’s head is theirs and they would review their computer systems for a breach etc.
  3. Are there blackout rules for Apple TV broadcasts? In Austin and MLB will black out a game etc if playing on that station
  4. If they didn’t share info and they can show their work who gives a shit. You still have to make it work. Sister teams sharing designs is a problem. If a design trick works it works and teams should be able to duplicate it. Hopefully it would keep the teams more competitive over the course of the season.
  5. I assume there has been a worse/less interesting playoff year before, but I’m not positive.
  6. Carlos putting the Ferrari in the wall multiple times can’t help the budget either
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