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  1. Squealer, Death numbers were boring. Just a flat line for TC death rate. Even after ever two weeks. The rest hasn’t changed. Half of all deaths still come from 5 northern states and half of all deaths still occurred in nursing homes. I’ll check again in two weeks.
  2. Cars 3-14 (merc,will,hass, Alfa excluded) seems like the most competitive I’ve seen in the last couple of years.
  3. Ric got screwed. Did some great defensive driving for 15 laps or so. Pink arrow should be fair game. If teams can reverse engineer from photos etc and make it themselves so be it. Good to see the midfield be stronger and have variety, and would negate some of the big teams development/ money discrepancy.
  4. Everything’s a taco if you try hard enough. Peppered bacon, turkey cold cuts, pesto, sour cream, salsa verde, pickled jalapeños and goat cheese.
  5. ChickenSandwich

    Tex Mex

    Add Via and there is your top 5. Backspace/Home Slice interchangeable.
  6. ChickenSandwich


    Desano on Burnet should be in top ten easy. Probably top 5
  7. Shit and piss was a joke. They were exemplary guests I’m told.
  8. Kids. Driving straight to CA and back. No black water drain. No clean (skittles). But not issue. Negotiated and paid for. Shout out to Outdoorsy
  9. Had taquito with bacon and cheese. Added grilled japs and onions for the first time. Game changer.
  10. Also, been shit and pissed in when driven to California by local celebrity. Truly a collectors item.
  11. This one coming to market soon. Buddy’s wife finally decided was like a prison with three little ones. Now shifting to a boat. Will post add when listed in about a month.
  12. This thing going to be $60k? was shocked when looking at 2020 TRD 4 Runners. Listing between 56-60k. Did I miss an updated engine or transmission (narrator: no). Yikes. Truck prices are crazy.
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