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  1. Agreed the police wouldn’t do anything about custody, but they sure as hell could have dealt with trespassing. Get dad off the guys property. The shooter said he asked them to leave and they did not. He went inside and should have called the police if he was that threatened.
  2. 2 lives ended when the fucker went in and brought out a gun to escalate the situation and murder the father.
  3. Who’s sock is the cunt Felix? that pussy needs a safe space
  4. He will be charged. Murder maybe not but manslaughter has to be in play. Self defense went out the window when he went inside and the threat was over.
  5. He retreated into the home. The opponent did not follow. Had every chance to call police or stay inside. Instead comes out with gun and creates confrontation. This is parallel to Aubrey. Murder. Shooter instigated and escalated. Had every opportunity for de-escalation and to call police.
  6. Pointing out basic hypocrisy has nothing to do with “want to.” Consistency is hard
  7. He was looking for the grandmas? (Per his tweets) Why not stop after hitting the first person? The 5th, 20th or 30th? Why not hit the horn or the brake at hitting person #40?
  8. The FBI? AG? Homeland Security? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/12/us/politics/domestic-terror-white-supremacists.html Top law enforcement officials say the biggest Domestic Terror threat come from white Supremacists
  9. We’ve been told terrorism is tied to domestic racism. “it’s the greatest threat to our country “ His actions clearly followed his words to “knockout old white people” Are we not supposed to apply the standard equally?
  10. Humans Benefit of the doubt is out the window when you reach double digits of people bouncing and crunching off of your bumper.
  11. 50 people. Domestic terrorism plain and simple. Mostly peaceful driving.
  12. Good shoot. He wont be able to sexually assault and terrorize the mother of his children anymore. Nor will he be able to resist arrest with outstanding warrants and assault the police. Hope she takes every bit of the million dollars he got from morons.
  13. spring, it's an appliance you will use daily for the next 5-10 years for hours at a time
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