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  1. 2017. Sox Yanks and Stros. All stealing signs. Astros were better at it and beat the other two cheaters. You would think being caught twice for the same infraction would raise some eyebrows, but it’s easier to bury your head in the sand and claim it was only the Astros.
  2. If we are talking about three separate instances where the Sox and Yankees were caught cheating AND the Yanks manager admits to doing the exact same thing...then yes. It’s just you.
  3. Odd we don’t see you on the Yankee thread.... “I was part of a system where [the signs] came from upstairs, to someone in the dugout, to the guy at second base,” Joe Girardi said before fumbling with his words.
  4. You mean like an Apple Watch? Lmao. Your selective outrage is adorable
  5. it was worse, Yankees caught twice and Sox used electronic devices on wrists (apple watch)
  6. Good on Cuban. Hope he gets the help he needs
  7. Elites authoritarians upset they can’t spew their hate and division away from the basement. more meatloaf ma
  8. not soft spoken, think of everyone talking behind a mask. It's a loud mumble/muffled sound with a bunch of midbass range. Plenty loud, just hard to distinguish the annunciation.
  9. Bad country and cheap beer on tap. Horns win.
  10. We will keep voting for our own destruction because it’s “progressive”.
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