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  1. If the Big 12 absorption into the AAC is announced before the season is over we will need armed security for road games.
  2. He needs to get the fuck out of Seattle.
  3. Rozier has 1 year at 17 million. Cut, trade, or let him play it out.
  4. Gumby's Pizza | Home of the Original Pokey Stix (gumbyspizza.com) Bring it back!! They have an SEC footprint UF, Aggy, Mizzou Pizza Classics - Pizza Restaurant in San Antonio, TX
  5. Check out Klipsch units. They use horns instead of tweeters and have a bright response which will help with dialogue. They are also more directional which could help in an open space.
  6. Or go small and try to schedule 4 OOC games with the SEC and Big 10/ACC each year. No D2 games etc. The ratings would at least show large improvements to sell their next deal. The buyout money covers losses (or used to invest in their product)
  7. If TX and OU are willing to stroke a check, and leave in a year, playing a season at 8 teams could be disastrous. It’s a huge gamble the viewer numbers won’t further decline, thus further weakening their position. It’s even worse if they show success yet still no viewer increases.
  8. Your willingness to incorporate floor standing speakers into the wife’s decor, or the want/walls necessary for inwall speakers and installation.
  9. The yips are embarrassing. She owes no one anything. I feel sorry for her, but she choked on the biggest stage. Like great athletes across all sports. She is not unique. But she did quit.
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