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  1. IMexp - for pizza, the minimum rest/rise time was 24hrs for a 1lb dough ball (dough tin, lightly covered with olive oil squirt on top) it was always better if could let go 48hrs if possible
  2. You are not wrong and sadly it’s what passes for a comedy these days. The thread previously on comedies in the last decade provided complete evidence. Comedies are dead right now.
  3. Add melted butter to dough when rising and before baking
  4. Died when they stopped hip hop night at Nastys
  5. Always wanted this with T-Tops, Turbo and Tan leather interior
  6. Assuming Craigslist is a no, what website is best to sell extra ammo. Have 8 boxes of target .380 ACP to get rid of. Gunbroker auction the only game in town for ammo sales?
  7. “Passion” studies may no longer be affordable and god forbid we reduce administrators. Now would be the time to trim the fat and make some cuts. Doubt he wanted that kind of heat and responsibility as any constriction will surely be met with calls of racism or prejudice etc. Why put yourself through that if you have other options? The next person will be the hatchet man and take what comes with it.
  8. Rumors are this is the possible front runner for replacement
  9. Stick of butter. 1/2 Cup of sugar. Salt and pepper + cabbage. Cook till black on all edges on high heat. Fucking rules.
  10. That’s my point. It’s both of the Deloris-es personalities. It’s why she can trust it. Knows it the best. Etc. She split her personalities. Wyatt is actually current Deloris. Sweet victim Deloris is Charlotte. Like Bernard and “red button” Bernard. If not, Abernathy And yes. As a lover of season 1, 2 was unwatchable. (See Mr Robot)
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