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  1. Also due to the family selling out to PE. PE comes in and the first thing they do is cut costs and quality goes down.
  2. Turning left on red when it is obvious no cars are coming from the opposite direction is the only acceptable red light to run. In fact, there should be no left turn reds, only flashing yellows.
  3. Just now in my twitter timeline and thought it was appropriate. Not my family. https://twitter.com/30SecFight/status/1192795485297422337?s=20
  4. The actual money you pay is both the buy in and the entry. The buy in goes to the prize pool and the entry goes to the Casino. Typical starting chip amounts in these kind of events is anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000. click on the blue link for each event and it will show you the starting amount of chips and the blind structure.
  5. And how can the Club's flagship radio station not have a strong enough signal to reach Katy at any point after the sun goes down. If I ever ran into Reid at the games that was going to be the first question out of my mouth to him. There may have been a good answer but I sure can't think of it if there is.
  6. They are way to young to know about a Great White concert in Rhode Island.
  7. I got $100 Loge seats in Houston with the Verified fan presale $250 for 2 after fees. Just a tad more than $15 a ticket at Fitzgeralds in 2015.
  8. And he said that Cole started warming up on his own, was not told to.
  9. How about offering something really unconventional like 1 year $60/65 million to try and keep the band together for one more year so he has an excellent chance at (hopefully another) ring and then go off to Cali for $300 million in 2021.
  10. ^^^^^^ Interesting. Sounds like it must have come from the High Top Mountain recording sessions.
  11. https://twitter.com/HunterAtkins35 Check out the bio of the Chron corroborator.
  12. Good interview with Gorman here on Carolla a few days ago. Sounds like those Blabbermouth quotes came from there. https://adamcarolla.com/steve-gorman/
  13. Same here. I just leave the cup on top of the trash cover with the trays and let the workers decide if they want to throw it in the can or not. Not sure if that is an asshole move or not but If I was the one responsible for emptying the trash I would appreciate it.
  14. Not as pretty as the Hill Country and West Texas parks but Brazos Bend offer up close encounters with these guys that make it worth while. Lots of good trails with tons of good photo ops if your into animal photog.
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