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  1. Closed yesterday on my Tiki Island house without a hitch. I'm betting the seller was glad to hear that. I'm glad I got the house I did but I can't help but be curious about how many more are going to hit the market now with the current situation. Lotta folks are going to have to give up the bay house if it ain't there primary residence. Good news is now I'm in the market for a boat and there should be a lot of those available now too.
  2. we were playing 100-200 and I think after a couple hours there had been about 32k raked.
  3. Ha, I wonder if we use the same one. We still have a couple of employees who want live checks. Our PEO tried to tell us that any live checks wouldn't be mailed out until Friday (payday). I said, "uh.... no". I'm funding you tomorrow, you can damn sure mail them tomorrow."
  4. Just did this exact thing last night with our regular Monday game exactly how you described it. You have to buy play chips from Poker Stars ($1,000,000 chips for $4.99). We played $100/$200 (max buyin was $20,000 per hour) with the understanding from everyone that its $1/$2 for real money. One of the group is keeping track of all buyins for each session and we will all settle up when this is over. Only weird thing is that PS takes an actual rake of the play chips but it shouldn't make much of a dent if everyone buys $1,000,000. They also set up a Zoom meeting so we could all see and hear everyone if you wanted to. Went off without a hitch. It did take a little while to get used to how fast the action moves though. It's been a long time since playing online.
  5. I would have to think his business interruption insurance coverage is pretty hefty. That is assuming the insurers have enough capital to pay off all claims, of which there will be, millions?
  6. TDECU. And I forgot to mention they also waived the origination fee. I think they took my middle score which was 790 I think.
  7. I locked in about a month too early unfortunately with my CU at 4.125% but it was $0 down and no PMI. I never assumed I would be able to get as much house as I wanted but with zero down I was elated. This particular CU seems to be going after the market pretty hard in the Texas Gulf Coast market.
  8. Took the boy to High Island on Tuesday as it looked like the only brief window with no wind during Spring Break. Greeted with heavy fog and low tide but a decent calm surf with some medium size rollers. We didn't get any hits on baits cast in the second gut and only one fish on a yakked bait past the 3rd bar. Sun tried to break through about noon but then fogged over again not to long after. The whiting (our bait) were unusually hard to come by and the incoming tide started pushing us all the way up the road so we packed it in early afternoon in time to beat the traffic heading back home. All in all a good day spent with the boy and he got at least one drag puller that was worth the trip.
  9. This hits close to home cause I played at Oaks Dad Club back in '77-'78.
  10. Yeah, now that I think about it its way too early with Saul just getting started with them. Maybe next season, that would be a great tie in IMO.
  11. So could the tie into Walt be where the twins are waiting for him in his bedroom while he is in the shower and they get a phone call? Maybe the call is to go take care of another hit that takes place this season? Does the timeline workout for this to happen?
  12. I love the last album. It's no where near country but its a jam. My only gripe would be that the vocal could be made clearer and I would have preferred him to put some more of his soul into it. His best moments are when he really belts it out from the bottom but he just doesn't do it enough in my opinion. Looks like he is playing it in its entirety on the tour. Can't wait.
  13. My ex-wife ran for school board at one of the largest ISD's in the State about 6 or 7 years ago. It was so eye opening to see how hard the incumbents fought for their positions. I kept asking myself why? Why would they fight with such vitriol for a VOLUNTEER, UNPAID position. It made no sense. I told her there is only one reason and one reason only they would fight that hard and it wasn't for the children.
  14. Totally agree. I'll go farther to say Isbell won't ever be as good as Southeastern again (his last two aren't even close) and I can see Sturgill just getting better and better based on what you said above.
  15. Please no! The Island can't handle any more people on Summer weekends as it is.
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