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  1. HARMLESS???? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of this “harmless” hatemonger’s greatest hits - No, he’s not just a harmless meathead who likes to yell. He’s a racist, misogynistic, sexist, islamaphobic, genocide denier heap of garbage. Bernie was absolutely wrong in endorsing him and minimizing the harm Cenk causes is Peak Bernie Bro.
  2. Yeah, y’all know I’m not a Bernie fan but endorsing that shitgibbon was a terrible move and now the crawfishing makes Bernie look even worse. Cenk needs to go away and stay gone. Hopefully the voters in that district crush his dreams and tell him to fuck right off.
  3. Well, there it is. Fuck the coequal branches of government. Fuck checks and balances. Fuck the constitution. I swear to god the next moron - EMAW, slorch, zork, chrispy, etc. - that even tries to spout that the GOP hasn’t been completely co-opted by Trump needs to be shot into the sun.
  4. “The Morning Show” on Apple TV is really hitting it’s stride. Very nuanced take on #MeToo that’s not just “All men suck and believe every woman no matter what “. And Jennifer Anniston and Steve Carrell are fantastic. Another new Apple TV show dropped it’s first three episodes this week - “Truth Be Told”. Premise is a reporter (Octavia Spencer) who launched her career on the back of a murder case 20 years ago. She’s now a celebrity journalist doing podcasts and due to some new information has doubts that the person convicted is guilty. Aaron Paul plays the convicted murderer - he was 16 at the time of the murder and the journalist’s articles played a part in him being tried as an adult. Story starts with her re-investigating the crime and doing a podcast about it. Has a really great supporting cast too.
  5. Seriously???? God, it’s bad enough for chronic pain patients but that seems way overboard. Thank god for my local mom and pop pharmacy. My physician would tell a pharmacy to fuck off if they wanted him to justify his medical judgment like that. Actually, I’ve gotten a script filled at Walgreens occasionally if it’s after mine closes or on a Sunday but they’ve never required any of that.
  6. Creepy? Cray? Dude, I generally like you but fuck you.
  7. Lee Atwater would be offended by the disrespect of his life’s work. If he weren’t roasting in hell.
  8. THE PROFESSOR LADY LITERALLY JUST SAID HIS NAME. The difference you’re talking about doesn’t even exist. She said she regretted the remark because right wing dickflaps started caterwauling as if she called him a fuckboy with a bad haircut and stinky breath. She should haven’t apologized at all. She wasn’t making fun of him or his name - she was making a point that America doesn’t have kings or queens or barrons or princes. I don’t see how you don’t see that you’ve fallen for their trick.
  9. What difference? Because she’s an activist it’s okay for grown ass powerful men to sexualize her and make fun of her disability and call her horrible things? Because Baron Trump is the spawn of a turd no one can even reference him? The false equivalency being pushed here is utter nonsense.
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