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  1. If y’all are having issues with extra dry and cracking skin from the hand washing, I found a hand lotion that has sanitizer included. May not do shit but worth a go. I’ve been concerned about having open cracks on my hands being a danger for an easy way for germs to enter my body. Obviously, can’t not wash my my hands but it’s a Catch-22 if open skin is a danger too. Found this on Amazon last night.
  2. Can we accurately call people who flip off the establishment “voters” if they don’t actually vote?
  3. Do you watch it? Do you consume a variety of news sources?
  4. When I saw this bumped my mind went somewhere vindictive and mean.
  5. Why isn’t Louisiana in his quarantine list along with NY, NJ, and CT? A red state with a Democratic Governor must be flummoxing his instinct of “BLUE BAD! RED GOOD!”.
  6. lol I’m glad Twitter has a line. Racism? Totes cool. Wacko conspiracy theories? No prob. Trump has spouted off more CV misinformation than anyone. Where’s his timeout?
  7. Damn. This is just one part of what will overwhelm hospitals. America already has a physician shortage. We can’t afford to lose our doctors who are best trained for this crisis. [mention]ChiTownDoc [/mention] [mention]Newdoc [/mention] - how many docs intubate patients routinely? I would imagine some specialists or FPs don’t do that regularly.
  8. But part of the leadership failure is a lot of those long time civil servants have been fired or quit in frustration. And their positions have either gone unfilled or replaced with wholly unqualified Trump cult hacks. One of the most damaging long term effects of this administration will be the decimation of the rank and file civil service pool and the erasure of the institutional memory of our governmental agencies. The front line folks can’t sound an alarm when the front line doesn’t exist.
  9. FYI - there are some of the reusable cotton/fabric masks still available on Amazon. Most of them are “fashionable”, IE they’re made out of Hello Kitty fabric or tie dye or have little graphics on them but they’ll do the job in a pinch. You might feel like a teenage KPop fangirl wearing them but better than wearing nothing I guess!
  10. I made the mistake of watching that last night. The beginning where those HCPs at an NYC hospital are doing drills for a “novel respiratory virus pandemic” made me shudder. I turned it off - I’m in no headspace to watch that right now.
  11. That Alabama ventilator protocol has been in force since 2010. I suspect if we have something like that on the books, many other states to do. We ain’t exactly on the cutting edge of public health down here. And officials quickly came out publicly and announced it’s just a “directive” - whatever that means. An advocacy group for the disabled has already or is about to file suit over it. I figure ProPublica is currently scouring through every state’s health statutes as we speak.
  12. Our testing numbers in Alabama SUCK! Dashboard with latest stats - So, using my very shitty math skills - and please correct any screw ups, I’m no mathematician! Alabama’s population is .097% of citizens have been tested. 13.4% of those tested are positive. Extrapolating that positive percentage to the population as a whole gives us an idea but it’s obviously not a great comparison given the variables (our current positive rate should be mitigated somewhat if the current tests have only been done on a more at risk set of patients). But let’s take a range of 6.7% (half the current rate) to the current infection rate of 13.4%. Gives us a range of anywhere from 328,877 to 657,755 possible infections for the state. Current deaths at 4 (one was just announced and isn’t on the dashboard yet). Of 639 infected with 4 deaths that’s a death percentage of .63%. Obviously, that death rate should decline if current testing is only done for the sickest patients. Extrapolating that death rate for estimated infections- Low end estimate of 328,877 infections calculated for low end .31% death rate - 1,020 deaths. Low end of 328,877 infections calculated for .63% high end death rate - 2,072 deaths. High end estimate of 328,877 infections calculated for low end .31% death rate - 2,039 deaths. High end estimate of 657,755 infections calculated for high end .63% death rate - 4,144 deaths. So Alabama is possibly looking at a deaths numbering anywhere from 1,020 to 4,144 deaths if the current numbers stay as they are. Alabama has approximately 1,300 ventilators but experts say only around 800 are available. So here’s where the available vents stack up against the estimated death rates (reports suggest most deaths are patients who required vents during their treatment). Low end - 1,020 would leave the state 220 ventilators short. High end - 4,144 would leave the state 3,344 ventilators short. Our testing rate is woefully inadequate.
  13. Bama Chick

    Tiger King

    Looks like Wondery is re-releasing the “Joe Exotic” podcast on a weekly basis in Tuesdays. Probably to piggyback of the Netflix series. On Spotify and Apple Podcasts the first two episodes are up plus a bonus episode with a previously unaired interview with Carole Baskin.
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