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  1. I think it’s anti-face mask/child trafficking panic/QAnon adjacent garbage. The Venn diagram of those people have been pushing bullshittery about traffickers using face masks to disguise children to make it easier for them to traffic them.
  2. He briefed the press for the first six months of the Clinton administration but never actually held the title of Press Secretary. Dee Dee Myers was his first official PS and started in the summer.
  3. I remember Dee Dee Myers because she was the first woman and James Brady - for obvious reasons.
  4. And you’re forgetting the one between Sarah and Kayleigh. Which is easy to do because she literally never held one press conference. She was the one with a record of DUIs. Stephanie Grisham? Gresham?
  5. Can’t wait for screams of “CENSORSHIP!” and “MUH FIRST AMENDMENT!”.
  6. AND she was freaking appointed to her seat - not even elected! So even more of an “insider”. God, she’s a vacuous twat.
  7. Oh, I’m so glad she beat him. I really liked her in the Netflix documentary, “Knock Down The House”. And the way Rep. Clay was basically given his seat when his father died and his other shady dealings rubbed me the wrong way. Good for her!
  8. If a place like CSU is behaving this way, imagine what players at big time schools in red states will face. This is all going to be terrible.
  9. Man, I miss this show and Timothy Olyphant as Raylan. He’s a MAN.
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