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  1. Twice in 24 hours I say, This timeline, man.
  2. Interesting how Mayor Pete took any media invite and it was a big part of his campaign strategy to really get in with the media and he has yet to receive even one editorial board endorsement. Funny that.
  3. “Satanic pregnancy” This timeline, man.
  4. Dude cannot stand women challenging him. I bet my left boob that all professional women have an “Angry Man With A Map” story. Also, who in the hell just has blank maps laying around?
  5. Funny thread on the highlights of the full recording - I particularly liked this bit-
  6. Lev’s attorney just released the entire recording to all media.
  7. It’s a certain type of very online white dude. Despite their politics, they can’t quite overcome their regular white dudeness and the way the world is changing. One side is clawing and grasping to try and force change to stop, hoping that keeps them at the top of the food chain for a little bit longer. The other side has decided to focus on the economics (at the expense of other factors lots of times) and the goal of making a “level playing field” so that while they may not be at the top, they’re hoping to guarantee a shared space at the top so as not to be bypassed. The beliefs are polar opposite and I feel a thousand times safer with the Bernie side in power but there’s no denying the most vocal supporters of both share a lot of the same insecurities and emotional motivations.
  8. Seeing on Twitter the referenced recording is a hour long. Lordy!!
  9. Can’t wait to see them have to walk this back like the Cenk mess.
  10. In which Miss Lindsey tells us about his bowel health and how much he likes to watch.
  11. Oh, you’re not hearing from trans people about this? Here’s one with many replies from other trans people saying the same things. Purity tests for thee not me.
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