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  1. I hope they postpone it and “forget” to tell him.
  2. Quote me one post I’ve made in DT where I’ve “spewed political hatred”. I’ll be right here waiting.
  3. And ya know, after being told one of the primary issues was name calling, I find it interesting that none of the mods have had boo to say about all the name calling thrown in my direction in this very thread.
  4. FYI - I don’t appreciate a post I made in a CR thread moved here and made to look like I started this thread on this board. I said my peace in the appropriate place and it’s pretty shitty of [mention]blacklab [/mention]to make it appear that I started this thread.
  5. The progressive movement needs to get out and grow their coalition and , ya know, vote.
  6. lol That’s literally what he’s been doing. It’s not his fault that it’s being ignored because, ya know, pandemic, widespread protests, and Trump being Trump is sucking all the oxygen away from everything else.
  7. He just did his first pandemic in person interview on CNN with Dana Bash last week, and he made a speech yesterday on the George Floyd situation that was broadcast on MSNBC and CNN. He’s done a ton of interviews and live streams over the last two months and the news channels show maybe a 20 second clip some days and most days they don’t cover him at all. Hell, the dumb “You ain’t black if you vote for Trump” was literally from an interview! And the media spent five days hand wringing over that instead of covering any other public stuff he’s done. The “Biden is hiding in his basement” crap is a Trump talking point and the media has played into that by not covering him. The Biden campaign does plenty of legitimately dumb stuff but he has been anything but silent. Put the blame on this where it belongs - lack of media coverage. Unless it involves Tara Reade or a dumb gaffe said in a interview.
  8. That’s a nice image but the cops are still dressed up like an occupying military force.
  9. Well, I guess Laura Ingraham knows when you need to discuss police brutality and racism, there’s only one man who’s a true expert -
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