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  1. Another pervert GQP dickface trying to tweet through a sex scandal. The replies are A+ though.
  2. I’m not cool with policing what women “wear to work” - that captioned outfit is perfectly fine. BUT She has made “quirky” her brand and it’s clearly her priority in order to garner attention for attention’s sake. The wigs. The message t-shirts. The curtesy thumbs down. It’s all garbage. The clothing is clearly part of it because none of it shows a sense of consistent style. She seesaws between catholic girl cosplay, Beyoncé copycatting, and weird Gattaca costuming. Her politics suck but the antics she wraps them up in suck just as bad.
  3. There’s lots of stories rumbling around about some super shady shit that Amazon pulled around this vote. Pressuring the post office over drop boxes and outright intimidation. Dirty, dirty stuff, y’all.
  4. Alabama - surprise, surprise - is a perfect example of the fuckery that hides behind seemingly “common sense voter ID” laws. The state closed down a bunch of DMV offices right about the time the Voter ID laws got passed. I’ll bet you’ll never guess which types of communities lost their DMV. If you guessed, rural, poor, with significant Black citizens? You win! And, not for nothing, it is supremely fucked up that in Texas a person can use a gun permit as acceptable ID to vote but can’t use a student ID. And, finally, as someone who has been putting in 70+ hour weeks for the last two month
  5. Don’t. He’s a racist, homophobic, vote suppressing piece of garbage.
  6. And he’s said some pretty reprehensible homophobic stuff too so when it comes out that you’re down with a little assplay......well, folks are gonna have some things to say about that. Plus he’s one of those self-righteous “Family Values” pontificating assholes, so again, schadenfreude. And, as Secretary of State, he’s been a driving force behind our shitty restrictive voting laws too. But I’d still take the sex freak hypocrite over the racist insurrectionist. He may even take the top spot in “Disgraced Alabama Politicians” from The Love Guv.
  7. ATTENTION [mention]RDCanecutter [/mention] The reporter pulled a “This you????”. She’s the one on our left. He liked assplay and his balls are lopsided lol.
  8. He grew up in Seaside and actually lived in the “Truman Show” house. I’m about convinced Gaetz doesn’t even exist and he’s some kind of hologram simulation.
  9. I was about to say the same thing. Throw in Tim Scott and Trump’s late push in the election to get Ice Cube to endorse him. They have their stable of women and other minority groups to trot out to somehow prove they aren’t racist misogynistic xenophobic homophobic Neanderthals. They’re mascots and props.
  10. Here’s my amateur sociological theory. “Woke” - like almost all current slang and internet speak - generates from Black Twitter. In the 90s it was “Political Correctness” but that doesn’t dog whistle like “woke”. Ergo, they favor the word that their “audience” knows has something nebulous to do with Black America so it will tickle their bigotry and make them dismiss it out of hand because it’s a “thing for THOSE people”. They’re doing the same cycle with “cancel culture”.
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