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  1. I could see that but her daughter was actually live-streaming when it was posted. Now, could she have a friend do it for her? Sure - if she’s allowed to have friends at this point. And KAC strikes me as the type of woman/mom who is ALWAYS on her phone. I doubt many people in her field and at her level are very far from their phone for any extended period of time. Some people have been saying she posted it on purpose as revenge but I don’t buy that. Not because KAC isn’t that evil but she’s not that dumb; she knows that would get her obliterated, possibly arrested. I 100% think she d
  2. Maybe? IDK - I’ve been at work today and just saw the stuff last night. But we all know her mom wasn’t hacked - the post was deleted within 5 minutes, showing whoever did it made a mistake and the daughter found out live on TikTok. Hackers would have done more than post a pic for 5 minutes. The whole thing is disgusting and sad.
  3. She dates women, so yes?
  4. Claudia said on a now deleted TikTok that her mom took her phone away after she posted the videos of her cussing at her and smacking her. She said when she got it back that some pictures and videos were gone and some were out of order in her albums - as if they had been duplicated. She thinks her mom copied some of her videos and pictures and texts etc. to use as “ammo” to show she’s “an out of control teenager” so therefore she couldn’t possibly be a victim of abuse. She thinks her mom was trying to send that picture to someone and boomered it up and accidentally posted it as a Twitter sto
  5. This is blowing up all over social media right now. Take these kids out of that house, FFS.
  6. See, that’s what’s going to be absolutely hilarious and completely on brand for America. The other coequal branches of government, the FBI, a special prosecutor, and all the world’s free media couldn’t produce any consequences for his ass. But now that he’s pissing off a relatively small bunch of old rich white people? They’ll succeed in having his ass tossed out.
  7. Beto said the gun comments after the El Paso shooting when he was running for President, not during the Senate race. He was much more measured in his gun rhetoric before a racist maniac went hunting for brown people in his hometown.
  8. Once a woman lies for and enables and supports a man who has publicly gone after women’s looks and weight numerous times, she loses the protection of the sisterhood. She’s an obese, lazy eyed, homely dumb sack of rotten meat.
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