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  1. what if the aggy turd takes up coaching. invalidates that argument. landry
  2. I've been to this place in Neuemberg. Gigantic. no way aggy could even come close
  3. here? auf english? oh come on
  4. goddamit turn the phone sideways
  5. what's that red sash for? are those guys on the rag?
  6. lawnmowers ztr. anybody got a ztr. Im looking for a ztr. I got maybe 1/2 acre to mow. lots of trees. im looking at a ferris 400s. anybody got any recs?
  7. MrPhlegm


    stuck the landing
  8. MrPhlegm


  9. MrPhlegm


    it is good. i didnt go over to the coast today watching on youtube launch america. gonna see if i can see it from my garage couldnt see it in the daylight. crap.
  10. MrPhlegm


    traffic blows
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