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  1. we are gonna have to lay in a stock of mac n cheese. but I cant wait to see this any time we score.. .
  2. for a SLOWASS computer. sheeeit if yo want millisecond decisions i can get you a trash 80 for a thousand bucks even throw in an extra cassette drive. or i could get you a sinclair. they talk.
  3. milliseconds? so googly quantum computer is 1950's computers S L O W? FUCK THAT SHIT. should at least be attoseconds if not zeptoseconds or yoctoseconds!
  4. MrPhlegm

    Its happening

    that taken during the third quarter?
  5. it dont make a shit which oc we hire when the coach will mack brown his play calls. tonight we move the ball down the field and take the lead and then the d by some miracle gets a stop and we get the ball back and fucking mensa goes away from that and calls a bunch of stinker plays* and punts the ball instead of continuing to run what got us the lead. fucking shit lost the fucking game right there. moron bastard. *stinker play is what my Uncle Cookie called a dive into the line that gained no yards. oh the pissed him off when DKR would call a stinker play.
  6. illness? well, I'm sick to death from this shit.
  7. if he was smarter than me he would quick kick all the fucking time.
  8. MrPhlegm

    UCLA @ Utah

    ahem and Floruhduh has a shitton of magic underwear folks.
  9. so what you are saying is we should moneywhip urban meyer.
  10. apparently baby yoda is 50 earth years old and the mandalorian is set 10 earth years aby. that means baby yoda has been around since before TPM which takes place 32 earth years bby. oh my. anyway I'm hooked. sooooo is baby yoda gonna show up in 9? hmmmm
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