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  1. MrPhlegm

    Its happening

    yes. my seats were up there. I'm tv and a fan so that about covers it
  2. had some fireworks go off in my nieborhood in longwood. damn yankees
  3. gonna be the finns. he wont be able to resist working in Davie and Miami Gardens.
  4. hell with cruisel. although flying from the back seat is a pretty good trick.
  5. we could only wish sharkanado could write that. it woud be a billion times better
  6. tomahawk chop! that is quite appropriate since Joe Robbie stadium is owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.
  7. well at least the game is in the best city for hosting Superbowls, MIAMI GARDENS FLORIDUH! WALMART HOLLAH! CALDER CASINO & RACETRACK! DENNYS! HOOKEM NATE!
  8. gonna feed him this? you could invite Fitlump too.
  9. gonna feed him this? you could invite Fitlump too.
  10. evidently the horseshit has CORN in it. I know the the city council likes to extend the etj but all the fucking way to IOWA? ammonium nitrate is granulated
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