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  1. tell him we said, "fuck you corn dog smelling coonass."
  2. just remembered TEXAS plays Rice this year. MOB should be good!
  3. wonder if he's aware that his opponent is Allen West?
  4. you're thinking Wichita State.
  5. it will be like when they stopped aggy from going to the secsecsec
  6. please don't send out the bat signal to that one guy...
  7. 1. when the hell are they gonna open the crossing into Boquillas back up? I need some Falcon's food and drink and Park Bar tequila. 2. I've been to Presidio once. decided to go to Ojinaga just to party a little. walked about a mile past the border checkpoint and there wasn't shit so we turned around. where the fuck is everything?
  8. I would put a bullet to my brain pan.
  9. only 6 bedrooms in that fucker? and so (ellipses)
  10. he has Texas and stanford on his list. it's stanford.
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