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  1. We cut the cord this year (well, technically using Youtube TV for live tv), which leaves us SOL for the Longhorn Network. With the cancellation of this year's baseball season, it hasn't been much of an issue. But of course here we go with football and this weekend's UTEP game on LHN. Is anyone aware of an LHN app or other way to access LHN if you don't have it as part of your cable/dish package? Thanks in advance.
  2. Teebox

    Port Aransas

    What will the impact of this City/Port settlement be? Without ever knowing too much about it, I've been leery of the port's development of the project on Harbor Island, especially the VLCC component. In the long-run, what will be effects be? Anybody on the ground in Port A knowledgeable about it?
  3. Teebox

    Costa Rica

    Hoping to book a trip to CR in March, depending on Covid. Considering Los Suenos or Tulemar, which would be best? Fishing is a must and good beach (teenage kids). Also hoping for good restaurants and tours, hiking etc.
  4. What's the latest on the city? Are restaurants and museums starting to reopen at all? Most of what i see restaurant-wise is still takeout only, but I only checked a few places. Just booked a Christmas trip to NYC and hoping it isn't too shut down by that point.
  5. Teebox

    Port Aransas

    Have plans to go fishing inshore next Friday and offshore next Saturday. This will be cleared by then but any idea if hurts fishing prospects?
  6. Teebox

    Port Aransas

    Good lord. We should be encouraging people to be outside, spread out, in windy, warm conditions. Not huddled together in condos.
  7. Teebox

    Dallas | Chinese

    At The Mint I love the Pad Thai No Sen, which is basically just Pad Thai without the noodles but with more shrimp chicken and veggies
  8. Teebox

    Port Aransas

    Damn miss Coast Club
  9. Dolly Parton. An American treasure.
  10. Not to mention that their #5 Special with tots and a stubby Coors will set you back about $5 all-in
  11. 2 seats at tonight's show. Seeking face $
  12. Teebox


    I think that's the case, but I know Jennifer Lamb and have always enjoyed her (and Herb's) story. I love visiting the family owned vineyards and it's just different if they are merely a juice seller.
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