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  1. Teebox

    Port Aransas

    Damn miss Coast Club
  2. Dolly Parton. An American treasure.
  3. Not to mention that their #5 Special with tots and a stubby Coors will set you back about $5 all-in
  4. 2 seats at tonight's show. Seeking face $
  5. Teebox


    I think that's the case, but I know Jennifer Lamb and have always enjoyed her (and Herb's) story. I love visiting the family owned vineyards and it's just different if they are merely a juice seller.
  6. Teebox


    Sad to hear that Herb Lamb won't be produced any longer.
  7. Abso-freakinglutely. SMU would win.
  8. Nate Forbes Mitchell Collins Kyle Burges John Johnson (Rockport but have used out of Port A and he drove over)
  9. Me too. Wrecking my sleeping. Don’t want it to end.
  10. Heading there in August. Wouk love trip report when you get back
  11. Teebox

    The National

    Really struggling to like this album, after 2 turns. The entire thing seems tedious, and as much as the duets are a nice twist, taking MB out of the vocals is a waste for me.
  12. My new favorite is the Banh Mi at the Sandwich Hag on S Lamar in the Cedars. Is just killer, the best Banh Mi I’ve had.
  13. True on all accounts. Met Jennifer Lamb at Cotes and was able to taste this August on-site, but yes, the public tasting room is in St.H. Great wine still....
  14. I would recommend Sherwin Family and Schweiger, among others, on Spring Mountain. Herb Lamb and Dunn on Howell Mountain.
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