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  1. Crap, jealous - whole lotta dark clouds and thunder but no rain in UP
  2. Would take Adrian Phillips on this defense in a heartbeat
  3. I would definitely forego Sacramento - there are too many great places to be in wine country to spend 4 nights in Sac, which is just a town. Go spend a couple days in Healdsburg or something and cut the Sac time in half, at least.
  4. Shocker they are meeting at Old Parkland. This sounds like something that Harlan Crow would be behind.
  5. Have used Picante with success
  6. This was almost exactly my experience with Miles & Miles
  7. Teebox


    How was the Aubert? I'm sitting on some but nothing 10yrs yet.
  8. Freaking Curry flop on the rebound is gonna define this game. is a shame
  9. Have two (2) electronic tickets available for purchase - for face - please DM with any interest
  10. Have 2 extra GA tickets for Thursday's show at Billy Bob's in case anyone looking, please DM
  11. I had a UT Omaha bumper sticker that somebody made and sold on the old Shag. I've since lost it, sure which somebody would make those again.
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