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  1. What's the verdict on Keen's? I haven't been in years and last time (at bar, alone, for lunch), I was pretty non-plussed.
  2. pardon my ignorance, but why isn't sunday's game televised?
  3. That's my friend Sheri. She just came over to use the shower.
  4. Oh this one, i can't figure out...there's you, there's Giorgio, what's with the midget over here?
  5. The In-and-Out Burger is on Camrose
  6. Teebox

    Dallas | BBQ

    Went to Slowbone yesterday for their Thursday special "Mexique" which was pretty damn good. Huge homemade flour tortillas stuffed with brisket, sausage and turkey, served with salsas, guac, cilantro/onions. I will be back next Thursday it was that excellent. One of them was big enough for a lunch but I knocked down 2. Is a great combo of tacos/bbq and one of the best lunches I've had in a while.
  7. My anxiety spiked when i saw this necro bump. Thank god
  8. Volleyball newb here- how long do these games typically take? Ballpark?
  9. Yes, very sharp guy, and the interview will definitely make you appreciate what we have in Coach Flood
  10. For somebody looking to upgrade their home system (for LPs and streaming, almost exclusively), can anyone recommend a store in the Dallas area? Is my first real experience into the hi-fi world. I've been to Audio Concepts, which is very cool but feel like budget needs to be about $100k there, so looking for anything else that's between A.C. and Best Buy. Thanks in advance.
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