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  1. I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich Yes, we all remember the business cards
  2. I saw a notice in the South Jetty that the physical move is happening this weekend. And who knows about opening.
  3. So how is the new Shorty's post-move? Headed to Port A for the first time since last summer and wanting to check it out.
  4. Please DM if have any available to sell, thanks.
  5. Joskey's ME Moses Both were staples of the '80s in Dallas
  6. Would love a crowd screenshot of the best fans in America if anybody can manage
  7. What? It's the Tower and Bellmont that made the move to the SEC happen. This isn't a Deloss Dodds move.
  8. Crap, jealous - whole lotta dark clouds and thunder but no rain in UP
  9. Would take Adrian Phillips on this defense in a heartbeat
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