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  1. Yeah we should make Bochy say no first before entertaining others.
  2. This is probably the most bi-polar team I have ever seen. Unfortunately they cycle too often for them to be able to get through the playoffs without the manic depressive side ruining it all.
  3. Stephen A Smith is crying about cheating because Yu Darvish couldn't get an out at Dodger Stadium and he was at that game..... You can't make them that dumb can you?
  4. Yeah when I read the list I knew it was going to trigger them. Well historically speaking that's how the heisman voting goes but yeah self awareness is not their strong suit. I couldn't believe they put Tebow at #76 that was probably the most shocking thing in the entire list.
  5. I'm assuming it was cousin twice or thrice removed they just didn't specify the last part.
  6. Barry Sanders and Earl Campbell as neighbors makes me happy. They are my all time favorite running backs.
  7. Except that in college you can intentionally PI and come out ahead in some cases. This clearly was not that case as it just put the game out of reach instead of forcing a punt. Holy fuck why is Saban here at halftime?
  8. No saying their defensive coordinator blows more than their former coordinator
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