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  1. I voted for about the same. I forget which mouth breather got all sorts of butt-hurt earlier this year when I said the win over Georgia is only positive Herman holds over Strong well that and not losing to Kansas but we were dangerously close to pulling that off this year.
  2. Waco Lubbock Stillwater Ames Manhattan (KS) Lawrence Fort Worth Morgantown Fuck this dumpster fire conference in it's anus AIDS carrying ass.
  3. No this conference licks every level of balls
  4. Texas needs to do anything but stay in this dumpster fire. Join the Big 10, Pac 12, SEC, ACC anything but stay in this babyarm piece of shit
  5. Don't jinx the Baptist shit heads..... This conference blows ass
  6. Without Duvernay this thing is fucked. If he is here in 2021 we are fucked
  7. BTW does anyone have the video where the Sooner at the radio station got tased in the balls for losing the bet to his Baylor co-worker?
  8. Anytime the Baptists want to bufu the Sooners on the Brazos they have my approval
  9. That was infinite levels of dumb
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