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  1. what sucks is ou ou is what sucks The question is does the Big XII suck more than ou or is that simply unpossible?
  2. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3232099
  3. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3232099
  4. When I sent my aggy buddy this image after the game on Saturday he informed me of the following That line of thinking earned him this tweet... Next season is gonna suck for them when they pimp count doubles from 2 to 4.
  5. Barring a GIDP this chokelapse will soon be complete.
  6. That had to be the most impressive pass completion of Brady's career.
  7. Need Florida Man to be the backup and have the neck gang rolling.
  8. Yeah the Houston sports owners have largely sucked or been vastly ineffectual. To me the jury is still out on Crane due to firing of Luhnow and I'm still not thrilled about the AL move. Les Alexander largely got lucky winning the two championships in his first two seasons but his insistence on fighting for mediocrity over a tank and rebuild approach was super annoying and largely why the team still has the albatross contracts. It's important to note that the Rockets will have played in 55 seasons after this year they won the NBA Finals in their 27th year of operation. This will be the 27th consecutive season without an NBA Finals appearance including a run of 16 out of 17 seasons without a single playoff series win. It's a sad state of affairs that those are our high water marks.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_American_League_Division_Series It's pretty amazing the Angels, Orioles, Royals, and Tigers all made the playoffs in one year.
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