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  1. Ding ding ding we have a winner. It's going to be hysterical when the virus ramps down to see how the narrative can get distorted yet again to justify all the horseshit
  2. Scientists hail 'stunning' results that show areas of New York may have reached 68 per cent immunity https://www.yahoo.com/news/scientists-hail-stunning-results-show-180918348.html If Covid 19 has an r0 of 3 then NY probably did hit that number. It's time to take it on the chin boys and get this ish over with.
  3. Pinche Gato(s) y Pinche Perro(s) I of course give them official names too but more often than not I just call them Pinche
  4. We are about 4 weeks out from this virus burning through the population. Relocating overseas to avoid it seems extreme. Just go rent a summah house up in the north east.
  5. We set a record yesterday with 60! Do deaths lag by 4 weeks? They didn't lag that much up in the north east. My guess is we got about 3 more weeks of the sky is falling alarmist noise before this thing will have mostly run its course. Once the fear subsides in August after we've thoroughly fucked up the college football season I am sure the fart huffers in the media will tell us the aliens are invading and that we have no chance at survival.
  6. Dear 2020, Wrong hole! Sincerely, Everyone
  7. This isn't exclusively a Texas thing either as basically Florida is doing the exact same thing just doing it even better than TX
  8. I realize deaths are a lagging indicator but when does that spike kick in? 6/16 was the day the daily cases spiked from 2k to 4k and since then we have spiked to 8k. Deaths still have never exceeded 58 in a day which happened on 5/14 before the protests and a solid month before the case spikes. With as much hand wringing as is done here over hospital capacity I'd expect the bodies to start piling up in greater capacity.
  9. Have they posted up on the border up in Texline?
  10. The devil is always in the details. Comp sucks trust me I know but that whole caveat thing. It's like saying censorship is good as long as all they are doing is censoring bullshit. Sure in theory that works but in practice is falls apart and it becomes narrative control. If Covid 19 has taught us anything it is that most Americans can't (Americants?) cover their bills while out of work.
  11. Also that.... TX is the only state that ain't give a shit about workers. I think it was on the ballot up in OK to possibly follow suit
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