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  1. Y'all do realize the coronavirus doesn't do well in heat right?
  2. This is like texifornia's personal thread. Side note: Joey Freshwater v Pirate should be entertaining provided we ever get to see it go down.
  3. I put nothing past the CCP but it's important to note that New Tang Dynasty Television is run out of New York by Falun Gong practitioners. There is nothing wrong with Falun Gong other than the CCPs rounding them up and torturing them so they are going to take any anti CCP slant they can get and run with it (not that I blame them mind you). I will say something has to give.... Either the virus is more deadly than the current published rates or this whole lockdown thing still seems a bit extreme.
  4. I'm all for throwing the 1996 team under the bus for being serious under achievers but Tony Brackens was playing for Jacksonville in 1996 and many people still believe it was his absence that caused the D to fall apart despite having on of the best secondaries ever at UT
  5. WTF is the point in SurlyHorns is peeps can't be surly?
  6. At this point he needs to be. He royally fucked us with the CP3 contract then has raped us repeatedly trying to deal with it. I am not a basketball person by any stretch but I could have told you D'Antoni was a bad hire from the word go. He has the same issues at every place he's been before. The old dog ain't gonna learn new tricks.
  7. Not to mention he's clearly a fucking dumbass for holding his cell phone vertically to record a video. How many tall screen TVs have you seen in someone's house?? Ahh never-mind he's a fucking Sooner it's clear solid judgement and intelligence are not strong suits.
  8. Even in a lost season dropping the deuce on OU's senior night is a nice salve. How in the fuck are we tied with Tech for 3rd place in the BDF? Technically we're in 3rd place because we have a better BDF road record than they do LOL
  9. I feel like we need CU Dan Hawkins to narrate Manziel events. Go play intramurals brother
  10. Thank fucking god the MFY have already been cblocked and they haven't even faced a single pitch in spring training yet
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