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  1. Well that was a Wikipedia rabbit hole.
  2. Game 1 losers are 3 for the last 23 in the World Series? That's nuts.
  3. Not sure how I feel about the lead but could be good.
  4. Some of us are clean. I'm a recovering Texans fan.
  5. Astros pretty much pitched themselves out of this but their D needs to be a little sharper going forward.
  6. Do you usually ride in a helicopter over downtown when you are in Houston?
  7. Even Westbrook would have been our best player tonight. If these guys could figure out how to share the ball a bit more and get each other going it could help alleviate some of the halfcourt stuff. But we don't have a great iso player.
  8. We aren't good but we shouldn't have lost this. Murray needs to take fewer shots if he isn't hitting.
  9. A guy thats mostly been on our bench. He needs to get his feet behind the line.
  10. Well I think it was both. I think he aggravated it on the plant they showed.
  11. Yeah looked like he twisted it weird on the follow through. Probably didn't plant right.
  12. Man we are buzzy in transition. Like a swarm of hornets. If only we could do anything worth a shit in the halfcourt.
  13. This just seems like shitty management to me. Do they have that little faith in their BP? Or worried about wearing arms down already?
  14. I'm watching the WS but might flip on the 2nd half. Looks like we're staying afloat so far.
  15. Ah okay I was sort of confused to begin with. That makes sense.
  16. What happened to take that run off the board? I had to answer the phone.
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