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  1. I think Kansas is out of arms guys.
  2. It's probably going to be a long time before a Texas team breaks this HR mark.
  3. What a dumbass call by this pbp guy.
  4. It's okay the sex makes up for it.
  5. Tack a couple more on and give Nixon the rest of the day off.
  6. "it wasn't a bad pitch to Melendez" It don't make a shit.
  7. https://texassports.com/sports/2014/11/19/GEN_1119144623.aspx
  8. Lol what in the fuck just happened.
  9. Yeah but Tech sucks. You didn't consider that.
  10. Just hard to get to 4-19 Kansas' Sunday guy.
  11. "this Kansas team doesn't have a lot to lose today" Oh no fucking dick, really? Who hired this idiot.
  12. Go win this fucking baseball game Texas.
  13. The baseball Gods didn't smile kindly on it. I mean it's like he thought he was umping an OU or Tech game.
  14. We need a TreyWay yack today.
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