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    Covers Good and Bad

    These are interesting but God they are difficult to listen to. I'm not sure what they were going for on the vocals but they missed the mark. I can't tell if the singing or the mastering is worse. The backing tracks are pretty neat, though. Whoever did them is talented for sure.
  2. I have washed quite a few loads of laundry with dish soap. It works fine. Obviously inferior to actual laundry detergent but in a pinch it's a decent alternative. I've never put dish detergent in the washing machine, however.
  3. I mean I saw someone say that Prince wasn't a world-class guitarist on another thread. Sometimes you just have to let it go.
  4. They aren't well coached. Especially against Pop after 4 months to prepare.
  5. Yes. Somewhat reedeemed himself. Not a great shooting game for us but the defense was very good for the most part. I like our current rotations, although Patty does not need to be bringing the ball up the floor. It's basically jack a terrible 3 or make a shitty pass for him.
  6. Please leave DeMar in Orlando. You've got to be fucking kidding me.
  7. Rookie mistake by Morant. Obvious Spurs ball and he just gave Pop a free timeout.
  8. True. I was more concerned about Oklahoma trying to claim Brad Pitt.
  9. And I really don't give a fuck what Landry Fields has to say right now.
  10. I mean he was born there but he grew up in Springfield, MO. Not sure where his parents were from.
  11. The leveling between the fake crowd noise and the on court noise is fucking awful. You can barely hear anything on the court.
  12. I mean I knew Poeltl would be good. He was a great player in Toronto.
  13. The Keldon/Murray/Lonnie rotation is badass. Pop has some stuff to work with if he feels like sticking around for a few more seasons.
  14. I keep thinking Kedon is Brynn Forbes and then get relieved when the announcers tell me it's Keldon.
  15. I'm not sure what I thought. I probably didn't care, just along for the ride. It gets better though - we get to East Austin - she finally gets the address. It's off of Oak Knoll and 183. So we return home. Then she realizes that the address she got was from a different listing she had been replying to. Then the first seller gives her the address, which is in East Austin - not a block from where we were.
  16. Portland getting smacked. Must win today to keep our hopes alive.
  17. Not my wife, but has been married twice. Hanging out at my mom's today. She asks if I want to ride with her to pickup something from Craigslist and grab food. Sure, I have nothing else going on. "Okay! Let's go!" We're currently sitting in her car waiting for the seller to text her the address.
  18. I need the Bucks to whip ass the whole way through like they are capable of. I can't handle the Lakers or Clippers winning.
  19. This Wizards/Nets game is so fucking unnecessary. They both suck. Washington isn't making the playoffs. Go home.
  20. Well that's moving the goalposts significantly.
  21. No I don't "think" she can sing, she can sing.
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