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  1. Sort of Urban with the Florida thing. But that was more drawn out and weird.
  2. Man Thanksgiving really waters down Sunday. There's some absolute garbage on right now.
  3. Cam is not the long term answer at QB. I guess he can enjoy his little retirement parade.
  4. After the Sancho goal - sure. Overall - not really. But given who we threw out there I guess it isn't the worst thing in the world. Obviously we don't have the full picture of where Pulisic, Mount and Rom are fitness wise but I'd like to think they could have given us more than ~50 mins combined today. Oh well. Maybe Pool and City will find a way to drop some more points. We shouldn't count on it, though.
  5. Yeah but he blocked a punt or fg or something one time.
  6. Shit, shit and more shit. Nice enough of Wan Bissaka to hand us a point. That initial front 3 is just dreadful. We're going to give the title away if we can't get fit up front (not to mention Kante, Kova, Chilwell).
  7. ztejas

    Braindead is Done

    Been there at least once - probably a couple of times. It was a cool setup. Rent there has to be a bitch.
  8. What is the point of this thread?
  9. Agree with this. Don't agree with this. Save Arky maybe. OU is a much better program than most of those schools and enjoys some beneficial geography.
  10. War Games Miracle Hunt for Red October
  11. Remember: when drugs are done together it makes the effects more dangerous. But it also makes the effects way more fun. So do a bunch of drugs together and go to the ER if you have to. I mean - I'm still alive.
  12. Oh I don't post there anymore. I've been banned at least 3 times. It's actually why I came here/started posting here. I just check in on occasion to see the crowd reaction. Especially after huge wins like Michigan earlier or the Pokes tonight.
  13. I can't help but feel there's a chance that the next guy OU hires fucks everything up. Lincoln has slowly gone in the wrong direction - their best year under him was 2017 (was that his first fucking year?). Not that it matters unless we get our shit together.
  14. Yeah. It's so ridiculous. Everyone on the cesspool that is /r/cfb is bitching about it or at least acknowledging it and I'm sitting here wondering if they've ever watched a fucking Big12 game OU has been in.
  15. Idk this still feels pretty great, man. I have poke family and really really hate OU.
  16. Idk. Never took us that long to get to the QB back then.
  17. I dont like that drive by osu at all.
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