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  1. 30mg is a pretty potent edible.
  2. They've been doing drive-thru crawfish on the weekends.
  3. Bay fishing would require multiple boats. He could maybe find an offshore charter that could handle 10 people. Not sure they could all be fishing at the same time, though.
  4. How thick are the disposable shells? My concern is whether they would burn the oysters over direct flame.
  5. Barge traffic halting is voluntary, unfortunately. Problem with this event is that it was so cold for so long.
  6. From what I've heard, East Matagorda was impacted pretty significantly. It was not mentioned as having a big kill in the TPWD release.
  7. In some areas I do not think the TPWD survey was representative of scope of the kill. East Matagorda specifically.
  8. I've been doing a lot of chargrilled oysters this fall. My recipe is pretty simple: butter, garlic, and oregano. Folks love them. I use these because I buy the oysters shucked by the pint or quart. https://loftinoysters.com/Shop/product/ceramic-oyster-shells/
  9. All of them are good. Master of the Senate is my favorite.
  10. Article in the Victoria Advocate said he had a .21 bac.
  11. The flounder hatchery at Sea Center Texas just recently got up and running. They are still working on getting the process down. A good friend of mine started that project when he was at TPWD. They've been stocking trout for years.
  12. I don't know the answers to your questions. I've heard from people that saw/talked to him earlier in the evening that he was pretty liquored up.
  13. What I’ve heard is a blood draw was done some time after the incident at the hospital. Not sure if the guy was injured. Due to the length of time, they had to extrapolate his BAC at time of accident.
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