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  1. Was there with a girlfriend and kids for a little trip. We were circled up trying to look at some pictures on a digital camera and some little pencil necked dork Alamo "staffer" started ranting about no photography inside, ect. I tried to tell him we were not taking any, just looking at some we took outside. I tried being friendly to him at first, but he cut me off and continued being an asshole, so I walked up to him and got in his face just to scare him a little. Next thing I knew he was yelling for security. We were then asked to leave as we were walking out anyway. /csb
  2. He was intimidated by the elite rim protector, Trey Young
  3. I got kicked out of the Alamo about 10 years ago
  4. Don't be regarded. I don't want any guy who's afraid to shoot the ball
  5. Man that really fucking sucks. I've never been a big Chris Paul fan, but the way he has been playing spectacular this post season.
  6. Exposed or actually has it?
  7. Too lazy to Google it. What did Chris Paul do?
  8. You can use it all you want. It just won't repel or get rid of snakes
  9. I want this Bogdonavic guy on my team
  10. Luka in 5 years is going to be amazing. Hopefully he will still be a Mav
  11. We've got a good one going right now
  12. Are the Jazz really going to lose to the Clippers without Kawhi? Talk about not taking advantage of catching a break.
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