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  1. .. that’s why he switched to ribs.
  2. Whatafuckingshame … Poor aggy!
  3. He looks better than either of the bozos we send out week after week.
  4. Caleb Williams is only a frosh. He good.
  5. I’d like a ticket in the wimmens sextion …
  6. Think the rusher tipped the ball.
  7. VT QB chased 70 yards by UVA DBs. Vaguely familiar. But, UVA stopped VT on the one. Not familiar.
  8. My friend, BT, reminded me of Gibbs who proved to be forgettable to at least one of us ..
  9. We could use a little of that intensity from time to time … Right, BJ?
  10. Well … excluding John Blake, it seems every OU head coach since Wilkinson has routinely cleaned our clock. There’ll be bitching if Riley leaves, but they’ll probably come out smelling better than Bevo’s butt when the dust settles …
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