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  1. Fuck Herman. Even if Texas comes back to beat TT, he’s a fucking loser excuse for a head coach.
  2. Because the Swarovski twins are hurt ... again.
  3. Give him credit for a hott wife and conning UT out of a huge pay day. Otherwise, you’re spot on ...
  4. Apparently, the tOSU offense and defense aren’t legal in the Big XII ...
  5. All the complaining about Brando could be alleviated by the Mute button. OTOH, he hasn’t missed a tackle, yet ...
  6. Feherty on Mikelson standing over a shot from the rough ... ”A creature in his natural habitat.” Thankfully, I didn’t have a mouthful of beverage to spew ...
  7. The befuddled grin as he rode back to the tee was telling. Probably already thinking about where he’s having dinner Saturday night ... in Dallas.
  8. Spieth off to a sizzling start .. as in crash ‘n burn.
  9. What’s unusual about something weird in Austin?
  10. Got around to Narcos ... immersion Spanish, violence, and Latina MILF. Muy bueno!
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