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  1. A-S MVP? That’s like never missing in the layup drill.
  2. Only if there’s a God ... I’d rather mute CFB than the LHN sports he mutilates.
  3. Obviously, he didn’t play for the Astros or Rangers ...
  4. Yeah ... D X Bible was another loser who coached aggy before Texas scraped the bottom of their barrel. Guess they didn’t learn a damn thing since a friggin’ Sooner was hired a decade later.
  5. A point emphasized by a Dan Fouts comment about David Thomas ... paraphrasing: *Makes a QB’s job much easier with a good TE working the middle of the field.* As great as VY was on his own, its impossible to ignore Thomas’ value occupying defenders who would have otherwise focused on the QB running game.
  6. Ubuntu!! Shaka Zulu ‘n shit ... inspiration! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_philosophy Shaka is merely building on Tutu’s use of the philosophy. At Texas, it’s the ThreeThree.
  7. Well, that just freed up time next winter ...
  8. Is that like fapping when someone whispers dirty into your ear?
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