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  1. Shouldn’t this be on the politics board?
  2. I was just funnin’ with you. We all know the Shaka Shit Show is garbage from the opening tip.
  3. Please share your secret for differentiating garbage time from regular time ... inquiring minds ‘n shit, you know?
  4. Not all that bad ... aren’t we a country club sports school?
  5. The response was to a comment that LSU shot 18 FT to our 6. The point ... a team that jacks nothing but 3’s does not draw fouls and does not shoot FT. Little to do with officiating and a LOT to do with a mindless offensive philosophy.
  6. ESPiN national telecast with Fraschilla commentary. Perfect for a hot seat.
  7. Fully aware of past results. The S3 would be Roy’s savior.
  8. Shaka is probably the only coach not taking calls from Roy Williams for a game ... what’s the point of soothing UNC’s misery?
  9. That’s why a hangnail is such a devastating injury for him.
  10. He won’t need your gig. He’s set for life on our stupidity.
  11. ... GB tackling brings on bad Orlan_o memories.
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