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  1. Put him on permanent anchor watch ..
  2. 3-Stars .. Mensa’s wheelhouse. All of the offers to 4- and 5-Stars is meaningless window dressing.
  3. Spot on. There’s one person at fault .. one common denominator .. and it’s not any of the kids who’re choosing what’s best for their football aspirations.
  4. Thielen placed on virus list. No worries, though, since none of the Cowboyz got within 6 feet of him all game long.
  5. I watched the game. Burrow threw the ball 30 times ... in the first half. It was no secret the Bengals weren’t even trying to establish a run game. Burrow was getting the job done. They would have had a nice lead at half had fat ass aggy not missed 2 FG and an XP. At half, the💡 came on and the Skins decided to sell out rushing Burrow. Too bad he got caught up in the flying bodies, but whomever was calling plays shoulders some of the responsibility.
  6. Kris Boyd ... certifiable dumbass. I forgot, where did he go to school?
  7. Maybe Cincy, too. Aggy Bullock has missed 2 FG and an XP.
  8. TV chose not to show a replay ..
  9. Chalk up another QB to the Skins .. Burrow carted off with a knee injury.
  10. In related news, Aggy ordered “*2020” for their championship wall ...
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