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  1. Do a little YouTubin’ … there are video demos on just about every make and model available. Some of the presenters are better than others, but most provide genuine opinions. Happy Hunting!
  2. The point is poor baserunning comes at a cost. Saturday’s fuckups probably cost us the regular season championship. Now, as we get ready for the regionals and beyond, where losses are magnified and lead to a ticket home, I’m simply stating that Pierce needs to fix something that’s really not difficult when attention is given to situational awareness.
  3. I’ve never seen Shaka coach 3B. But, the similarities between uncontrolled freedom to jack 3’s and mindless baserunning … 🤔
  4. What’s the O/U on runs he can throw away in a game that will cost a W? We had FIVE baserunning ERRORS at 3B/HP in one game we lost by one run this past weekend. I wager that loss will be the difference in a regular season championship …
  5. Stevie Wonder would make a better 3B coach … certainly no worse. But, then Pierce has his blind supporters, too.
  6. Some seriously tight sphincters on the US side coming down to the end …
  7. Thanks to ALL who provided updates! .. and fuck EsecPN for bailing on an inarguably better and more important matchup than aggy and Ole Miss.
  8. Blind man’s guess … Kennedy’s D is more important at this point.
  9. The cap he’s wearing is from a stint with the Richmond (VA) Flying Squirrels … also a fan choice from a few years back. Got one in my collection …
  10. Had to look to see who ESPNU was carrying today … and now, I’m blind. Can you believe anyone … even aggy … would wear this shit?
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