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  1. Had no idea my wife has an account here ...
  2. I learned a long time ago to steer wide of the girls when they’re partying. Just look out for their well-being and stay out of whatever they’re drinking.
  3. Not staged ... my wife and one of her pals were intent on using a corkscrew on a screw top bottle. Their story was it was their third or fourth bottle of the night.
  4. NN is your basic greasy spoon hamburger joint. They’ll make your hamburger how ever you want it. They have a decent beer selection, also. But, being with the grandkids, we chose milkshakes which were very good ... also with a sizable selection. You won’t leave hungry. https://nnburger.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/FINAL-2020-SUMMER-MENU-onsite.pdf
  5. Last fall, the wife and I grabbed our daughter and grandkids and headed there for a late lunch ... closed. So, we continued on to NN Hamburgers in Kilmarnock. Planned on getting to Old Salts this spring. COVID put a damper on that .. for now, at least.
  6. Repped for shrimp AND your choice of place setting. I mean, who wants to wash dishes after pigging out on that?
  7. Doesn’t O’Neal know that his roster spot is more valuable than he is?
  8. Amateurs ... 56 shot, 9 dead, in Chitown. Prolly get better results if they didn’t hold their Glocks sideways when shooting.
  9. https://www.tasteoftexas.com/cookbook/
  10. Looks wonderfully tasty. But .. how do you tell when the plate is empty?
  11. We’re beyond that. Have you not heard what passes for the English language these days?
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