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  1. Dan was a great #2 on BaD but when he has to lead the show now we get 4 segments replaying last night's audio and the Killer comedy hour.
  2. Because Dan is a shitty lead host. He has to be riding side car to a more dominant voice and play off of them.
  3. Then why even bring up the pretext of a health hazard? And I'm having trouble reconciling your post about bad cops being a small % and your optimism of the good cops outnumbering the bad with your contention that a beat down is to be expected.
  4. Were both punches justified? If Sgt. American Hero is so concerned about HIV or Hep C (thereby justifying his actions), wouldn't striking the felonious assaulter in the mouth be inadvisable?
  5. Are you saying it's justified because it should be expected for LEOs to react in the worst way possible?
  6. Klages Found Guilty The video accompanying the article is worth the 8 minutes of your time.
  7. I would have wagered that you met the gordita behind a Golden Corral.
  8. I like Dan. He's grown on me over the years but his value to the station overwhelmingly was being a foil for straight laced, uptight Bob. His only other contributions to the show is replaying audio and attention whoring at big events (Super Bowl, Ticketstock). He's not a name his time slot talent.
  9. You're arguing with a group of posters that advocated signing Zeke during his holdout, who don't get the concept of limited resources in a hard cap league, and believe that every other QB in the conference is overrated or sucks. Keep up the good fight but it'd be more productive screaming the Pledge of Allegiance into a horse's rectum at the top of your lungs.
  10. This. Hyperbole is no substitute for preparation and Corby's sports intelligence doesn't lend itself to winging it. Even the non-sports segments are really suffering from Rhyner's absence. The Stars could play an east coast game 5 days a week and it wouldn't bother me.
  11. It was nonsensical when you posted it before. Repeating it doesn't lend it any gravitas.
  12. Ben Rothlisberger was never SB MVP (Ward and Holmes).
  13. You might be taking this board a little too seriously.
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