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  1. The choir director from my church passed away April 22nd from COVID. We have still not been able to give him a memorial service. He was a good man with a big heart for people who loved life. Losing him was a gut punch for me because I sang my first church solo because he volunteered me for it. Makes me sad to think that he is not here to see today.
  2. I am so sorry for your incredibly big loss. I do not have much in the advice to offer other than we are here for you. Process the loss of your brother-in-law for however long it takes. Again I am really sorry and I hope you and your family find some comfort together right now.
  3. I am leaving in the morning for five days in the mountains in Vermont. It would be cool if the Secret Service, CIA and FBI can keep the cult from pulling off something crazy while I am gone. Hopefully the inauguration goes off without a hitch and the cleanup of the cult begins as well!
  4. Endeavour is a fantastic show. I am in the middle of season two and really like the cast. Qyburn from Game of Thrones is the police chief of Oxford City and the show is built around DC Endeavour Morse. The season is four episodes and each is 90 minutes long. It’s a PBS Masterpiece Theatre show and what I appreciate about it is how the two main characters interact and relate almost as a father and son duo. I am really enjoying the British shows I have watched and the acting is just superb.
  5. She's highly intelligent with a great education and she uses those two things together for the betterment of society. We need more people exactly like her all across this country in every facet of our society.
  6. It would be great to see a national plan for dealing with COVID and a way to get the vaccine to people before it goes to waste. The John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Push that one through and get everyone registered automatically. Felons who have done their time should be able to vote again in most circumstances. Come up with an actual roadmap to weaning us off of fossil fuels and since BIG OIL will fight such a plan, have the government put together a comprehensive funding plan that will retrain workers in this industry so they have skills in place for their new jobs if they wish t
  7. I don't either. They have one elite superstar in Durant and that's it. Harden had an opportunity to develop into one, but he does not seem to enjoy the defensive end of the floor all that much. Irving has never been a superstar despite being paid like one.
  8. I believe that there comes a point to where a politician that has lied as much as McConnell has to the American people should be pushed to the wayside in order to get things done. The continuance of showing him any decorum that makes him feel as though he has an importance in the legislative process that he torpedoed for the last six years is not good overall for the country. There are consequences to what he allowed to happen and one of them is being relegated to the sidelines while legislation actually gets considered in the senate and approved. McConnell abused the power he had and it was t
  9. Crenshaw has a real eye for what is important in his job and clearly this vote was not of any importance. He has a keen eye for spotting important legislation so we should trust his judgment here. We really shouldn't engage in any eye for an eye with this guy.
  10. I am going to guess that Giannis is not scared to play against them. The East now has three teams who have a realistic shot at playing the Lakers for the title. Good luck to whichever one gets to be victim #18.
  11. Cousins does not sound like a guy who ever wanted to suit up on the same team with Harden again and now he doesn’t have to. I do look forward to the end of season interview from Harden when having Durant again as a teammate also doesn’t get him any closer to winning a title.
  12. I was walking up 6th Avenue with a friend on Thursday and a truck with Trump flags in the back of it goes rolling past. I just looked at the four flags and felt a bit sad for the driver. The mental damage and illness going on inside the mind of that person is real and there are thousands upon thousands of others just like them who need to get help. I do not believe there will be a full scale insurrection that millions of people will take part in. That is just pure folly and makes for good doomsday stories for the corner preachers. I do believe the possibility is there for people like
  13. I watched none of the Warriors game tonight, but I did see that the Clips were outscored 52-22 to end the game. That’s simply incredible.
  14. I never believed that these folks would go on a killing spree after the election either. 99.99999999 percent of the cult will never commit an act of killing because that means you are going to jail and you are not getting out of that charge. I would expect them to find a way to continue to communicate, but now the DOJ will coordinate again with the rest of the country and squash things before they get to the point they got to this week. Anyone expecting an all-out civil war is taking things several bridges too far.
  15. While she is in politics though I like her ability to make other politicians see what happens when they FAAFO about doing things that draw her ire like Cruz and Hawley did this week.
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