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  1. That quote is leaving on the table the ability to strip them of post-season victories. That is all that was about. Whether he follows through on that if the investigation leads them to that punishment is another story.
  2. Loves atrociously awful BBQ and that he is also a terrible human being. I would also say he is letting everyone know he hates the gays and that still plays well in Texas. So much dumb is contained in the coward operating those hot wheels.
  3. When you have outgained a team 312-109, are losing and have 9 points to show for it you do not deserve to see your left column get a positive addition.
  4. Screen on 3rd and 10. Boy wonder just can't figure out 3rd down.
  5. I liked McVay last year, but it seems that Greg Davis has control of his body. Running there was comical.
  6. The Rams should've went for it on that 4th down. McVay is a coward for not going for it. It gave the Bears a chance to get a foothold in this game and they did just that.
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28090386/vontaze-burfict-rejects-myles-garrett-comparison-blasts-roger-goodell Was joking when I said we just needed this guy to condemn him, but here it is.
  8. This was the worst gotcha attempt I have read on this site. That was amateur hour right there. You might as well have been posting as Icono.
  9. If we lived in a country that actually cared about the rule of law instead of the grifter's guide to the galaxy we would already be dealing with the penis-in-chief Pence as the fill-in until November 2020. Instead we get the reality where Dotard continues to steal our tax dollars to line his pockets. What a time to be alive does not apply to this scenario.
  10. I cannot send anyone to heaven or hell, but Stone seems to be a candidate for a very hot seat in the afterlife.
  11. When you have offended that guy you really have done some heinous stuff. If we get a tweet from Vontaze Burfict saying this was too much then Garrett might want to find a new career.
  12. It was like watching Kawhi Leonard bounce shot against Philly if he were a slender looking distance runner who you might mistake for a 30 year old playing in a rec league. Great shot though and a well earned road win.
  13. Catching the end of it. What a wild ending.
  14. Oh I would imagine that he is thoroughly enjoying playing for Few instead of Kennedy. After sitting out last year due to blood clots I believe this has to be fun starting for the Zags and playing meaningful games again for a team that runs a beautiful offense.
  15. This is enjoyable to watch. Must be a bit odd for Gilder playing against his old teammates though in the arena he played in for three seasons.
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