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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. This asshole could not possibly care any less about any of those black churches. He's too busy turning the White House into a fortress while the country burns. He is nothing more than a cowardly bully and putting up this fence around the White House is just embarrassing.
  2. I have a pretty strong belief in God, but I will preface what I say that if you do not share that same faith that it is okay. I can say this with some confidence. When enough self-professed Christians turn away from God by their own actions this is what you get. You can look through the Old Testament to see time after time when the Jews turned from God what happened. It was never good. We, as a nation, turned our backs on those who needed help. We turned our backs on immigrants and the poor. We stopped showing love to those who need it most. These are the basic tenets of being a Christian. Not all of us do this, but enough do that it is embarrassing and dispiriting to see how we still treat immigrants despite all the positive contributions they make to our society. Thanks to that treatment of our fellow human beings we got this moron as a leader and also due to the actions of hatred, bigotry and about a 100 other things the Evangelicals do that is garbage while still maintaining to be a Christian. It's going to take awhile to clean this mess up. You don't even have to be religious to just be a good human being. I mean my God just treat everyone with dignity and respect instead of looking at someone as being less of a human being than you because their skin is darker. I almost hope Jesus decides to make his return while I am still alive just to see the look on the faces of millions of white people who are going to be shocked to see his skin color.
  3. This is so incredibly sad to watch. A pandemic with no end in sight and a populace that is fed up with black men being killed by the police for no reason. The response from the police is not unexpected, but this is not the America I grew up believing in. Protesters should be able to have their voice heard without getting gassed or beaten. This is some 3rd world awfulness going on. We are in some real deep shit and we don't have a way out of this anytime soon.
  4. I much prefer the guy reading a script to the fucking buffoon who throws the script out the window and goes on a rant against a journalist he has a grudge against.
  5. He is actually wearing a fat suit when you see him on TV to help him relate better to his voting bloc. He also runs 10 miles a day and lifts weights on top of Mt. Olympus each morning with Zeus. Many think he spends his days watching cable news. Not so. He spends his afternoons training Navy Seals to get in as good a shape as he is.
  6. I was talking last week with a friend out in LA that is a successful screenwriter who is from Germany and still does a lot of work in German film and television. We were talking about this show and I asked him if he knew the writers. He said they are friends of his and that he was impressed with what a superb job they have done putting everything together with all the varying timelines. I told him that whenever he sees them to tell them thank you for making such a great series.
  7. Fuck a chapter. It'll take a book longer than the Bible to get all these names in there from Washington on down to the local county clerk that supports Dotard.
  8. It is amazing that only Romney stood up to the bully. Exactly one of them. That will never be forgotten.
  9. That Atlantic article that was posted earlier encapsulated perfectly why these clowns are acting the way they are. They are no different than the East Germans after the war that chose the safety of siding with the people who had the most power instead of taking a stand. The entire lot of them with an R next to their name have to go. The entire party should be stricken from this country and never be allowed to be formed again.
  10. That's incredible that they encouraged them to do so. We are growing closer to an open rebellion by our armed forces against this shitheel in the Oval Office for how he is trying to completely tear down what we have left of our democracy.
  11. Boogie waited five years on one guy. I think it might have been Clay Travis that said he'd be arrested before five years went by and then when he wasn't he tweeted about it.
  12. Got some work to do to see that happen. He is despicable.
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