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  1. Who are the people pos-repping this Dotard level response. Look at this shit. We are dealing with adults who have the IQ of an 8 year old to be generous. Good God this is ridiculous.
  2. Let's stop you right fucking here. She at times goes too far, but she is right. Brown labor is taken advantage of. They are paid less and often times have no idea about it and cannot fight it in court. Keep supporting Dotard. I hate to say this about another human being, but you are really stupid. I mean your entire life has led you to a moment where you post that. You are just dumb. You will probably die one day as ignorant as you are now. I would hope for better for you, but that is up to you to not be less educated about the world outside of your ridiculously small bubble.
  3. Mark Levin is a coward who needs his ass kicked repeatedly. Good God I have heard him. That midget just shouts and yells and tries to speak with some asinine authority. He just sounds like an angry old white man who does not realize the sun has long set on his relevance.
  4. Does the Democratic candidate have the name Donald J Trump? No Democrat has that name? Found who I am voting for thanks to that and I am not a card-carrying Democrat.
  5. My 11 month old niece and her best friend. I got Diesel for my mother 6 years ago about a month after her dog had passed away suddenly. He's a German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix. She crawls all over him and he just lays there. When my brother brought her home from the hospital he would go lay next to her crib and if she started crying he'd go get my brother to come in there. Dogs are amazing in how they will instinctively protect people.
  6. Trying to post an a picture of my niece. Bear with me awhile I try to upload it.
  7. There is an app called Calm. I recommend it. I think you'll like it. It has free stuff and other things you can pay for. It will help ease your mind when things are going sideways.
  8. He mentioned two guys. If you want to write out a full list feel free.
  9. Go for it. I'll explain this again for you. I go to see the Yanks play because it is a short train ride from mid-town and because my mom is a lifelong fan. I could not care any less if they want to take the titles away when those two clowns were cheating. My favorite player as a kid was McGwire. Knowing he was one of the biggest steroid users ruins the memories I had of him.
  10. You vacate the title. That is it. I give no shits if the Yanks cheated. They should vacate their wins if they did the same thing.
  11. He doesn't even bother having a back and forth. It is just gotcha moments with him and that's it. If more teams are found to have cheated then I am good with fines, loss of draft picks, lengthy suspensions, loss of international signing bonus money and the team having to vacate wins in the period they were found to have broken the rules. The Astros and Sox should have to vacate their titles and no one should be awarded the World Series. Manfred is a coward though who enjoys the paycheck he gets. That is really all this is about. He keeps sucking on the teet of MLB and just does some damn fine window dressing and keeps his job. What a shitshow of a sport.
  12. Holy hell is all I can say. You are okay with cheating so long as it is a means to an end. You might should never post in the CR again.
  13. I thought we made it to KAG as a propaganda tool. Fuck me sideways with a lunchbox at realizing we are back to MAGA.
  14. This is pretty much spot-on for why this movie was so good. After listening to him speak in person at Lincoln Square at the Q&A I see why he was so passionate about this movie. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jan/14/jojo-rabbit-director-taika-waititi-wears-criticism-of-divisive-nazi-parody-as-badge-of-honour
  15. When you use technology to cheat you crossed a line. A guy standing at 2nd relaying things is part of the game. Using a centerfield camera and sending a feed to a hallway and then using trashcans or whatever the hell they did to tell batters what pitch they would see is a ridiculous amount of cheating. If I remember right the Astros title DVD actually had some accidental footage of the hallway setup in it of how they cheated. The only Astros title you witnessed thus far in your lifetime came because of cheating. Kinda sad to be honest that they resorted to that.
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