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  1. I hope you are getting better by the moment hoss. You’re one of the cool posters on here and I really hope that the side effects do not hit you really hard. A friend of mine I grew up with got Covid a year ago or so. He lost his ability to taste anything for nine months. That inability to taste anything darn near killed him. He was drinking with his brother who came down from Dallas and thanks to not tasting any of the liquor he was drinking he got alcohol poisoning.
  2. There are times when I am teaching long division to 9 and 10 year olds that I think the aardvark might catch on quicker.
  3. I do not usually lean as far into this as you do, but I absolutely do agree with this. I have not waivered on believing there are enough good human beings in this country to right the ship and send this cult to the dustbin of history. It is one heckuva thing to do, but the GQP cult members cannot be allowed to get control of this country. At some point you have to realize that siding with “libtards” on this is absolutely the right thing to do if you care at all about the people you share this country with. This is not real hard to understand.
  4. You seem to choose positions that advocate for others who need help climbing the ever-changing societal ladder. We should not need a party designation to figure out that doing that is what we should all be doing. You help as many folks as you can along the way.
  5. Hope y’all enjoyed it. I am going to try to bring my mom back with me if she is doing well enough to fly so she can see the city leading up to Christmas. She has been here twice right after Christmas for New Year’s Eve, but not before. I walked past the barricades this morning for the route on my way to catch a flight to Austin. Ton of police over near the Garden today, but that’s normal for the parade. This is such an awesome time of year in the city. It already feels so much better than a year ago this time.
  6. I teach 4th graders that are more emotionally mature than this guy. Putting that shirt on and going out in public is a sure way to let everyone know you are not all there. This entire lie built upon lie phenomenon that is now the majority of that voting base is so abjectly ridiculous as to not even seem real at times.
  7. This is at an Islanders game I take it? That fan base is largely populated by GQP voters.
  8. This guy is just completely broken and lost as a person. He is going to keep dragging as many people down with him as possible. He needs serious psychological help. Anyone that still supports him is likely in need of some help themselves.
  9. It pains me to agree with this, but this is true. I am born and raised in Texas and am the only member of my family to leave the state. This is an accurate view of the association people generallly have of Texas and Texans when you travel outside of the state. The bullseye will be there for every single game no matter the opponent.
  10. I am okay with Tyler Wade not being on the team anymore. Clint Frazier had flashes of brilliance, but he never put it all together. A team like Oakland could probably take him off the scrap heap and turn him into an everyday player that does well. Putting Torres at SS ruined him. He never should have played there, at all. Hopefully the 2022 team is more enjoyable to watch. I live about 15 minutes away from the stadium in East Harlem and yet I barely went to any games. I went to almost half the home games in 2019 when I was still living in Astoria (Over in Queens and a much longer trip back). This team never felt like much fun. Hope that changes next year because I love sitting out there watching baseball.
  11. Vogel will wind up being the fall guy for this. That’s unfortunate because he’s a really good guy who is coaching the 2012 Olympic team a decade late.
  12. When I want to go to St. Patrick’s for a service (Not Catholic, but the service and building are peaceful) I wind up walking past there. There is just such a weird vibe around that building.
  13. I thought about seeing this game because I wanted to do some fishing out around Spokane and I thought seeing the Zags in person would be cool. I couldn’t get Friday off so I had to scrap that trip for now. Hopefully can make it out there to see them play at some point this year. They are the most fun team in the college ranks to watch when their offense is clicking.
  14. What should be clear is that this young man fell victim to propaganda and the machinations of a cult that has little value upon human life. He willingly put himself in a situation that he knew could get out of hand and that is just what happened. He was looking to be a hero and he is to a significant portion of our population. I think that is a sad indictment on where millions of our fellow citizens are at mentally. He should be sent to prison, but given the chance to rehabilitate his mind and undo the damage the cult has done to him.
  15. Watched Antlers on Friday. I love Jesse Plemons as an actor, but he could not carry that script. I don’t often suggest not watching something, but this is a movie you do not need to see. I hope his next movie has a far better script and storyline.
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