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  1. Hahaha fuck the Yankees
  2. I forgot to get pics of all the Trulys and Smirnoffs I drank earlier while the ribs and bacon wrapped jalapeños were on the smoker.
  3. The whyfe and kids are out…let’s fucking go
  4. I had 2 generators, several heaters and a few 5 gallon gas cans in case we needed them. We never lost power but because of the water pressure loss and boil notices, we definitely need more water storage. 4 days with no hot shower fucking sucks
  5. That was pretty fucked up. Never mind the egregious police work. 20 out of some 100 confessions proven false. The rest...haha, whatever
  6. Can a dictionary really define those? Shouldn't be that be a search in an encyclopedia? Or a lengthy history book? My faith in humans wains.
  7. This country is so far gone from where it should be. I blame the 2 party system. We need a third seat at the table....Until then, I'm here for the show
  8. I'm fascinated with the logic behind these kinds of posts....If the best the Dems could put up against a total failure like Trump is neck and neck in an election, what does that say about your party?
  9. Neither of these sacks of shit should be in charge of anything. Fuck, this country is doomed
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