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  1. Mikey4

    Fire Mike Yurcich

    Good grief. We had 63 points, 56 in regulation. If the final score had been 56-0 or 63-0, no one would be complaining about offense. But now we bitch about offense because defense and ST shit the bed and have up 56 points? We can improve in every facet of the game, but offense is not a big worry right now.
  2. Good grief, look at that poor punter trying to get an angle. [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Mikey4


    After that play, I'll take "moving around" as a fucking miracle and be happy with it.
  4. Mikey4

    Chris Ash Defense

    I forgot about that. That was our Crabtree moment, so to speak. We just got lucky this time.
  5. Mikey4

    Chris Ash Defense

    The first half felt like we weren't playing our best, but we just fell apart in the 3rd quarter. I really wonder if the heat, sun, and lack of conditioning contributed. By the time we started clicking again, the sun was low enough that it wasn't directly hitting the field.
  6. Mikey4

    Chris Ash Defense

    Here are some shots of that play from the perspective of the offense. In the first one, you can see Foster broken down, keeping the play in front of him. He's not charging into anyone but is moving laterally to track Thompson. Here you see Overshown's helmet peeking through between Foster and Thompson. You can't see it too well from this angle, but Overshown is directly between Foster and Thompson at this point Foster trying to get to Thompson, but Overshown is on the ground between the two. There's no way he can make the play now.
  7. Mikey4

    Chris Ash Defense

    Massive clusterfuck. I'm sure they all fucked it up in one way or another. What an abortion of a play.
  8. Mikey4

    Chris Ash Defense

    That highlight clip doesn't show the play from a very good angle. If you watch the full recording, there are a couple of better angles, including one from the perspective of the offense. You can see Foster broken down, keeping Thompson in front of him. At that point, Foster is in position to seal the edge or track Thompson inside if he breaks that way. Overshown comes charging over, starts falling between Foster and Thompson, and essentially serves as an extra blocker for Thompson. Foster ends up diving over Overshown to try to make a play, but it was nearly impossible when he's having to reach over/through his own teammate to try to make a tackle.
  9. Mikey4

    Chris Ash Defense

    Foster was in good position on that play. Overshown comes barreling in from the side, falls down between Foster and Thompson, and makes it impossible for Foster to make a tackle.
  10. Defense was not that bad. The only areas where we struggled were getting pressure up front, covering receivers, and tackling. Everything else looked great. (obligatory /s)
  11. Did he play yesterday? He didn't record a catch, and I don't recall seeing him out there, though I might have missed him.
  12. Mikey4

    Chris Ash Defense

    Yes, on the 75 yard run, Foster had broken down in front of Thompson and was in a position to make a play, or at least contain long enough for reinforcements to arrive, and Overshown came in like a bowling ball and knocked him over. It was a high risk, low reward move that didn't pay off.
  13. Mikey4


    Any word on Bijan? Did he get hurt?
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