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  1. in that article, it seems like their complains boil down to the playscape "ruining their view." What the fuck view do they have that is being ruined? this is their fucking house. there is no view other than wilco suburbia hell. pricks. https://goo.gl/maps/2zTvZ9be5pRAuRRt7 plus, their house is painted an ugly ass dark pink. fuck off with your complaints about anyone else's aesthetic choices.
  2. in fairness, i believe the thread title was a carryover from one on tos.
  3. someone with an abundance of time needs to do a data pull on everton. there cannot possibly be another club that has given up leveling or losing goals in second half extra time as many times as the toffees. jesus fucking christ. 2-0 lead in the 84th minute? watch this!
  4. bro, he's clearly an jsoc air force controller just waiting to coordinate with socom on the coordinates.
  5. white people are shades of warm breakfast cereals; black people are just a matter of how much cream you add to your coffee. you like your color?
  6. true story, i was walking into the hemingway bar at the ritz in paris after a day of watching our boys get their asses crushed in ryder cup in 2018 and alicia vikander walks up to get a seat as well with two outlandishly dressed folks. ended up sitting next to her group for a little while. she is so much fucking hotter in person that it isn't funny. like most, i was introduced to her from ex machina and was struck by her attractiveness but after seeing her in person, much greater appreciation for how stunning she was. very charming conversationalist as well. did not have sex with her unfortunately.
  7. particularly when paired with drawing an equivalence between a 2020 democratic primary debate and a ku klux klan rally.
  8. give me a fucking break... your entree into this thread was to somehow respond to workswithweed's insanely stupid post by making a retarded dad joke associating any of this with a purposefully extreme and erroneous characterization of a center-left socialism political economy. and you expect me to take you seriously?
  9. i think you know the answer to that...
  10. so you're saying that these explosions (which are disconcerting and it sounds like sweden's law enforcement is being tasked with focusing on it) that have resulted in no casualties are consuming your concern trolling for sweden (who has averaged 92 homicides TOTAL per year since 2002) but the 39,773 deaths from guns in our country each year is nothing to concern ourselves with - and only a fucking libtard communist would think that some stricter laws enforcing who is able to acquire such weapons was appropriate. seems genuine.
  11. doesn't look like many, if any, casualties or even injuries related to these. they appear to be largely carried out for show. meanwhile...ah, nevermind. i feel very sorry for people who go through life like workswithweed and incredulity. that must really suck.
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