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  1. jojo is probably my favorite movie of the last 5 or so years. it is so, so fucking good. i enjoyed parasite, once upon and time in hollywood, and 1917 all as well. last year's lineup was very strong. i would have picked jojo but have no problem with any of them winning.
  2. sidis

    I'm tired.

    i am trying to imagine the level of self-delusion necessary to have ever actually felt or believed that.
  3. not gonna lie, if i was a liverpool fan, i'd definitely grab that hoodie that john oliver was wearing last night. it was sweet.
  4. so we are now like 17 games into the season and still no draws. i don't know why that keeps coming up in my head but it's an interesting little nugget. wouldn't be surprised to see wolves and man city finish in a draw. at least until liverpool raided wolves this week. on that topic, can we now relegate liverpool to chelsea status for being financially backed by international criminals and all-around pieces of shit (standard chartered) given the news over the weekend?
  5. how is it possible to have a trap game in week 2? wtf.
  6. not watching the game. did spencer sanders get hurt or something? what's going on? this has to be the worst version of the big 12 in history. we still haven't really seen baylor, tcu, and wvu but for fuck's sake, we have got to take advantage this year.
  7. On another note, Leeds is scoring a lot of goals after two matches.
  8. Well, the key there is that they just beat them. The problem with Everton over the last five years is losing precisely this type of game against shit teams...particularly the week after a big win like Spurs last week. So that is encouraging. But I just can’t see CL realistically. It is too crowded at the top with really good teams. Pool and City are just to talent stocked to not finish in top two spots. Chelsea and United will both be good and I am convinced that arsenal is going to make an enormous jump up this year and challenge the top. Spurs are always there and Leicester and wolves should both be competitive as well. regardless, I do think that we will be a fun team to follow this year and shouldn’t have such frustrating, inexplicable results like we have been for a while.
  9. NBC is really blowing this...but it is just 50 bucks so just subscribed last week. Peacock is just an app on my tv. Streaming fine there.
  10. NBC is really fucking this up and it is infuriating. Absolutely infuriating. Fuck you nbc. that said, how about the toffees? Usually, branding and course of performance is to go out after a big win over a good side like spurs and fuck it up to a completely shit team like west brom. Going out and putting a beat down on (even if the defense stunk and it was ten men) on a shit side is a bit off brand. Would be nice if this indicated that Ancelloti has forced the club to turn a corner. James played well and Calvert-Lewin really benefitting as I’d hoped with hat trick. first place bitches!
  11. That has nothing to do with the grift. That has to do largely with coronavirus and the fact that his branded resorts, hotels, etc have taken a massive hit. That was self-evident in the article. Hell, the value lost is more than subsumed by just the squandered campaign funds this year to serve his egotistical self aggrandizing you’re underestimating the long term grift of his branding with idiots. For fuck’s sake, I have (distant) in-laws that showed up to Xmas last year hemming and hawing about how they were declaring bankruptcy and financially ruined who wrapped their presents in trump branded wrapping paper. These fucking morons literally paid a so called billionaire money to wrap gifts for people in his name while in financial ruin. That is extraordinary.
  12. As much as I hate to admit he got anything right, I think the president has answered that question quite emphatically. Possibly the greatest swindle/hustle in history. Dumb fuck, economically distraught morons subscribing to a cult of personality of a person who laughs in their faces while eating their cookie and condemning them to the worst possible outcome...all while pursuing an “agenda” designed to serve only billionaires and his agenda. I have to admit, you kind of have to admire the gumption and presumptuous nature of it all. He gave Americans no credit whatsoever and that has paid off to the tune of billions. Props.
  13. Mmmm, roughly ten years ago. make a lot of parlay sports bets i know the outcome to...none big enough to destroy the gambling industry and get myself blacklisted but slowly accumulate billions in smaller, 6 figure wins. take those wins, invest most of the winnings in NVIDIA back when it was trading at $1.64. sell it all a few weeks ago at $500+. more along the lines of what you're asking, belle epoque in paris maybe. but at this point and knowing what i know now, everything would suck. shit was dirty, unhygenic, subject to non-stop world and regional wars, no instant information, chicks were not as hot to what i am used to now...the only value would really just to be present for pivotal moments in history that we know for whatever period.
  14. perfect description with my viewing relationship with chelsea. particularly from 14-17, they were fun as hell and my favorite team to watch. they had great players who were peaking in their careers. but i wanted them to fail for being just another russian stooge. informs my complex relationship with psg in that living there and rooting for them when they sucked, i feel like i am entitled to enjoy some success but the middle eastern bullshit makes it hard. at the same time, it's nice to be able to pay guys like mbappe. this post brought to you by self-identified racism/nationalism/xenophobia.
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