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  1. there is a bit of cousin's neighbor's dog's friend's sister's teacher's ex-husband saw ferris at 31 flavors last night to this but... https://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2020/03/30/i-spent-a-day-in-the-coronavirus-driven-feeding-frenzy-of-n95-mask-sellers-and-buyers-and-this-is-what-i-learned/#31250f8d56d4
  2. sidis

    Composition Thread

    Awesome. 3:00 -3:50 was fire. Intro was good grabber as well. is that just a distortion pedal? Or fuzz? What kind of guitar?
  3. Same. I will say that objectively, that burger is outrageously good.
  4. sidis

    Composition Thread

    put this together this week. supposed to follow an obvious mathematical theme and the tightness disintegrates over time. i sculpted the chaos engine at the end but may rework the mastering to give it greater emphasis.
  5. just got this email from nutty gun outlet that doesn't actually update their preferences. solid marketing efforts here. definitely very responsible.
  6. there is a province outside of florence called prato that is essentially chinatown on "one side of the tracks." They are there to make textiles there so they can say "made in italy." all the signs are even in mandarin. here is a link to google street view of the particular neighborhood. it is quite large. you can see how everything is in both languages looking around the street. https://www.google.com/maps/@43.8599953,11.0529761,3a,75y,350.62h,98.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHIqEf5Ja6OqYtKgVXzbr3Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  7. man, i can't imagine what it is like to be you right now. your wife was too scared to leave her hotel room and walk through central park in the day time before all this. I suspect you are being absolutely run down right now. hang in there.
  8. i didn't like marriage story overall but laura dern springboarded her role in big little lies into a perfect characterization of divorce attorney. she did it perfectly. they were both absolutely excellent in their roles. couldn't go wrong either way imo. however, the movie jojo rabbit was a 100x better than the movie marriage story. whoever above said 2019 killed it on the movie front was absolutely correct. fantastic lineup.
  9. yes, thoroughly enjoyed the first season. very good, and well done show. even spent some time recomposing richter's theme for the score myself. season 2 is off to a promising start. lila is going to try and sow discontent between to solaras and stefano and blow the whole world up. lila as agent provocateur is when it is at its best. i'm about ready for antonio to get shipped off to the army though. getting tired of his whiny ass. let lenu transition to her renewed pursuit of nino. first episode was a pretty tough reminder of what marriage too often looked like not that long ago in the western world (and still in much of the world).
  10. yeah, the whole exchange that led to the pumpernickel sandwich with burnt toast got me.
  11. Vail resorts just shut all their properties down. Had not totally scrapped some park city plans for later this week based On alternative travel possibilities that avoided other people. Obviously not happening now.
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