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  1. Yes. Personal exercise outside is totally fine provided you aren’t jumping on top of your “neighbor” in public. Then, you definitely both need a mask.
  2. Love it. Absolutely love it. But if you go to the composition thread and listen to the music I make, you will see why. It is definitely for creating ambient textures, swells, and spacey sounds. As goredho said above, it is explosions in the sky in a box. However, it also adds some pretty cool sounds when paired with some of the more rock type sounds like the octafuzz. if you’re in need of some reverb that makes you feel like you’re in a giant hall, plus a really nice delay with good optional other, I would definitely recommend.
  3. it is possible there were a few extra funds expended. so not surprisingly, this bit of insanity on my part inspired some digging out of accessories and I am currently reformulating my signal chain to the amp. I think the right to left ordering will be the default. if any of you pros out there have any thoughts or recommendations for a better chain, i would be appreciative. i am tempted to move the ethereal (delay & reverb) to after the amp and run a return.
  4. decided to trade in mexistrat and ovation and upgrade to american 3 color burst strat and casino (which for some reason i can't really explain, i have been wanting for a while). somehow, i also walked the door with a sienna burst telecaster that is fucking beautiful. not sure what happened... i'm an idiot but should have some fairly good tone coverage between the three...
  5. so...i just did something completely insane and idiotic...but at the same time, incredibly awesome and highly relevant to this thread. pics to follow shortly when i get to a computer.
  6. I absolutely fucking hate, hate, hate to say this (especially with how the horns set up for this year relative to the rest of the big 12)...but at this point, based on summer outcomes thus far, I am of the belief that anyone that thinks we are going to have college football this fall is delusional. Which sucks. Fuck.
  7. That is precisely correct. And exactly how I would describe it...and i'm sure you have no issue in figuring out why it was what I was looking for. particularly with the feedback and delay combination sounds. forgot about the pedal thread so apologies for injecting this in the wrong thread.
  8. been searching for a good pedal for some more ambient sounds and gave this one a run. really nice sound and would recommend for sure.
  9. You pay every single player on your team an average of 2 million more pounds than ours. to be honest, it would be my contention that it was Liverpool who was fortunate for the season delay when it came to this match. We were really playing well in February and March and liverpool was nosediving at the time. It would have been nice to play that game then imo. but we had much nicer looks today and you guys were incredibly lucky to get the draw.
  10. Well, at least we kept them from clinching.
  11. My god. How the fuck is Liverpool so fucking lucky??
  12. God damnit richarlison...bury that. Horrible card there. fucking pussy ass dive from Liverpool there.
  13. Let’s do this Toffees.
  14. sidis

    Composition Thread

    "On the Nature of Daylight" is one of my favorite pieces written in the last 20 years. It was written for a string quintet and its intimacy is part of what makes it work so well. So I of course took on the challenge of ratcheting up the scale and rearranged it for an entire orchestra and piano. It is a long, slow build that finishes with a lot of sound.
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