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  1. y grade liquids are all the C2+ natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, isobutane, normal butane, pentanes+) all mixed together that are separated from a natural gas stream at a processing plant. y grade liquids are then transported to fractionators (the two most well known being in conway, ks and mt. belvieu, tx) to make the individual products like propane. the methane that remains after processing is called residue gas and is sold as such downstream, odorized, and goes all the way to your burner tip. all of that stuff is entrained together in the gas production until it is processed (save for a little bit of condensate and other liquids separated on-lease). if oil wells making casinghead gas are flaring the gas production, then all the entrained liquids would be flared as well. if they have some separators on lease separating heavy liquids (these generally don't get much propane), i strongly doubt they are "flaring" what is in the tanks. there is no way to flare "just propane" at the well but instead, the entire gas stream including all the NGLs would be flared. whoever said that is a fucking idiot.
  2. he writes english very poorly but... check your data.
  3. also, saying usc loss is way worse than kstate loss is also a stretch imo. one is 6-3 and one is 6-4. kstate losses to texas, baylor, iowa state, and oklahoma state. usc losses to oregon, notre dame, washington, and byu. byu is bad but those other losses aren't that bad and certainly no worse than kstate's.
  4. if utah wins out, they will have a wins over oregon and washington which will be substantially better than anything ou can throw out there. and by the end of the season, unlikely that those four ranked wins for ou will still be holding up. if texas were to win out and ou beats them a second time, then that might help them but not real sure that's realistic at this point. kstate is mediocre. take away their ou win and they are pretty bad frankly. they got wrecked by okie state and baylor, and lost to texas. their best win besides ou is against miss state who is awful. texas actually lost a football game to this year's tcu team. that is mediocre. the september version of texas was pretty good but we are a ways from that. having to walk-off fgs at home against kansas and kstate to sneak away with wins is the definition of mediocre. ou absolutely went chickenshit. the only thing i ever liked about bob was his fuck you, we'll play anywhere anytime attitude. his ooc games were bama, oregon, washington, miami, florida state, notre dame, tennessee, and ohio state. granted, like ucla, some of those teams were down at the time they played them (like tenn and miami) but not very many. for everyone not named texas, scheduling ucla any year since after 1998 is scheduling a free win. they are 75-75 since 2008. you know exactly what you're getting when you schedule ucla. not sure where you're getting your bowl eligible 6 of the last 7 years. they were 3-9 in 2018 and and 4-8 in 16. they squeaked in at 6-6 in 17 where they got destroyed by kstate. currently 4-5. looks like after 2022, maybe ou will get back to playing some real teams ooc. this is what the december discussion is going to look like so get used to it. you better be a big ass texas fan from here to the end (or i guess baylor).
  5. i don't see a scenario in which florida goes to the sugar. if lsu and georgia win out regular, the winner goes to the playoff. the loser either goes to the sugar if bama backs into the playoff or if not, bama likely goes. i think the only way fla goes is if auburn beats both georgia and alabama but even then, not sure because uga is still the east rep since fla has two conf losses. i suppose if uga loses to both auburn and tamu, then fla would get in and then they lose to lsu. but even then, it would require bama backing in. bit of a longshot scenario.
  6. re: ou, they lost to a very mediocre kstate team and needed a no-call pass interference to beat iowa state at home. their current most quality win is texas who is mediocre. they screwed the pooch by going chickenshit with the ooc schedule. baylor will not result in a big boost. now, my take on georgia is almost the same. they have 1.25 quality wins between florida and notre but their loss to south carolina is worse than losing to kstate imo. but uga will take care of itself in the sec ccg. i suspect they could lose to auburn this weekend (a game i am going to). bama has no quality wins (yet) either with their best being tamu by a long shot. their one loss is to the second best team in the country though, not shitty ass south carolina or mediocre kstate. dude, penn state isn't that good. no way. they're done either way after next week's matchup with ohio state anyway. utah's loss is about like ou's. usc isn't great but they aren't south carolina shitty either. if they win out and beat oregon, they deserve the nod over ou imo but no way they will beat out tide in that vote. oregon is the interesting one. heartbreaker against auburn opening week. they get credit from me for playing a real non-conf game. they haven't crushed teams they should have though. they're a bit of an odd team. bama-auburn outcome will be directly compared despite being 14 weeks apart. i predict the playoff will be: lsu, ohio state, clemson with oregon/utah winner, ou, and bama all throwing their respective shit fits as to why they belong there. because the college football gods hate me, it will somehow work out that ou makes it in. but they aren't in a strong position to make that argument against those other teams.
  7. a couple of restaurant recs for vienna... konstantin filippou (https://konstantinfilippou.com/) steirereck (https://www.steirereck.at/en/restaurant/) restaurant amador is a michelin 3 star restaurant there but i haven't been so no rec from me.
  8. vienna is a beautiful, beautiful city...particularly during the holidays. it is probably the city that most directly juxtaposes old and new in lots of ways. being in the ringstrasse makes you feel like you went back a couple of centuries while the areas around it are comprised of modernity in planning/architecture. while your standard austrian fare is kind of meh, there are a lot of really good restaurants and the pastries that dot every street are legit. schloss schonbrunn is defintiely worth a visit...especially during xmas. don't get lost in the hedge maze and die shining style though. belvedere will be great at that time as well. christmas morning boy's choir would probably be cool. salzburg is definitely worth a visit.
  9. hmm, sucks to be you.
  10. i never thought this thread would get weirder than the recruiting thread but it is flirting. liverpool is super good which is admittedly a mild annoyance. 2 points dropped coming on 12/4 though...
  11. sidis

    End of game-KSU

    Yes, you definitely can. Not the same as a false start. In hindsight, obviously you decline the penalty since dicker made it but if you’re the KSU coach there, you know even Texas’ special teams isn’t stupid enough to kick it off conventionally if they score a TD. So then you have about :30-:35 to go downfield and score a TD with no timeouts when they hadn’t score an offensive TD since the first qtr. In that case, you are better off just letting the clock run down and hoping someone screws up one of the many things that have to be perfect on a pressure-filled fg attempt.
  12. i really hate to agree with the ultra-contrarian, everything sucks and i am so superior projection that posts like mojo's in this thread have but on this one...i am seriously wondering if i watched a different show than some of you watched. that was absolutely fucking retarded in virtually every possible way. high quality production value but almost every single element of the story was just eye-roll worthy. i mean, i guess rampant south american government corruption is fairly sensical but the actual plot combined with the deus ex machina that occurs at each crisis just made me laugh repeatedly. but yeah, different strokes for different folks. not gonna yuck on your yum any further.
  13. Well this thread turned bizarre...I thought we would all enjoy a hearty laugh at another Spurs choke to one of the worst teams in the league.
  14. well we finally flipped the script last weekend with the spurs (of course it would be the spurs). for once, we didn't give up a 99th minute goal to drop points but maybe we'll beat them by three touchdowns! god we are frustratingly bad. and we really shouldn't be imo.
  15. sidis

    AP Top 25

    No, the big 12 is not a joke. The sec East is a joke.
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