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  1. fair, we can attribute so forth to dropped wide open td passes on 4th down.
  2. tcu, lsu, oklahoma, and so forth. shit was devastating and infuriating.
  3. stephen carr losing his job to keontay ingram and transferring is not something i had on my card.
  4. @4th&Five sent me this this morning...fender really trying to make me a little crazy. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/fender-jason-isbell-telecaster?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=social&utm_content=guitar-world
  5. based on any time i drive down (or sit in standstill traffic on) mlk between about 10am and 8pm these days, i am pretty sure chickfila could triple their prices and just keep on fucking cruising. good christ almighty.
  6. haven't watched any vids...a while back, axiom emailed me the process he taught his baristas and i just followed it. one key for me was not adding too much air to the milk...otherwise it just blobs on top at the end (which still totally tastes great but is not great for art). another key is starting the pour relatively high so that the steamed milk would sink and then, once you start getting to the microfoam milk vs. the steamed milk at about 85% full on the cup, lower the pour way down and start the wrist wiggle and just quickly go up the cup. i was doing it way too slowly for a long time
  7. latte art is progressing. tulip achieved. not just hearts anymore.
  8. gotta love memes making fun of pedantic shit that kick off with possessive/plural confusion. meta
  9. Back to back weeks in which the offense has gone off on Sunday against good teams.
  10. ejecting to hope it changes fortunes. hookem
  11. look, i know that you are generally a little futureman starter kit who efforts so hard - so very hard - to be an irritable troll on top of being an ideal personification of dunning-kruger... but when you say stupid shit like a stadium environment has never been comparable in 56 years to just another piss-ant, friday night road environment and say that only certain conditions apply afterwards, well, ya know. i don't really give a shit that you disagree. i was there and it wasn't particularly close. if your opinion is one of disagreement, then you are in no position to express said
  12. it is time for kennedy to say fuck you jobu and do it himself. get him a live chicken or something. good job stevens and defense there. HIT THE FUCKING BALL! A BUNCH OF TIMES IN A ROW PLEASE.
  13. not true. vandy super regional in 2004 was apeshit. that at bat was not worth a one out bunt. christ. need pitching to step up right here and seize away the momentum.
  14. is it bad that i'm surprised/relieved that ford actually stopped at second there?
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