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  1. They grow up so fast
  2. Was hoping Patriots. Either way, make that $ Colt! (fuck you Browns for almost getting him killed)
  3. Skip and Shannon giving Duv a little love! "Every time I turn on the TV, you couldn't stop him!"
  4. Zeus

    Its happening

    South end zone is going to be beautiful, don't worry. Also for the finish date, the contractor probably has an act of God out to not be punished for finishing late. Still, HP sends their AAA team for projects like this. They built EERC too. They will get it done on time. These dudes did the Pentagon during 911.
  5. Move the team - start from scratch!
  6. Zeus

    Game Atmosphere

    Standing, fuck yeah. Standing on the bench when you are older than 7, fuck off.
  7. Zeus

    Sam Ehlinger

    One guy is the hammer the other becomes the nail. If you can see eyes, truck stick. If he's coming in head down, ole! I watched Timmy Tebow do it to middle linebackers that had weight on em. Yancy has him ready. It's football.
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