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  1. When I was stationed in Denver in 1988-90, there was an old Pizza Hut that had been turned into a "Mexican restaurant" and advertised a tamale special. I love tamales so me and another guy from San Antonio decided to check it out. All the employees were Chinese, they were "out of tamales", and the food sucked. Back when I was first stationed at Hurlburt Field, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, when my new roommate found out I was from Texas, he asked if I liked Mexican food. I said of course, and he wanted to go to the best Mexican food place in the area, Pancho's. We went, it had the right look, but I didn't look closely enough at the menu. When I ordered a Carne Guisada plate, the waitress asked if I wanted a potato or fries with that. I was stunned, and didn't know what to say. I took the fries, but told my roommate that this is not Mexican food, without beans and rice.
  2. we don't want him to die with a smile on his face
  3. Well, the term isn't "Jesus titty fucking Christ" for nothing
  4. Quick question on the damn officials. On the non-TD play, if Watson was "down by being in the grasp" and the play was over negating the TD, shouldn't the hit he took be a personal foul, late hit on the QB?
  5. On the Everquest Time Locked Progression server, Mangler, the Luclin expansion (beastlords) unlocks on 11/20.
  6. Seeing that replay from the other angle, it looks like they didn't hit helmets. Which is very good for Cosmi.
  7. Palmer on College Football Final gave Cosmi a helmet sticker and said, "he was the first ever Big 12 O-Lineman to rush for a touchdown". I know it was a backwards pass so it counts as a run, and it was a 12 yard gain. Hard to believe that no other Big 12 O-lineman has rushed for a TD.
  8. so, Hurts is still in the game in the 4th with the game out of hand, (ousux stat whores) and he throws an INT? darn
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