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  1. How good can it be, it's next to CMC, the steel rebar plant. Ok, just saw the pics, it does look nice. I'll ask my parents if they have heard anything about it. They live in town.
  2. You don't understand his reasoning. He knows that pet owners would feel like you. That's why he does this, if your pet goes toward a stranger holding a treat, it's on you to keep your pet "on a leash" close to you.
  3. well, she missed because she saw at least two of him
  4. Just a reminder for anyone interested, new TLPs drop tomorrow, I think that they'll be online after noon Pacific time. I have a laptop and a desktop, so I'm going to try to 2 box. I will be on Aradune, with a Shaman/SK combo. If anyone from here jumps on, look for Smellious (Shammy) or Hanzum (SK), if I can grab the names.
  5. So, aggy stole the tradition of making up school lore from Notre Dame?
  6. wow, I didn't realize until I sat here and thought about it. 4 people that i knew. In the 70's my uncle was shot and killed in a bar fight. He was a big man and had a rep of not losing fights. I got the story from the uncle who was there. He (the younger uncle) was with him in the bar when it happened. The older uncle pushed the younger one under the pool table when he realized what was going to happen. I think he saw the killer coming in with a gun. It's been a long time, so that's about all that I know about it, I'm not sure if the killer was caught. I think he was, otherwise other uncles and/or my dad would have either also been killed or would have killed him. Diane Holik, killed in 2001. She was a friend that I knew in the 90's. Murdered in her home, NBC Dateline had a story about it, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6055364/ (since this is Surly, pic below) Killed by a man who claimed to be looking at houses, in the Arboretum area. Her house was for sale at the time. Per the story, he had creeped out several women in the area. I found out when I saw the story in the newspaper. My wife has a friend, who's daughter (who we knew) was killed by her estranged husband in 2007 (murder/suicide). The friend has been raising her two grandkids since. 2011, Man who worked at same company that I did, was shot and killed, along with his wife and daughter by the daughter's estranged husband. Two other adults and the couple's 1 year old child, got away. https://www.news-journal.com/news/local/suspect-in-triple-homicide-killed-during-police-chase/article_cf9246d4-138f-581c-b3a6-8d27b3a5c15f.html
  7. I would have called the cops myself and stated that I was being unlawfully detained and ask them for help. Let them know that I was making a lawful delivery and this racist is blocking me and I'm afraid he's trying to gather more of his kkk buddies to harm me. Also, let the police know that I was videoing the whole encounter. I would then hope the cops didn't show up and shoot me. I'm brown, so it could go either way as far as getting shot by the cops.
  8. HEY, don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.
  9. BALLGAME!!!!!! wait, am I in the wrong thread
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