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  1. The deeper I get into it the more I agree with your perspective
  2. I've become booked on reading WWII biographies; right now I'm reading about William "Bull" Halsey. Currently reading Halsleys Typhoon, a fascinating in-depth look into the typhoon that hit the fleet during the battle of the Philippines.
  3. Last I heard, he wasn't signed after leaving the 49'ers because he wanted starter money and nobody was even willing to discuss that for someone who would come in as a backup (maybe a backups backup) Unless he is willing to sit somewhere and wait for an injury or a starter to suck, like really suck, then nobody wants to pay him what he wanted from the 9'ers.
  4. Can't go wrong with a classic Elmer Fudd Stormy Kromer or even from Soviet Russia
  5. Could go here or LOL .... driving is a competitive activity, for some it is serious, and doesn't end well What do you say, block or charge?
  6. Huh - I'm getting it, just for all the content for my grandkids. I'm going to force feed them classic Disney content (crap) that I watched when I was a kid.
  7. They aren't inflating the tire with fire, they are getting the tire on the rim with fire; since they don't have the tools to do it the right way (or the brains.....maybe both)
  8. Big game(s) tonight Eastern at Akron (ok, that's not the big game) - Akron is sooooo bad {how bad are they?} - so bad the line is EMU -16.5 at Akron Western Michigan at Ohio - Broncos, former home of boat rowers, getting 1.5 Man I love being able to watch some college football early in the week!!!
  9. Full disclaimer - game tickets to the Lion {the worst franchise in professional sports} RIP Charles - one of the most talented athletes, and sadly more troubled than talented
  10. LOLZ - I have a stalker, this is the best & most meaningless thread ever Actually Wally does not give a fuck Thanks for the @, I would have missed this thread if not for @LonghornSean Yeah but he is a Nebraska poster who is having a great season BECAUSE the Cornshuckers beat Ilinois and MSU did not. My how the mighty have fallen; remember before they left the Big12 (for CA$H) and they would trash talk Texas and hope to win that conference....now he's celebrating beating Illinois I would like to ask that the surly assholes who visit this thread up vote the OP, because he needs a little morale boost.
  11. Maybe a 1 loss Minnesota, whose only loss it to #1 Ohio State - hard to keep them out {ducks head, waiting for replies}
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