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  1. I'm thinking that could be true for most all Surly posters, although I think Chad Briscoe might be the most entertaining, then Derka²
  2. having a pool belonging to a country club home air conditioning people who went skiing on vacation - like to Colorado or Utah the again I remember talking with my grandmother and she said she was excited when the old farm house was updated with indoor plumbing
  3. Clearly the answer is yes - but are there any front end loaders even available - 2.7 million cases, 130,000 deaths (okay it will be tomorrow before those round numbers are hit) and still we are discussing this And there is public debates about wearing masks, social distancing, isolation; all things that can slow the trend. But I do think that treatment has been improved and a lower % of cases will lead to death.
  4. Since I don't think this rally can last forever (JPow will undoubtedly prove me wrong), I threw some cash at 9/30 $325 SPY puts and 11/20 $315 SPY puts yesterday, which will undoubtedly push the markets even higher; regardless of bad news.
  5. We are going to need a lot of good news to crash this market
  6. gotdamnitall - fucker said he wouldn't show my golf swing
  7. Just remember that all the people/investors who are now celebrating the V shaped recovery, are the same people who during the upcoming correction will tell you it will be a W shaped market recovery - based on March - June. They are convinced stocks can only go up
  8. They are sportswriters, I'll cut them a break. And hey, it isn't the worst financial decision Fred Wilpon ever made https://sportsarefromvenus.com/2019/09/19/the-history-of-bernie-madoffs-ties-to-the-new-york-mets/
  9. yeah but just think how much we will make when it finally does go into the next correction (well, unless we are broke, or broken, by then)
  10. Agree that hospitalizations is the #1 stat - because it shows how the medical system is being stressed Deaths are important, but are a lagging indicator - by then there isn't much you can do to stem the tide But IMO too much emphasis is given to positive tests, because it doesn't relate to the number of tests, I think they should disclose the % positive tests because that can tell you if the rate is rising (meaning a higher R0) or if the rate is falling (related to increased testing). But I also realize the there is some variability due to positive people having to retest multiple times, same person testing negative multiple times, etc.
  11. Here is what happens when: a) a school can't get their prime candidate and have to look like they aren't being turned down across the board b) as a head coach you go 2-3 in the NFL (interim, 9 years ago) and 5-7 for a bad PAC-12 program in 2019 (yup - 2 HC stints, totaling about 13 months) I have nothing against him, hope he does a great job and earns all of it and gets an extension for his B1G titles and being in the playoffs 🙄 But being paid virtually the same as Day is crazy, and more than Fitzgerald (best coach in the B1G), Leach and Patterson is nuts....but that is how this business goes
  12. Am I tracking this right? What do I need to add to my list?
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