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  1. Nice summary Here is a question related to one of my investing problems. Do you place GTC sell orders at your target price (or a series of GTC orders) ? Because I've started to do that, as I realize I'm not able to track the stocks that I trade (ALPP, AMYZF, and a couple of much smaller positions). I don't worry about my core investments (SPY, and a couple of ETF's that track other indexes). I've missed too many opportunities when trades gap up and I'm not there to watch.
  2. It's not even half-time, I can see 6 or more being top 10 come Sunday night
  3. I agree that is looks like a safe(r) entry point - so I bought some Jan 22 $15 calls, offsetting the risk (and adding to the cost) I also bought some Jan 22 $10 puts So if it's like everything else that I've bought lately, I've just defined the trading range for IBRX for the next 6 months
  4. 50/50 shot - either that, or he shoots 64 today and is top 10 spot entering the weekend (yeah okay, not really 50/50, but better than 90/10)
  5. 7 3's on your card through 14 holes Is that a good thing? And he is +3 on the par 3's Dude loves him some US Open
  6. which is what they are designed to do; takes attention away from her horn
  7. from a certain perspective any sport is boring NASCAR/Indy - all left turns (with rare exceptions) F1 - looks like they are driving airplanes, people can't relate tennis - hitting a ball back & forth hundreds if not thousands of times football & baseball - mostly deadtime waiting for short bursts of action futbol - not enough scoring hockey - not enough fighting fighting sports (boxing, MMA, etc) - too much fighting I will say that women's beach volleyball is very entertaining Also, golf is not boring if there is a dominant player (Arnie, Jack, Tiger) and you
  8. I've been where you are going, and as far as I can tell there is no way back. Gave up my State tickets after almost 25 years - and to be very clear it isn't just as much because of the coverup by those in power as it was because of what Nassar did. And I know several of his victims, hell went to a HS graduation party for one just last weekend. And I can tell you that I was a huge college sports fan, not just MSU, and I barely watch it at all anymore. And I certainly to not relish in watching Michigan burn, because nobody should go through this; and yet it continues. Sure the BigTen has a
  9. Post pictures of your wife (or at least her car) and we will make you an offer
  10. You want someone to root for at the Open, someone you've barely heard of? Hayden Springer, and here is his story (open with caution, it is very dusty in here)
  11. Xander & Cantlay (as much as I hate to say it - maybe even Patty Reed, he did win there this year) Viktor & Scottie Jordan, Im, & Zalatoris
  12. I'm pretty sure, now that the technology exists to quickly create vaccines, the drug cartels will start to make & release a new virus (or variant) in much more frequently (he types while wearing his tinfoil hat)
  13. I think it gets tricky with the numbers, because there is a way to track and count the number of vaccinated people; but not so with those who were infected. And then you'd have to try and not double count the people who were infected and then got vaccinated (raising my hand) I was never sick, but sometime between my November blood donation (negative for antibodies) and my February donation (positive for antibodies) it seems like I contracted Covid. And then in May I got me some J&J. Like everything else related to the pandemic, there is very little of it where there is a clear directi
  14. link please - is the duration as long as the vaccine, because there are many elements to effectiveness. I'd still take the vaccine, so I don't have to get the virus to obtain (or maintain) immunity. But maybe that is just me (I'm thinking my dead FIL would opt for the vaccine, instead of dying from Covid - but then he didn't think they were effective)
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