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  1. So today will make 1 week of work from home, and I'd guess we have saved at least $200 Likely 3 or 4 tanks of gas (3 of us work in an office), only had restaurant food once this week, no dry cleaning, no movies, no greens fees, no bar tab Longer term savings, because I think this goes on 4-6 more weeks - no oil changes for cars, no vacation travel, no new clothes purchases (looking at you Mrs Fairway), So I'd guess I'll reduce my spending by about $1,000/month - which is a nice side benefit, until they lay off those of us working from home
  2. Seeing my grand kids - my daughter is staying at home with her 3, and doing a good job of isolating them. her husband drives semi for largest grocer in MI, so he is out everyday but limited social interaction, even at work. my daughter in law (my son/her hubby) is deployed in Iraq - she works at a local hospital; when she's at work her Mom watches the kids, otherwise she isolates we used to see all of these kids 3 or 4 times a week; we do video chat and call as much as we can, but the oldest of the 5 grandkids is almost 5, so they don't really get why they can't come over.
  3. So it looks like no matter what the bad news is (shutdown possible until June1, 100,000+ rona deaths, 200,000+, global recession), it is all priced into the market
  4. So Dad was admitted into the hospital for IV antibiotics, some further testing and likely another surgical procedure tomorrow to examine the incision to determine why is continues to leak/weep/ooze. I'm starting to worry that the senior assisted living center that he lives in might not let him back in when he is released from the hospital. What a clusterfuck that will be trying to move from one quarantined facility to another. On the plus side, I did manage to stop and pick up a couple of pizzas to go on my way home, so that was a bonus for my isolate at-home crowd; though Mrs. Fairway insisted that my clothes be washed, and that I had to take a shower upon reentry to my home. She understood that I had to take my Dad to the hospital, but I got the stink-eye when I returned (then again I'm fairly used to that)
  5. yeah - I've basically quit looking at futures/pre-market (since I don't trade during those times), and they seem to be able to switch direction. I'll usually look about 5 minutes before open to see where they are and the direction they've been headed into the bell.
  6. Too many pages to go back and see if this has already been posted, though I would guess that it has. I've sent it to selected family members who don't seem to understand what stay at home means
  7. How's your day going? I'm sitting in the ER parking lot, had to drop my dad off but no visitors allowed in the building. He's not there for COVID, but rather for an oozing incision from surgery on 3/9, and they went back in again on Friday 2/27. Would is still oozing, so the surgeon says have it looked at, maybe a wound vac. Do they are treating him, and I'm sitting in a car (surfing surly, Reddit and trying to find tomorrow's stonks) it feels like I'll be here for hours, although it's been just under an hour so far. I'm more worried about him getting exposed to COVID at the hospital, and that he could take it back with him to the Sr living center. Crazy fucking world we live in today.
  8. France going all in on masks Orders 1,000,000,000 (that's billion, with a b), and that's for a country with a population of about 70 million people https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-france/france-has-ordered-over-1-billion-face-masks-most-from-china-minister-idUSL8N2BL0KY
  9. everybidy - check your calendar, its March 2020 in the year of the plague
  10. I don't disagree that there is some obfuscation, but I'd give him a higher grade than our Prez on given honest, insightful and fact based answers. But maybe that's just me.
  11. I'm guessing either this poster a) they can't read b) is a knuckledragger c) both
  12. Or if you think it's should go where most needed instead of who can pay the most
  13. This is a text I got about half an hour ago... lulz Please do not call 911 for violations of the Stay Home, Stay Safe order. You can report violations online.
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