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  1. They should punish that guy by transferring him to another prisonn. And by that I mean one where he could be cellmates with Larry Nassar. I could even get donations to cover all the transfer costs.
  2. Wouldn't it just be easier to elect him president, and eliminate the current middle man who is his proxy? {I'll just show myself out}
  3. What is it that seems off with that store??? Something is missing Oh yeah, it's this
  4. Can I have you talk to my Dad? He doesn't understand this 10 year time frame This is part of an email I got from him in October - I am concerned that, at my age, I am not as aggressive as I should be insofar as investing is concerned. He is going to be 89 in April, and he is basically 90%+ in equities, and only a small part of that in a balanced fund. He rebalances twice a year and it drives me crazy. But he really doesn't need the money as his pension and long-term care insurance cover all of his expenses. So it will be eventually, when he passes, it is mine and my brothers - so why not keep it invested. He doesn't really have anything else to do - so he regularly sends me investment advice, and the latest stocks with high dividend rates.
  5. I know the Nigerian prince emails bullshit is fake, but this one is from the Federal Reserve. I'm gonna be rich bitches - $10.5 million to my ATM card; second beers are on me at the next Surly happy hour longcat spoilered
  6. This is Dad of the Year type of stuff (that kid will be so disappointed when she realizes that she has no special talent)
  7. For those who are too young to have been through a bubble, print our what bernorange said save it, then read it regulary - this is exactly how bubbles work. The second part is that you never know when that party will be over; bet against them at great financial peril (if you guess right there can be significant gain, but guess wrong and it will eat your lunch)
  8. LOL - sorry I triggered you so easily. I have no idea what shitstorm goes on in CR, so don't paint me with that brush. If CR is your thing, please keep your CR name calling in that cesspool The best way to deny that racism exists is to require empirical evidence that it exists; do you really need data to understand that driving while black, banking while black and other racist acts still exist? I haven't observed it, because I live in a small agricultural community and I work in a mid-size town but as an accounting professional I don't get to that side of the tracks very often; but that doesn't mean I don't believe it exists.
  9. Sorry, but we need more data to confirm racism still exists (if it ever did)
  10. BabaYaga would like to know if you are blek or non-blek; for statistical proposes only
  11. Those may be the rules for everybody, but they are calling the police for the Black, Brown, Yellow, Purple way more than they would (if at all) for the White
  12. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2020/01/23/tcf-bank-race-discrimination-case-sauntore-thomas/4546199002/ Black man, in Detroit, wins discrimination lawsuit against his employer. Takes the settlement check to his bank, and they call the police for fraudulent check even after he presents information about the settlement. He goes to another bank, opens a new account and has the funds cleared in 12 hours; and he says he will sue his former bank for discrimination.
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