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  1. They don't need rain, it's the most engineered course in the world; they have an underwater system where they can dry or water the greens. They are not leaving the condition of the course up to the weather. Is it possible for it to be too early to say fuck that cheating cheater
  2. They are just like economists who correctly predict 27 of the last 3 recessions/corrections
  3. free chance at $250,000 - make some guesses and win https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/games/props-pickem/
  4. Agree - come for the Champions dinner, maybe even play a practice round. Then withdraw. Honor the game, honor the event, don't become a spectacle.
  5. Did you try Discount Electronics? They are in Austin!
  6. Thanks, that's a big help when I'm about 1,300 miles from Austin. Maybe I'll just break out some 7 column paper and my 10-key
  7. While that may be true, I looked around local options before I placed my order and didn't like any that I could locate near me. I decided to order online because I didn't need to walk out of the store with a new laptop and just wanted to order what I really wanted. I'm not a "tech" guy, I'm a fucking bean counter and now I'll have to spend more of my time to find an alternative, and if I hadn't checked the status then I wouldn't have know about the delay. My complaint is primarily about the non-existant customer service and no notification from Dell - I'm pissed about shitty service
  8. I've read all about the chip shortage, affecting car production and other industries. But now it has affected me - short story is I ordered a laptop from Dell on March 22, and it was scheduled to ship April 2. But this morning I realized I had not received an email about shipment; so I log in to check my order status and get this and I'm really pissed that there is no communication about the delay. And I'm presuming it is chip related, but really with no information there could be some other reason for the delay. Maybe the shipping SNAFU in the canal is the reason, or my horoscope, but wha
  9. WTG UCLA and @Sbbruin good thing you pulled out that OT win in that play-in game.
  10. Is Archegos this generations LTCM? Link for the youngsters (fwiw - my boss was on a road show selling bonds when the LTCM market collapse occured, the offering was cancelled) https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/longtermcapital.asp https://clsbluesky.law.columbia.edu/2018/09/10/a-retrospective-on-the-demise-of-long-term-capital-management/
  11. Seems like slow play for a couple of twosomes; if one of these matches goes extra holes they could be playing the finals as it gets dark
  12. Blah, blah, blah.......yowza! nice ass
  13. Kuch channelling his inner Wally Fairway game
  14. LOL - Like Ted Cruz (or almost any elected fuckwad) gives a flying fuck about anybody except themself and getting reelected
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