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  1. too grainy to tell for sure, but mad respect for holding onto his beverage like a pro
  2. Basically Tech or OU have to sweep otherwise TCU wins?
  3. This is a reminder that there are still good people in this world.
  4. that kid will go far, straight shooter with upper mgmt
  5. the drum video is amazing, best part is he only has concern for his drum
  6. you have to burn that house down right? there's no other option
  7. tx ind


    If you’re in NW Houston this place is awesome. It’s tiny and in a generic strip center but damn it’s good. https://ta-bueno.com
  8. Having major issues w a stream, anyone have one?
  9. Another DE, picked up Jerry Hughes https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33892636/source-long-buffalo-bills-de-jerry-hughes-signs-contract-houston-texans
  10. If they want to stand in front of Dickey's then I'd have to agree with them.
  11. how do i get me one of those isle seats? is that a seat all by itself with no one surrounding you?
  12. tx ind

    Houston BBQ

    Your scale should be Tejas/Truth as the top end
  13. just watched a highlight video of him, runs with a mean streak
  14. Last pick’s name def checks out for Cal and easterbunny
  15. Maybe Caserio knows what he’s doing?
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