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  1. RPM

    Failed Bit?

    This seems like am SNL sketch that got cut after dress.
  2. He doesn't want to go full Dick Clark.
  3. Norm's days are numbered, but he's going to hang in there as long as he can. This latest outage is probably due to the cyst they found on his bladder.
  4. I catch 5:30 to 8 then listen to the Top 10 Podcast overnight. At least you don't have to put up with Ben Maller.
  5. You should listen earlier. They (Gordo and Junes) shortened Internal Combustion Engine to ICE during the electric car discussion. It was before Gordo's Corner.
  6. I was thinking The Rev, but a different tune
  7. I've been checking the state site. There's zip for rural areas, but hubs are getting vaccine.
  8. I'm legit 1B, but I'm #85,000 something on the Denton County wait list. Wise Co doesn't even have one.
  9. It's easy to sit back and play politics. I want to see him stand up to the challenge and do the right thing. That will never happen.
  10. RPM

    Getting old sucks

    I'm a month away from the 60. According to the cardiologist that did my stents in '07 this is impossible. Fuck him.
  11. The Ford Expedition is surprisingly roomy.
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