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  1. Jake & Dan were pretty funny on Free 4 All tonight. It's fun to watch Dan make Doocy squirm. Discussing Chaka Khan's butchering of the National Anthem and Dan notes Doocy is a singer. Sam asks Doocy to sing a line and he says it disrespectful to only sing part of it. Dan asks Doocy if they yelled "STARS!" when she got to that part and Doocy immediately said "And we'll be back after this!"
  2. The lift part works great. The chair part, not so much. A skier in Colorado died after his coat became wrapped around his head and neck on the chair lift, according to the company that operates the chair lift. The 46-year-old man from New Jersey died in a "serious incident" on February 13, Vail Mountain said in the statement. It began when the man boarded the Skyline Express lift on chair 37 in the Blue Sky Basin, the statement said. He then fell through an opening in the seat and was caught with his coat wrapped around his head and neck, according to CNN affiliate KMGH. Reports indicate his chair was left in the upright position, which caused him to fall through when he sat, the station said. His death was caused by positional asphyxia and has been ruled an accident, Coroner Kara Bettis told The Vail Daily. Vail Mountain Ski Patrol responded to the incident and performed CPR and emergency care on-scene before the guest was transported to Vail Health, where he was pronounced dead, Vail Mountain's statement said.
  3. I've liked Warren since the first time I heard her speak back when the Wall Street bailout was happening. She's sharp as a fucking tack.
  4. A friend asked an interesting question that I can't seem to find an answer to. How hot does the barrel of a 16" gun get when a single round is fired? Hot enough to fry Cher's cooch?
  5. Especially when he starts serving apples and piss on take-off. If you need a stress animal to travel, you need to travel by Mexican bus.
  6. No aggy were harmed during filming.
  7. https://twitter.com/eb4prez/status/1229883595952721922
  8. They must be kin to the A #1 Air couple in Dallas. Annoying af.
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