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  1. Now about the cooling...
  2. Larceny, Inc. Edward G. Robinson was a helluva comedic actor.
  3. Sweet Fergie Jenkins glass.
  4. They charge for food and drinks on cruises now? Last one I took was RC in the 90's but the only thing I paid extra for was premium booze.
  5. RPM

    Top Gun 2

    The Battle of San Jacinto Street
  6. There's no whateverthefuckthatwas in baseball.
  7. The parents, coaches and league officials that allow that shit should be punched in the fucking mouf.
  8. Start our own town. Surly, Texas.
  9. Any time a cow wanders through a fence onto a roadway and they call the S.O. the cow is rounded up and if they can't find the owner there's a public notice of estray published in the local paper. If nobody claims it, off to the sale barn and the county keeps the cash. If you do claim it, they fine the shit out of you. Lose/Lose, fix your fence.
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