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  1. I can't believe it's not highly illegal to pull another boat's pot and take the crab. That's twice he's done it on camera. That has to be an arraigned deal or Fish and Game would be all over them.
  2. This is actually pretty f'n interesting, Mr. White! Read the article, it's full of cool shit.
  3. I have no visions of Biden running for a second term. He's 77 and only running now because we're Trump fucked. What I think happens is Biden picks a strong female Veep then backs her in 4 years.
  4. Color TV, refrigerated a/c (not swamp cooler), an actual house and not a trailer
  5. RPM

    Below Deck

    I like Hannah, she's my favorite of the Chief Stews, but you're right about her not being at the top of her game. I think it's a combination of overall burnout, tired of Sandy's shit and tired of dealing with a shitty crew member. But the main reason is she found a rich guy and wanted to start popping out kids, which she's doing. I also agree with it being a young person's lifestyle. If you're over 30 and on a yacht you better be the Captain or the guest.
  6. RPM


    Shit's flaring up again. I need to find a pill that will KO me for at least 6 hours. Any recs I can take to my VA PA? I just need to sleep when I have to sleep.
  7. RPM

    Below Deck

    This ep was already in the can when Doofus got fired and there wasn't a lot of wiggle room for recutting. They have cut him from the opening title and I expect if he's on any subsequent shows it will be limited to negative incidents.
  8. I'm sure the SS are kept very busy improving his lie and have strict instructions not to interrupt him on the course.
  9. Seems like William "Hank" Beasley is a roid head. He's been fired from his job, has changed his appearance and either kicked out of the apartment or he's running. Why do I have the feeling he was just crashing at his girlfriends and not even supposed to be there?
  10. Barry Goldwater is hitting 9,000 RPM in his grave.
  11. RPM

    RIP Carl Reiner

    Damn it. Always liked him. Never failed to make me laugh. RIP Alan Brady.
  12. It's okay, but nothing to brag about other than it's better than most ColoMex you'll get. For some reason Colorado Mexican food can't get the seasonings right. Maybe I'm just spoiled or they deported the cooks that were worth a damn.
  13. RPM

    2020 NASCAR Thread

    I heard Denny Hamlin, but I didn't watch the race. TMS pissed me off hard enough I don't gaf who wins anymore.
  14. You know what? My bad. I didn't pay attention to which forum I was in. 2020 shit, maaaan!
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