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  1. RPM

    2020 NASCAR Thread

    Buh-bye Bubba! Bubba Wallace dropped by sponsor after ragequitting in iRacing After catching significant flack on Twitter for ragequitting, Wallace took an obstinate stance on his actions, sarcastically chiming that "I ruined so many people's day by quitting a video game." That didn't sit well at all with sponsor Blue-Emu, who responded to Wallace's post by calling him out and dropping their sponsorship of him on the spot.
  2. If he wants to write, fine. I'm not watching him do stand up.
  3. CBS All Access has a 30 day free trial. Bingeing through the new Star Trek. Not bad.
  4. It wasn't me that said that, it was a very smart person!
  5. CBS All Access has a free 30 day trial. I'm digging the new Star Trek.
  6. RPM

    2020 NASCAR Thread

    Texas World Speedway: Former NASCAR track being torn down Texas World Speedway speedway opened in 1969. The 2-mile oval sits in College Station, Texas. The track is one of only 7 ovals in the United States that are over 2 miles in length. Daytona, Talladega, Indianapolis, Pocono, Auto Club, Michigan are the other six. The track is a mirror of Michigan International Speedway. It was owned by Larry LoPatin and American Raceways Inc. Bobby Isaac drove it to victory lane in the first NASCAR Cup Series event held at the track in 1969. In 1980, the USAC series was set to host the Texas 200 at the track. The event was canceled as the complex had become worn out. In 1981, the final NASCAR race was hosted at the speedway. Benny Parsons drove it to the win. NASCAR never returned. In 1991, Ishin Speed Sport, Inc purchased the facility. The new owners opened repaving project to bring it back to life. ARCA returned to the track but they left after the 1993 event. In 2017, the track was officially closed. In 2018, a new project was planned for the property. Southern Pointe announced a new green-space and residential project. 1,400 homes are planned to go up on 550 acres. A new billboard was installed at the gate. Homes would take over the roaring race track. In 2019, the first homes went up on the grounds. This year, the complex is in the process of being torn down. In late February, cranes moved into the speedway. The demotlition was underway and the press box was torn down. A hill on the property is set to be leveled. 450,000 cubic yards of dirt will be used to make future phases of the housing development possible. Sections of the speedway are set to remain for the next 4 or so years. But, over time, it will all be erased and replaced with residential residences.
  7. Depends on the kid. I think 12+ would like it, it's a buddy film. Truman Sparks will have them in tears. They'll understand the rest on repeat viewings. Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 is another one 12+ will enjoy.
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