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  1. This was on The Ticket this morning and it was pretty much agreed until you get down to "medium size dog" odds are against you.
  2. Sorry for your loss Brisket. Losing a parent is hard.
  3. You should hear them in Spanish on the Ticket podcast.
  4. I'm an ex-NASCAR fan, but I'm excited about them going to COTA. They need more road courses. I'm just worried it's not wide enough for NASCAR to pass and be competitive. Guess we'll find out. NASCAR knows the Hispanic market loves racing. They learned not to go below the border after Mexico City because they will literally steal you blind. With the border situation the way it is, this is a very good compromise market-wise.
  5. RPM


    No telling how many roles he just auditioned for. The dude is old schooled talented. He can sing, dance, has timing and is a comedic genius. I'm betting he pulls off an Oscar worthy dramatic role at some point. Dying is easy, comedy is hard.
  6. I'll excuse the fancy eatin plate and utensils because I would smash tf outa that.
  7. Very close for the rare trifecta with parking douchebaggery.
  8. You can let them back in, but their wiring is still shit.
  9. We have WC on 24/7 at work. I've seen almost everything they have overnight (on mute).
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