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  1. I'm sure the invite is in the mail. Damned post office.
  2. I'm surprised he didn't actively recruit Baylor.
  3. RPM


    I'm looking forward to the 6666 stuff. Whatever it takes to keep the place going.
  4. You just made the list, buddy.
  5. I gotta throw that in the overrated dept. Great concept, horrible production.
  6. Damnation Alley says come at me , bro.
  7. Dr. Strangelove Fail-Safe Seven Days in May Thirteen Days Ladybug Ladybug Panic in Year Zero!
  8. Just finished it. Brilliant. Wish there was 1000 hours more.
  9. That aggy logo just looks natural on Sturm.
  10. Watching Ep 1 and it gets very dusty in here watching the magic come together. Chills.
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