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    KISS, Nuge, good Lord I can't remember all the shows I saw there. Had a few jukebox hero moments when we couldn't get tickets, but hung outside to listen to the show. We used to launch beach balls and frisbees with "Property of Chico P.D." on them into the crowd. (we didn't have a PD) Weirdest csb. Met William Conrad (the original badass Matt Dillon on radio/Cannon on TV) after we wandered backstage on a HS field trip to see him conduct the Air Force Band. They should really have locked those doors or at least posted a guard.
  2. Unfortunately, I have not. I've had some incredibly shitty supervisors.
  3. We had one at Paradise in Wise County, but not hot, there's no good pics and they let her scrub social before it was announced. She was just an Ag teacher trying to demonstrate animal husbandry and dairy judging. The alleged incident took place at Paradise High School, according to the arrest affidavit on file with the case and obtained by the Messenger this week through an open records request. According to the affidavit, the male student said at the beginning of the school year, he and Nimmo had more of a “friendship” than a teacher student relationship. “On multiple occasions, the defendant would flirt with him by giving him certain looks, and they would kiss each other during and after school hours,” the affidavit from an investigator with the Wise County Sheriff’s Office states. At one point, Nimmo showed the boy a sexually-explicit photo she had of herself on her phone, the alleged victim told investigators, according to the affidavit. The alleged victim also relayed an incident that took place Nov. 13 when he was contacted by Nimmo after school asking if he wanted to go to the ag classroom. “Once at the classroom, he and the defendant started kissing, at which time, he grabbed the defendant’s breast and butt over clothing,” the affidavit states. The same day, the affidavit states, another teacher saw the two together apparently engaged in sexual contact behind a desk in the ag classroom after school. The investigator concluded that Nimmo “had more than a teacher student relationship and she did not stop the victim from touching (her) breast or report the actions of the victim to the principal of the high school,” the affidavit states.
  4. RPM


    Looks like they're going to demolish the old Fort Worth (Tarrant County) Convention Center. Only story I can find is behind a Star-Telegram paywall. Man, I used to think that place was huge. Think it seats a little over 13,500 with floor seating. Saw my first concert there in '78. Sammy Hagar / Boston. Got a curbside parking spot right by the door and bought tickets from a scalper for $8. Boston's light show inside the curved dome was pretty cool, but Sammy Hagar was impossible to follow. His stage presence was intense, Boston just stood there and flashed some lights.
  5. I really like The Gauntlet with Clint Eastwood, but the helicopter crash into the power lines is terribad. You can clearly see the cut where they switch to a non-flying helo that slides along the power lines (cables) with pulleys holding it up in plain sight, then bursts into flames. Tough stunt to pull of with 70's tech, but they shot it badly.
  6. RPM


    My Dad always went with "You could fuck up a sand pile with a ball peen hammer."
  7. Addendum to my dishwasher tale. Washer comes in, but I don't have time to install it until tonight. Unbox it, pull the old one out and the damn cutoff valve starts leaking. No prob, I'll swap them fast. I knew I had to use the old power cord, no big deal. Get that swapped and go to hook up the water. Huge problem. The new one has garden hose threads and requires a 90° elbow adapter to 3/8 hose thread. (which conveniently is not included or even fucking mentioned until you unbox the installation instructions. Nowhere that might remotely have that oddball fitting in stock is open at midnight so I had to turn the valve back on (it 99% stopped dripping) and shove the old washer back in the hole. Now I have 2 dishwashers and neither one works, But on the bright side, I have plumbing to do tomorrow replacing that fucking leaky valve. fml
  8. NH, RI, Maine, Mass are redneck af. They just talk funny and can't cook for shit.
  9. What you're forgetting is today's GOP base female is racist af. They hate Michelle as bad or worse than Hillary. Sure they'd hire her as a maid, but vote for her?
  10. I remember the 2 favorite school lunch meals were meatloaf day, because we made meatloaf & potato sammiches with it, and yeast roll day. Slather those bad boys with honey and chow down. Better than sopapillas at Pancho's. All our food was cooked on site and I think we paid 35¢ plus a nickle for milk.
  11. RPM


    We're shitting in tall cotton.
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