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  1. Absolutely. It was a very complicated high stakes chess match. It actually started with the French, then when they bailed we sent "advisors", but you know this story likely better than I do. My point is if Johnson won the nomination over Kennedy, would the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, etc have even happened? We'll never know, but it's an interesting chess board to set up.
  2. I'm not saying wartime pork didn't happen, but it always does. That's not an excuse either. The war WAS thrust upon him. If he had won instead of Kennedy, things MAY... MAY have turned out very different. LBJ was more concerned with his Great Society than anything else. But this is a debate for a different thread.
  3. RPM

    Below Deck

    Absolutely. Lest we forget Bravo is an LGBTIQMOUSE centric network. Lee is a straight WM.
  4. LBJ meant well. He was looking out for the less fortunate. Unfortunately he was saddled with Vietnam and upholding Kennedy's legacy in a no win limited war. McNamara and Westmoreland led him seriously astray. I respect him for saying "fuck it" after achieving Civil Rights reform and trying to heal the country. He cared about his fellow man and those less fortunate. You better believe he suffered immense pain over the loss of American lives. He was a true Texan, not like these asswipes we have running things now. This is the LBJ I remember.
  5. ^^^ That bag isn't dry aging. But, hey... it's your money.
  6. The best beer I ever drank was a frozen mug full of tap Budweiser. Now let me explain the extenuating circumstances. We were building oilfield roads in the middle of nowhere Parker County. It was 105. The truck had no a/c and an exhaust leak. At the end of the day we all stopped at a bar on Jacksboro Highway and ordered pitchers. Bud was the only tap beer they had and it was cold. When that icy cold beer hit my tongue it was the best motherfucking thing I had ever tasted.
  7. That was a Jim Carrey project and I thought it was very good. Gave a pretty inside view of what comic life was like. Brad Garrett is finominole.
  8. Their Finest (2016) Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighly. Set in the early days of the London Blitz the Propaganda Ministry needs a film to lift British spirits. Arterton is hired to write "the slop" (female dialogue). Well made period flick.
  9. He's also the original Uncle Jesse.
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