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  1. Beautiful. How much are the villas, treefiddy a day?
  2. I never see a single ad on any of the forums. Want to know how you can too?
  3. God damn it! Been a ZZ Top fan since I got Rio Grand Mud on 8 Track for my birthday. Seen them live more that any other band. RIP Dusty.
  4. Get that CR shit outa here
  5. Want to know how I know you've never been a trucker. Count the shitters in this pic.
  6. He seemed in reasonably good shape for his age in Nobody. I'm sure he went through a fine tooth physical for insurance that would have found something lying in wait. I fear it's something like an aneurysm that is near impossible to predict.
  7. Yeah, it's Vegas' fault half the country won't get vaccinated. Fuck Vegas.
  8. You know talent when you see it. Well, I seent it.
  9. RPM


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