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  1. It's wooden I believe but yes. He has had a YouTube channel since last year sometime and it was installed in one of those videos. His channel is pretty entertaining.
  2. Lots of people talking about math instruction. I'm a math teacher at the middle school level, and there is a lot of variation in what is being missed and how critical it is depending on grade level. For instance I teach 7th grade, and the most critical topics to learn in 7th grade for future classes were all finished before the shutdowns. The material I have left to teach online is stuff that is building on last year and gets reinforced next year anyway, so it isn't super critical that every little detail gets right at this moment. We've already started putting plans in place to identify the most critical stuff to try and teach for the rest of the year and it will get worked into next year's curriculum for each grade level up. I really don't think it will be too big of a deal in the long run. Yes we are missed 9 weeks of instruction, but at least for middle school nearly 3 of those weeks were going to be State testing and district semester exams, and review for all of that testing. We are really transitioning about 6 weeks of new material into online instruction.
  3. That was pretty entertaining. I had Connor Daly, Scott McLoughlin, and Sage Karam up on their individual Twitch streams, as well as the main broadcast. Karam and McLoughlin had full sim setups and were super focuses, Daly had a 60 dollar steering wheel propped up by cardboard boxes and was cutting up and goofing around in a Discord call with Alex Rossi. It was pretty fun.
  4. If you go to Twitch and search for Indycar iRacing you can find Scott McLaughlin is already streaming practice sessions.
  5. I bet a lot of those will still be running the AC to an empty building.
  6. I would think it's more likely China canceled 21 million people's mobile descriptions because they were criticizing the Government or sharing things on social media the Government didn't like.
  7. I'm afraid the Indy500 won't happen either. Zach Brown and McLaren have to feel cursed.
  8. One major thing I'm not enjoying is canceled Motorsports. Formula 1, IndyCar, and IMSA are the main sports I enjoy and they were all just about to begin their seasons and now they're all in danger of losing their seasons completely. Major Motorsports can't reschedule as easily as traditional stick and ball sports so that sucks. I'm guessing I'll not get to watch the Indy500 in May which I really enjoy. There are lots of old races on YouTube I can watch but its not the same.
  9. I'm normally a homebody anyway so I'm enjoying most aspects of this. I'm a teacher so work is weird. We are gearing up to start online instruction in earnest this week. But I already had a great home office setup/studio to record videos or create live streams so that part of it has been no problem. My girls are 7 and 10 and they both had birthday parties canceled, but they play together really well and understand why they have to stay home and have taken it in stride. My older one has had some anxiety issues with it but is keeping it together. They were annoyed this week when we began our own school lessons with them this week but it's been fine. I also got them the new Animal Crossing game and they've been having fun with that. They occasionally get to FaceTime with friends and are doing ok. All in all I know I'm very fortunate. I'm not going to lose my job, neither is my teacher wife. We have enough food and toilet paper for now and I don't anticipate stores going completely empty. The hardest part for us is that two teachers in the house need to teach via the Internet, and two students in the house need to learn via the Internet and we are all sharing the same computer. So rotating computer time has really been the only major challenge. I'd say if that's my biggest problem currently then I'm pretty fortunate. Things will get more complicated next week as I begin to figure out which of my students can reliably get online and which can't.
  10. They only had 332 testing kits.
  11. Or India can't test most of their population and have no way of knowing how many already have it.
  12. Austin folks know there are stores other than HEB, right?
  13. apparently the most terrifying thing in the American conscience is an un-wiped butt.
  14. I got lucky at a Target for toilet paper. Got a 12 pack. They were limiting 1 per customer. Also got the Animal Crossing game to keep my daughters pacified. It was a normal Target, not a Super Target.
  15. Hawndoh

    Nintendo Switch

    My daughters are playing Animal Crossing together right now. The multiplayer is a bit clunky in how it works because there can only be one island per Switch and when they play coop on the same screen only one of them can really do everything at a time. They have to keep swapping who is "leader" and who is "follower" It's just more proof that Nintendo really has no idea how to do multiplayer games.
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