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  1. I don't believe they're in stores at all and may not be for a while. They drop online in bunches and sell out quickly. They may be in store pickup, but not on store shelves. I got mine from Best Buy, purchased online but picked up at the store. I used an app that monitored stock and pushed a notification when some were released. It's a big pain in the butt.
  2. I got the Series X. I've had PS in the past, though. They're both good.
  3. Here is a link to the info, in there you can read the whole rulebook and see if it sounds like something they could handle. https://shop.stardewvalley.net/ There's a lot to it but it is also co-op so they could be helped during a playthrough.
  4. If anyone is a fan of the hit indie video game Stardew Valley, a few days ago the creator of that game dropped Stardew Valley: The Board Game as a total surprise. He worked with some folks over the last two years to develop it, and it is a co-op game for 1-4 players that tries to model the vibe of the video game. The first printing promptly sold out the first day, but I snagged one. It looks to be a pretty involved co-op game, tons of components, cards, tiles, dice, etc. Estimated play time of 40 mins per player. I don't have it yet, waiting for it to ship, but I will try to come bac
  5. I don't know how they lasted as long as they did. They're stuff was total crap. Anytime I went in the Plano one there was like 15 customers and 47 employees in their ill-fitting dress shirts standing around looking miserable trying to avoid eye contact with any customers. Then you'd spend 20 minutes looking for some random thing you needed only to find the empty shelf space where it should be. Then you leave and drive down 75 to the Microcenter wondering why you bothered trying Fry's in the first place.
  6. Why would play games in an office chair at a desk instead of a lazy boy Makes no sense.
  7. Given how poorly Warcraft 3 Reforged went I will hold excitement until it is out and people have played it.
  8. You colorado transplants did elect GunTits. So it ain't perfect.
  9. This is my question. I don't know enough about other states to know where the sane ones are that I can still afford. But realistically I don't think I can leave. My wife and I are both teachers and have too many years invested into TRS. We aren't eligible for social security. I know theoretically I could teach anywhere but it isn't super straight forward to just get certified in another state and go find a job. We are in a good spot at one of the actual good school districts in Texas. And again, the retirement situation... It is a bit of a gamble to try a move and my kids have their
  10. Yeah my kids are having fun but it's a rotation in and out, stand by the fireplace for a bit, go outside for 5 minutes, repeat.
  11. This is like the 2nd or 3rd snow they've seen in their lives. They're gonna go play in it.
  12. Whew. Tried sledding with my girls and after 5 minutes my eyeballs hurt from the cold too much. The wind just cuts right through you.
  13. Most of the people who will throw a fit about this are the same who will be posting all the "Texit! Secede!" crap all over Facebook
  14. Most of the crowd is cardboard cutouts.
  15. The best part of this halftime show is they don't have to spend time moving a bunch of crap on and off the field
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