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  1. I don't know about best regular season game. So much of it was sloppy and full of mistakes. It just had a crazy ending. Didn't Vince Young win a crazy game against Okie St on Halloween one year? That one was probably better.
  2. So we sack them on the hail mary, clock stops with 1 second, we kick a long FG to win????
  3. This will be a QB draw that falls short
  4. We have 2 passing plays. Throw it to a WR standing still behind the LOS, or throw it deep down the sideline into double coverage.
  5. Now we might not even punt it past the first down line
  6. I'm pretty sure that was also an illegal formation
  7. Our special teams are certainly special.
  8. It is pretty bad, and it's the same ads 40 times in a row. Boost Mobile and that insurance company with the Emu.
  9. How did he not take that all the way!!?!? 5 blockers and an OL gets him
  10. So if it's a pass can the review process then call illegal touching since a OL touched it first?
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