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  1. Can’t believe Fowler and JT are going to blow a 5 up lead
  2. Tiger continuing to stick with faltering playing partners. Xander/Cantlay have sucked. Patrick Reed paired with anyone has sucked. Dustin Johnson can't make a 3 footer. I don't see them winning much in these next matchups either. Maybe JT/Ricky, but that's about it.
  3. I wouldn't want to play with these fucking hacks from the US either
  4. This thread is severely lacking in useless MBA buzzwords. I am disappoint.
  5. The biggest thing is to pretend like you care. Pretend like you give a fuck about their stupid, worthless lives outside of the office. Pretend to be compassionate. Pretend to listen to their stupid concerns and thoughts around how to make their jobs more efficient. Then ignore all of their bullshit and figure out a way to fire the morons (with cause of course).
  6. I’ve spent countless summers in the rural areas of Minnesota at cabins doing the same things you described. I’ve never seen a confederate flag. Ever. Are you drunk?
  7. He’s retarded. Who thought having him on air was a good idea?
  8. Boston Scott looks like the best running back on the field tonight
  9. I've watched multiple documentaries on the 9/11 attacks. All of them seem to mention passengers on the hijacked airplanes calling their relatives from the plane to let them know what was going on. How in the hell were people making phone calls from commercial airplanes in 2001? I can barely even get the wifi to work on Delta flights in 2019.
  10. StruggleBus


    If all sooners were like TXSooner518, the state of Oklahoma would be slightly less miserable.
  11. Exactly. The college football season is over for the vast majority of teams after their non conference schedule. That actually makes regular season games mean quite a bit less.
  12. The playoff will be right when it’s a playoff between all of the major conference winners. Until then, it’s nonsense.
  13. StruggleBus


    However long I sleep at night
  14. I didn’t watch the game and I haven’t seen the highlights. Just wanted to drop in and say fuck the Houston Rockets.
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