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  1. Maybe the guy from Mexico is right! The poors are immune. Just look at Alamo Heights
  2. The shelter in place deal is more like a gentle suggestion in SA. There will be an explosion here in April.
  3. Chitown might as well go back to Vegas and post pics at this point
  4. If more people were like him we’d be better off. Unfortunately most would rather post pictures of him instead.
  5. I just get HEB to deliver. Plan ahead because the wait time is a week. If you need beer just use Favor.
  6. I think you're better off doing that and just wiping down the items then going to the actual store and directly exposing yourself to hundreds of people.
  7. That's the damn truth right there. Outside sales still has its place in some situations, but a lot of executives are about to find out that Inside teams are a preferable option in most scenarios.
  8. Not to pick on you in particular, but why in the FUCK are people still going out in public for groceries, beer, etc? You can have anything you need delivered to your door for a small fee.
  9. One of my customers is a SaaS product for law firms to operate remotely. They are smashing it.
  10. I still think there's a 50% my family had it late Feb. Entire family was sick, fevers, coughing, etc.. Kids and wife got over it in a little over a week. I had serious trouble breathing for a couple weeks and would wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely. I also lost my sense of taste, and smell was definitely off. Congestion ended up moving to my lungs over the last week before finally clearing up. All told I was sick for almost a month. Negative flu and strep. Hopefully antibody tests are rolled out sometime soon.
  11. This is the market tickling our balls right before if pounds us in the ass
  12. That's the damn truth right there. China does literally everything poorly. But they can do quickly and for pennies on the dollar.
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