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  1. I changed my dog’s name to dingus, but I’m thinking dipshit would have been better
  2. Hyperbole much? If you think this is bad, you'd really hate an actual failed state.
  3. All I can say is that parents should be making plans for their kids to spend an extraordinary amount of time at home this school year. A few infected students has the potential to shut down a school for weeks or more.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. Vaccines will most likely have short term viability.
  5. He can live in the pearl area until he impregnates a moderately attractive female when he's around 30. At that point they'll move to either north up 281 or out to Boerne.
  6. Tiger typically doesn't play shit tournaments. I haven't checked but I assume he'll be there for the Memorial.
  7. Should the pubs stay closed until there is a vaccine?
  8. Somehow I’ve never played Bluebonnet, but I did used to get drunk and play Hancock while barefoot and shirtless. Hancock is fucking magical too, because you can play like shit and shoot close to par. I managed to shoot 75 at Cedar Creek in San Antonio this week. Easily the best I’ve played in a long ass time and had two three putts. I ended up going with a full bag of 718 AP1’s and I love them. Just hit them better than the AP2s and 3s, all the way through the set.
  9. Good thing we did that, you know, a few months too late
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