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  1. If his putting was solid he’d be leading by 5
  2. That four putt double might cost him #83
  3. Uh, a life sentence? If by that you mean 24 months probation, sure.
  4. I finally figured this team out. Turns out we just don’t have good players
  5. I'm sure Dick Gottleib will follow that up by suing you for eleventy billion dollars in damages
  6. If he didn't like Maynard dancing like a monkey, he would have hated twenty years ago when he just stood there with the back to the crowd the whole time
  7. They could always do what we did around twenty years ago. You know, skip class
  8. When I was accepted into UT, it was with the stipulation that I had to attend summer school right away. I was already a week or two into the summer semester at UT when my high school graduation was happening. Anyway, I skipped the shit out of that and decided to continue on with my newfound freedom in Austin. My parents, on the other hand, weren’t thrilled. But yeah, graduation ceremonies are just that. Ceremonies.They’ll mail your diploma.
  9. Is the complaint less than 600 pages or 300,000 words? If so, we can probably rule out Brisket.
  10. Sounds to me like he's a man with a plan
  11. Apparently Bill Nye the hammerhead was hanging out on land near Brownsville. And if he was indeed in Brownsville, he probably visited Stiletto's.
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