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  1. I have putting greens bigger than Johnny Sack’s ranch.
  2. Who in the fuck paid you to write a bank ad
  3. I always liked the honor system better than timesheets
  4. Do you allow your employees to expense liquor, strip clubs, and golf? If yes, are you hiring?
  5. Sounds like a hot beef injection is on the menu
  6. My customers are tech bros. They are all retards but they pay well.
  7. It's not nearly as bad now as when they first started it. I spent an entire day doing that to get my older relatives scheduled. Just constantly refresh the scheduling page.
  8. I lost taste after my first moderna shot. Was concerned I caught covid right before I got vaccinated but tested negative.
  9. Yeah, they have churches and all kinds of places on there I haven't seen before
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