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  1. Y’all gonna melt hard when he’s president, huh.
  2. Only Patrick Reed could make me side with Brandel Chamblee. Fuck that moron.
  3. Texas has a better shot at beating Alabama than Beto does at winning this election. Stop it.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Doesn’t even feel like the same show as when Chuck was around.
  5. Cabana bowl with extra fajitas at 2am was my go to. Wake up the next morning and rip nasty wet farts the entire next day.
  6. 8am sounds amazing. I'd love it if my daughters let me sleep until 630
  7. No, but the players bolting are starting to trend younger as opposed to twilight of career guys. Like I said, this is starting to look very not good.
  8. Rumor is Cam Young will be joining Cam Smith in leaving. This is starting to look very not good.
  9. Seems like a legit reason if true. However, they probably should have told them that, not that they just “weren’t comfortable.”
  10. No, she'll make bank. Who gives a fuck
  11. Most people can't afford to replace their belongings while waiting for insurance to pay out.
  12. Driving like that in a residential neighborhood should result in a minimum of twenty years in prison.
  13. I mean, real estate needs a correction. This isn't sustainable.
  14. Eh. DJ, Bryson, and Koepka were all legit losses for the tour. And Cam Smith will be as well. Not gonna lie, I love watching DJ play. When he’s on he’s an absolute joy to watch. Bryson is a cunt but he definitely moves the needle.
  15. Sounds like something a w2 worker bee would say. I'm self employed and pay a metric fuckton in taxes. I'd assume the ones "not paying shit" are also not making shit. Or they are cheating on their taxes, in which case, fuck them.
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