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  1. Cliffs notes for those of us that thought Rick Barnes was still coaching here?
  2. The job market in tech is miserable right now. People are just walking out on their jobs if they don’t think they can a new one.
  3. I don’t watch soccer. Does Weah always suck this much or is he just shutting the bed?
  4. Or we could have just not lost to Texas fucking Tech
  5. Drake looking like a plug and play RB2 this morning
  6. When you manage teams like mine it’s 100% of the fun
  7. Feels like the hard landing is already here, but maybe that’s because I work in tech.
  8. That was PI. He had no shot to catch it
  9. Got completely fucked with no PI call
  10. Dak’s inaccuracy is astonishing
  11. We don’t deserve to have a shot to win this
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