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  1. I mentioned before but I still see this as a major opportunity for the DP world tour, especially if the LIV tour events don't earn OWGR points. Let the LIV players qualify for majors through DP world tour events. God, the PGA tour might be fucked.
  2. I saw him in Vegas once. He’s ten times uglier in person than on tv
  3. He’s probably taking shit about Draymond on one of his 400 twitter socks
  4. Pulling your starters down 11 with a minute left in the Finals is literally retarded.
  5. Is there a reason to give a fuck at this point?
  6. Peeing out of my butt as I type this. Could be Covid.
  7. White pants are regrettable regardless of whether you shart in them or not
  8. He has the most potential as a pro of any player on our title winning team (in my retarded opinion)
  9. My wife: Yeah, it has potential, but we'd need to put at least $250k of renovations into it (at least) before moving in.
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