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  1. this is very surprising to see in a brisket post
  2. Word. I think if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that police deserve more money because of this.
  3. Jesus Christ. You couldn’t get 92% of people to agree 2+2 is 4, and 92% think we’ve done enough for this? Is this a real survey?
  4. I've taken to using this site as my primary source of information for numbers. That one chart with the scalloped shape is excellent. Pure unfiltered data that is very easy to understand. It is great.
  5. Ohh, the lady self defense story above reminded me too. A prominent lawyer in town killed her husband and got off for self defense when she was new bride. Bought a shotgun on Thursday, had someone teach her how to use it Friday, shot him on Saturday. There's a book about it. It seemed like it was one of those situations where the jury just decided "some people just need killin.'" Husband was a grade A turd. Nice lady.
  6. bwahahaha. the WELL AKSHULLY crowd tries to use that facebook post to justify calling the cops and screaming like you're being raped.
  7. Karen just found out that pulling racist shit while strangling a dog is a bridge too far
  8. The entire world right now its a fugazzi it doesn’t exist on the elemental charts
  9. Bang bang bang bang bang bang /reload Bang bang bang bang bang bang /reload Bang bang bang bang bang bang /reload Bang bang bang bang bang bang /reload Bang bang bang bang bang bang /reload Bang bang bang bang bang bang /reload bang bang. that outta do it.
  10. I played baseball with Ryan Grady. He killed a dude in 2003 in an apartment off Riverside. Seemed to be just some run of the mill college fight over something stupid like one guy standing in a parking space and wouldn't move to let the car in. He ended up getting 4 years. Weird thing. He was a very good dude and very likable. But just was a hot head. Several games involved almost fights because [chris rock] someone smudged his pumas [/chris rock]. I assume that's what happened the night of the fight. He just got amped up like any other college male at some small slight, but his vicious swing killed a dude.
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