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  1. Even better, just cut AL and MS loose.
  2. It’s a mathematical certainty that the worse off your living conditions are, the more likely you won’t have kept up with the “paperwork of life.” If there is not evidence of people trying to otherwise vote illegally they don’t have a particular form of ID, all you’re doing is disenfranchising people based on wealth.
  3. My god Shannon Sharpe is obnoxious. I was enjoying listening to Ricky and had to turn it off because Sharpe was wearing me out.
  4. might i interest you in a single use plastic grocery bag?
  5. That's basically what North Carolina with the help of Dr. Whoever that died did. They commissioned a study on what different races did for voting. Anything that black people did more than white people they called illegal.
  6. I remember reading an article last year that says controlling for racial feelings, the education effect goes away in the R-D divide. G Elliott posted this this morning which seems to be another data point for that. so my guess is that it’s more accurate to say the R party is just more racist than ever before.* *compared to the rest of the pop. I’ve no doubt that all parties were far more racist just 25 years ago and before.
  7. Happy Texas Independence Day. I say we go conquer NM, CO and WY and reclaim our ancestral lands.
  8. would not, would not, would not would not, would not, absolutely would
  9. that's a good point. we were always this dumb. but it's unique to be aligned under one banner so well.
  10. We are aware of the stupidity more now because they are encouraged to advertise it. Because they advertise it, people that are taken in by the stupidity are drawn in more. Who in turn amplify their stupidity even more.
  11. I am a little interested in the mathematical certainty here: there are evidently 4115 cities in the U.S. with between 10,000 and 100,000, and 350 cities larger than that. Presumably, 99%+ have some sort of journalism attached to them that publishes articles online. You also have larger entities that are worth reporting on: counties, MSAs, states. You also have different time periods you can measure across: weeks, months. There have been 28.6M cases. There have been a years worth of infections. It would be interesting to figure out if a story with literally every number between 100 and
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