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  1. That's why no one has stepped out so far and why stepping out beyond .001% will never happen. Everyone knows only complete solidarity gives them a chance at any power.
  2. Robert Palmer indicted? Doctor doctor jokes incoming.
  3. one easy fix seems to be for us to just put a cross in our flag.
  4. 1. It is. We've socialized a big segment of our economy. 2. This is not true. The biggest thing preventing this is the great jump from one class of job to the next. The jobs program works because the jobs are technology-related. You can't turn Dr. Aerospace into healthcare/education/public service as easily as you can move within technologies. Back to the original example with NASA, there's a chicken-egg issue with whether miniaturization got us to the moon, or going to the moon got us miniaturization. Basically a jobs program directed at high-tech gives us high tech spinoffs. The cur
  5. The four bolded have good sides to them too. i address in order. 1) large defense budget because it's basically a jobs program. we get to be cutting edge everything because we encourage a bazillion people to be engineers. some of them pan out and invent the microchip. some have to work on Mark 12.1 of some missile system raytheon has remade every year for the past 25. it used to be nasa. now it's stealth fighters. 2) i sometimes view our exorbitant healthcare costs as a sort of favor to the world. people have to be incentivized to come up with the newest and best drug. to the ex
  6. interpreting the freedoms guaranteed the press to mean you can heavily regulate the press
  7. Not the first incel attack at a massage parlor. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/19/toronto-attack-incel-terrorism-canada-police
  8. Just wrapped up Mission Impossible. All the computer stuff is hilarious. “We found a coded message on the internet Max is planning a heist” followed by Tom Cruise looking on the “internet” and trying to find it. Ultimately successfully emailing max through this technique.
  9. Agree on the Leslie Jones takes. She wasn’t hateable like she normally is. Just playing a stock character, big personality black auntie sort of thing. I think Eddie Murphy is going through the same sort of thing Jim Carrey was by the end of his run. He’s too old and too respectable now to really sell the sort of silliness that got him his fame.
  10. Enjoyed the first 30 minutes of nostalgia. After that, eh.
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