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  1. I'm guessing that Raleek is going to play more in a slot role and some gadget as well (Brown is calling himself a WRB) - Brown helped recruit Sawchuk.
  2. Kaidon Salter arrested again … https://www.rockytopinsider.com/2021/06/21/tennessees-kaidon-salter-along-with-amari-mcneill-face-misdemeanor-marijuana-charge/
  3. He should choose a really good G5 spot instead - esp with the changes to the playoff - UCF, Boise, USM, USA, UL-Napier etc…
  4. Absolutely elite and now in his own backyard and with NIL to sell.
  5. Clemson adds a S and a CB - both 4* :: https://247sports.com/player/toriano-pride-46058972/ https://247sports.com/player/sherrod-covil-46099958/
  6. You should talk to any kid coming off of a TCU visit it will quickly disavow you of this notion. Or any WR coming off a visit with Jimbo Fisher.
  7. The only world in which Scott Frost jumped in and physically fought Lawrence fucking Phillips, stopping him from beating the fuck out of his girlfriend again, exists only in a Penthouse Forum type Big Red Dream Journal. Where Dr. Tom Osborne is also a saint and not a giant pile of human shit. This is now absolute fact.
  8. and Caleb Williams. Nope, and nope. It's also irrelevant. Finish the rest of the thought - do you think that Hudson had the concerns about UTs QB situation on his own, or are they coming from another source(s)? My guess is that everyone recruiting him right now is shitting on the UT QB room. No one has done the same with SMU because it's fucking SMU. The coaching staff should be able to allay those fears easily by pointing to their previous successes in development, etc ...
  9. Texas QBs in his rolling 3 year :: Charles Wright. Cole Lourd. Maalik Murphy. 2023 QB-to-be-named later. Way more questions than answers there, imo. I wouldn't disparage a WR having concerns about that group. If Sark could close the deal on Manning, there would be answers - until he does, there will be questions.
  10. "Here's the last 15 years of WR1 footage for Jimbo featuring every single catch (3 min clip) and here's the last 15 years of WR1 for us (31 hours). " - Gundy, probably
  11. Almost every school in the country had a group of hostesses like that but the Vandy rape and Colorado strippers scandals pretty much put a nail in the coffin as an official practice.
  12. I think it's an underwhelming even given the points you've raised. I think there are some good players in that "best case" list (some that we simply aren't getting) but it's list full of undersized guys that have limited frames and/or limited athleticism. You can chalk up some of the losses to social fits (like Abor) and scheme etc ... but there's no way to look at that best case list and not come away thinking that at best it's an undersized group that lacks elite athleticism. At this point I'd like to see a focus put into finding some bigger raw athletes with higher athletic upside. More foc
  13. I'm not cool with winning Alamo bowls. Note :: This is what I said. do you know what will placate me? A national title. I wasn't moving the goal posts to talk about Arkansas baseball - I was just using a very clear example and taking the fandom (Texas or OU - and the sport of football) out of the equation. I think it's absolutely relevant because it highlights the exact nature of why the conference championship doesn't mean a fucking thing and it highlights how foolish it is to hang your hat on it as an example of success. I would as well, don't get me wro
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