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  1. Oh no, so they'll have to make it based on actual football games? Oh, the humanity.
  2. I still think that if Ash gets his way Davis is going to be playing DE, but yeah - there's going to be some more TE decisions looming.
  3. lol omg lol lol I didn’t realize that I called an 11 year old girl a stupid fuckshit and almost felt bad omg lol but then I remembered that as a Buckeye fan you are a piece of shit regardless of age, womb to tomb, and felt content calling you a stupid fuckshit.
  4. Negged — just for being a stupid fuckshit.
  5. This is the kind of shit Hamm used to always post and you could always tell when it came directly from the kid or his circle. In the race? Texas hasn't even bothered to click the link to see what day the race would be on before closing the tab out of sheer apathy.
  6. Both Trickett and Henson were well respected OL coaches before working for Jimbo. Neither specialized in fatass cubes.
  7. He's going to LSU if they want him and go after him. His dad is an LSU legacy and he was born in LA. How many times does that play out where the kid doesn't end up at LSU? If UGA and LSU both pass, I guess he could end up at aggy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I would bet some other SEC suitor comes in and gets him (Florida, Alabama).
  8. Highly rated recruits want to play for Nick Saban? Holy fuck. Stop the presses. If you are a 5 star kid with clear NFL potential and your top 3 choices do not include Alabama under Saban, I'd question your decision making. The absolutely shitty degree and crappy place to live, notwithstanding. via Blake in that article :: The root of any and all bullshit surrounding this recruitment. Every single reporter/9.95er is spending a lot of time chatting with the brothers and Blake and none with Kristy.
  9. That's a long fucking piece with absolutely zero recruiting news/info other than conjecture by Fong about his timeline being sooner (despite Ewers actual quote). I'm not saying he is NOT going to OU, I'm saying all the current bullshit around Ewers comes from 2 places -- IT not knowing that Texas was also recruiting a CA QB, which was neither new nor novel and Fong who simply leaning on the thickest branch of a tree by saying top ranked QBs want to go to OU. It's 9.95er nonsense right now.
  10. The quotes that Fong had in that update were from Caleb Williams not Ewers. The Ewers addition to the blurb was just guesswork/feel and had no quotes or new info.
  11. I've seen Brauninger "coaching" baseball for Twelve. Can confirm that the dude was sweating gravy and this was a couple of years and a few thousand buckets of chicken ago.
  12. Johnson was born in LA and is an LSU legacy, there aren't any top tier RBs in LA this year, and they just won the national title -- if he ends up anywhere else I'll be surprised.
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