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  1. So both brothers in the portal. Interesting.
  2. Was it Limas Sweed who played in an option offense in high school? My memory is iffy on it but I think he only had like ~65 career catches and almost half of them were for TDs. Of course, Creekview is really bad, Brenham was really good.
  3. Claude Mathis as HC - here's a rundown of the some of the DeSoto kids under him, see if you can spot a trend... Cyrus Gray, Tony Jerod-Eddie, Damontre Moore, Von Miller, Shemar Turner.
  4. all of it, including the wildly unrealistic expectations that Jackson obviously had and the black QB narrative bullshit, It's all exacerbated by number and sheer volume of the Sooner honks circulating around that program. It's worth the effort to try to crack that shell and point out the differences in the 2 staffs as much as possible because there are a couple of 2024 kids that are headed there that do like the Horns.
  5. With Claude Mathis back at DeSoto it just seems like those recruiting cycles and that effort would be better spent elsewhere. Hell, I'd rather Banks work his way back into Duncanville vs. the Sooners before getting back into the Mathis bullshit. I've been the circus and I've seen the strings.
  6. I don't know how hard the staff is pushing with Dewberry. I know they've worked him some but he wasn't being recruited at all by Flood at Alabama and his ceiling is a question. He's also talked a lot about pushing back to NSD for a commit, I'm hopeful that the OL class comes together well before that. Miller is really good. I understand the idea behind feeling like maybe he's redundant to Blue in skillset but the question to me is "is the need for a bigger/power back more vital than taking a tremendous RB (Miller) even if his skill set is somewhat mirrored in the current commit?" and I d
  7. that sound you hear is all the pressure being applied to Jeff Traylor's shoulders to put it all together this season and give himself the platform/resume to take the next step.
  8. Really surprised to see so many QBs listed and not see Zion Brown, Reese Rumfield, and Warren Peck.
  9. TSRH. he’s had problems on and off the field and even as a one year rental his risk/reward ratio is not good. Way better for the team long term to get Crawford and Barron into the games and get them as much live game experience as possible. Pushing either of them back for a year to take the risk with Kendrick seems like a high bill to pay for his rental.
  10. They just eliminated it to save money for their ailing athletic dept (note how much they’ve spent on the campus silly upgrades) and there’s some interesting noise around it ... “More than 3% of all Black male undergraduates at Clemson (22 of 693) are members of the track and field or cross country teams. ” https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/30655868/complaint-alleges-clemson-removal-men-track-racial-discrimination%3Fplatform%3Damp
  11. Andrew Makuba went to Clemson back in the dark ages of 2021.
  12. The question mark for me is that Clemson eliminated their track program. Does he not want to run track in college? I assumed he would be doing both and that seems like an easy advantage to point out for EVERY team recruiting him and against Clemson. I guess maybe he's not going to run track... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Yeah, I don't think Choate is engaging with Medlock and certainly hasn't re-offered. Jordan can absolutely play and I hate to see him go to OU. I think he would do really well in their scheme as a NB. Both seem like guys aggy should be all over but aggy CB recruiting remains a mystery to me and their struggles with legacies (Medlock) are worse than ours.
  14. Motherfuckingfuck. Added titles to get more money and/or to avoid lateral movement clauses in contracts are as old as the hills. Do any of you fuckers think Banks is doing any Head coach work? How about our very own Co-DC Jeff Choate? fuck
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