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  1. CB recruiting thread on aggy247? don't mind if I do.
  2. DT Omari Thomas commits to Tennessee https://247sports.com/Player/Omari-Thomas-46048092/ Jimbowned.
  3. Stanford might about to hit the fucking abyss with Shaw -- Swann, Peek, and Williams are all in the portal. the 247 DT depth chart currently has Swann and Peek, so remove them and gaze upon a decade of trying to recover from this ... looking at the DE classes doesn't look like it's got spindown candidates either...
  4. You think it's the definition of faulty logic to expect a sandwich made by your wife to taste better than one made by a fucking dog?
  5. Did anyone post the TexAgs top 25 for 2022 yet? Not to be confused with the Liucci 44 - but still worth saving for the later lulz.
  6. I think what you mean is ... Alabama isn't going to take Reggie Grimes, despite his ranking and being a Tide legacy, so OU has a puncher's chance because South Carolina is terribad.
  7. He was purported by his trainers, etc as a ++ athlete at 6'3" and 195. The reality is that he had a 4.51 shuttle a 28.7 vert and a 4.74 40 all at about 158 pounds. It's a lot easier to accept some of his extraneous bullshit if he's VY/RGIII type athlete. Once teams got a look at him and interviewed him they backed off.
  8. Just saying it doesn't make it true. It's also lazy and stupid. Let's just look at who was drafted, what round, and then compare to their recruiting classes. I mean, the information is out there, right? Dirt Burglar WR drafted in the past 10 years :: 2019 :: Marquise Brown - 1st rnd 2018 :: None 2017 :: Dede Westbrook - 4th rnd 2016 :: Sterling Shephard - 1st rnd 2015 :: None 2014 :: Jalen Saunders - 4th rnd 2013 :: Kenny Stills -5th rnd Justin Brown - 6th rnd 2012 :: Ryan Broyles - 2nd rnd 2011 :: None 2010 :: None 2009 :: Juaquin Iglesias - 3rd rnd Manuel Johnson - 7th rnd WR recruits in those years :: Juaquin Iglesias. Brandon Cabel. Adron Tennell. Malcolm Kelly. Eric Huggins. Fred Strong. Lendy Holmes. Ryan Broyles. Corey Wilson. Tyler Stradford. Jameel Owens. Dejuan Miller. Joshua Jarboe. Cameron Kenney. Jaz Reynolds. Kenny Stills. Sheldon McClain. Trey Franks. Joseph Powell. Trey Metoyer. Kameel Jackson. Lacolton Bester. Durron Neal. Sterling Shephard. Derrick Woods. Stanvon Taylor. Dannon Cavil. Jordan Smallwood. Austin Bennett. KJ Young. Dominque Alexander. Mark Andrews. Dallis Todd. Jeffrey Mead. Dede Westbrook. John Humphrey. Dahu Green. AD Miller. Jarvis Baxter. Mikel Jones. Zach Farrar. Adrian Hardy. there's only so many car salesman and insurance jobs in shitty ass Oklahoma. Do you think these guys would rather have had their "Better football education at OU. " or a degree from Stanford?? Lazy or stupid, either way you are dead ass wrong.
  9. Humility? Learn it? Look in the mirror dipshit. I'd say act like you've been there before, but the reality is that you barely have been so it makes sense that you'd behave this way. You're strutting around like you've accomplished something. You've won exactly dick so far and you want to talk about humility? Congrats on beating Bama for the first time in a fucking decade - seems to me that the last time you beat them in the regular season didn't make a shit either, so you might want to slow your roll just a bit and see if you can actually seal the deal. You have 1 top 5 finish in the past decade. Fucking one. And you are here beating your chest like you are Bama, or Clemson, or even Ohio State. Hell Auburn has a more recent national championship than you guys. You are having a great year. Yay. Despite countless NFL guys rolling through your roster over the past 10 years and never-ending top 5 recruiting classes you've been painfully average and underperformed your rankings every year, finishing most seasons ranked between 15-20 all while you've watched Bama do all the heavy lifting. Yes, you beat us by 7. Amazing. We stand in awe. Is that better? Is that what you want? Look, ask anyone here - Texas is pretty fucking average and most of our fans want some or all of the coaching staff fired. Yet, we were 1 dropped wide open TD pass from tying you during your "remakable run".Think about that, this is a low spot for us, the midst of a rebuild and LSU is one dropped pass better than our rebuilding team. If you're looking for genuflecting you should go post on TexAgs because aggy is much more likely to be amiable to that kind of shit. Of course, you probably can't because aggy has scoreboard on your right now... how fucking humiliating. If you want to talk about humiliation you should first wash the stink of losing to fucking aggy off before you try and make your point. Humility? Hubris? Systemic? Ingrained? No one here is happy with where we are right now (though some of use are happy with our trajectory) but you might want to self-analyze because the talent you've had has led to fuckall for results. From 2012 to 2018 here are your final season rankings :: 13 14 UR 16 13 18 6 Humility. Learn it.
  10. Bobby Bowden and Mickey Andrews recruits/evals. Once they were gone ...
  11. I wrote this same sentence a few years ago. Hoping for your sake it’s not Avignon. Fuck that shithole.
  12. In the rare actual surprise :: Arik Gilbert (5* TE) to LSU.
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