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  1. That was good to see. Tough spot and he brought it.
  2. xpost from the Aggy2021 thread Landon Jackson sets 2 OVs.
  3. Not gonna lie - that would be fucking delicious. If I was a betting man I think that would push McCutchin to UF in the end. just a wild guess.
  4. Landon Jackson sets 2 OVs via aggy 247 ::
  5. Yes, but last I heard he'd like to head OOS. He's got a lot of upside.
  6. Wait until his teammate (Makuba**) passes him in the rankings, that fucking crybaby is going to come unhinged. ** they are not what you'd call friends
  7. I watch his highlights and the thing I keep thinking he could he be an OT. He just doesn't have that suddenness as a DE but he's a huge kid with some good football instincts and no coaching/technique at all. I think he could add the needed weight on that frame easily. Spend his RS and RS FR year playing inline TE and adding the bulk as he grows into an OT, like a budget Eric Winston. I guess being the 3rd OT on the LOS is probably what Jimbo envisions.
  8. Between Wright's move to TE and talking Beal into staying/removing his name from the portal, it doesn't seem like they think Cupp will be ready. It also doesn't seem like they think Blake Smith will be contributing early either. I can't figure out what's going on with their roster mgmt but I also remember that Fisher was carrying 7 TEs at FSU during the downward spiral there. Seven. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I think a pretty good case can be made by watching the defensive playcalling in the Utah game that there was plenty of quality self-scouting going on and available and that Todd Orlando is a fucking lunkhead who ignored any and all external sources of information. Which is bolstered by the fact that he didn't hire more QC staff when it was offered to him. My expectation is that playcalling will be better on both sides of the ball this year because the coaches are better. Not based on hope but on the fact that we've seen this OC and this DC scheme better than their shitty predecessors not a huge bar to clear, I admit.
  10. Not sure why they didn't mention this in the update but Medlock's cousin is Cedar Hill QB Kaidon Salter and I think this might be the actual rare package deal that really is a package deal. I also don't think Salter will want to be a QB2 take. I like Medlock a lot but I wonder how much more weight/size he can put on. Phaizon Wilson is going to be a national recruit and would be an ideal scheme fit. Makuba was wanting to go OOS last I heard, but he's exactly the kind of guy that SweatyGary loves. So I could see that happening. I think Mack/UNC is also one to watch.
  11. Xpost:: Tunimese checks in at 245?! things are going to get even weirder in that recruitment
  12. Tunimese checks in at 245?! things are going to get even weirder in that recruitment
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