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  1. speaking of olds, Camila has seen better days: https://www.instagram.com/reel/COtsrJ9HEiJ/?igshid=krrd5bcdhsjz
  2. he really does. he's like a more athletic Jokic in this regard. he makes so many spinning/fade away jumpers from ridiculous angles, where the ball goes sky high and then floats down perfectly into the bottom of the net. when you first see him make a couple you think it's luck, but then he just keeps on sinking them.
  3. people kept "spilling it" and their posts kept getting deleted. that's why i refrained form "spilling it" (although it shouldn't have been too hard to connect the dots when reading my posts).
  4. now you've over corrected. you should never "come around" on his MVP award. Russ's entire season was hilariously gratuitous stat chasing that in the end amounted to nothing. every other team in the league starts their break when one of their bigs gets a rebound and then hits an outlet pass to their PG who is somewhere near mid court. then you have OKC, where Russell Westbrook is attacking the defensive glass, jumping over an otherwise uncontested Steven Adams for the rebound, after which he sprints up the floor past the rest of his team as he wildly tries to make some stats happen. that shit w
  5. until we get new ownership we are fucked. our one main, glaring problem, a problem that has existed since before i became a supporter in 2010, is ownership/the board, and more specifically, our player personnel dealings. i don't claim to be an Arsenal historian, but i feel quite confident when i say that Arsenal's failings over the last decade+ come mostly down to two events: David Dein leaving the club, and the Kroenkes taking over. In my time as a fan, our transfer dealings have been embarrassing, and that's honestly putting it lightly. go back a page and look at the photo i posted of t
  6. eh, i'm pretty sure Correa was getting thrown out at first barring a throwing error.
  7. i'll give you an episode that i named earlier that, for whatever reason, never seems to get mentioned in these discussions (even in PnR threads), despite it being quite possibly the perfect sitcom episode, and that's "Andy and April's Fancy Party". that episode had everything. from a beautiful wedding ceremony that will make you tear up, to some of the biggest laughs ever offered by the show, including one of the best cold openings in sitcom history. some highlights: •Andy and April Roberta Ludgate throwing a secret wedding •Tom's up-and-down stint as Best Man ("You're not still marr
  8. and just to clarify what i meant in my last post when i said that i didn't (don't) understand the folks who are getting upset, here's why: he wasn't committing a violent crime; he wasn't robbing people, or thieving, or killing, or anything like that. he wasn't even doing anything that the vast majority of us haven't done (or at least the equivalent) when we were his age. hell, many of us still are doing these things. it has nothing to do with your character or your heart or the way you live your life and treat people. the fact that so many people still have such severe hang ups in regards to e
  9. there are people here who know what happened, and there are other people here who do not want those people posting this "speculation" about what happened, as they fear that it will tarnish Jake's name or legacy or something. to be totally honest i can't relate to these people/their concerns, and i therefore don't fully understand the folks who are getting so upset every time someone mentions what happened. we know what caused his death. i doubt i need to explicitly post it for you to figure it out. and frankly, if there were ever a site where i thought people could handle talking about this su
  10. yeah i know, it's crazy how many people here have done a total 180 on me since my worst days back on shaggy. i'm like the anti-Russell Westbrook, and I appreciate you pointing that out.
  11. lol, and then he got the ball with five seconds left and his team down one and decided to pull up from deep (career .305 shooter) where he bricked the shit out of the shot and his team lost. he then went on in the post game to literally say out loud that he was patting himself on the back for breaking the record while declaring himself "the best play maker in the game". jesus fucking christ Russ, i'm having a very tough time remembering a player who's made me do a total 180 on them like i have with you. you're such a selfish, self deluded, self congratulatory loser. thank god you play for
  12. Some nominees off the top of my head: Parks: Ron and Tammy, The Fight, Andy and April's Fancy Party, Unity Concert Community: A Fistful of Paintballs/For A Few Paintballs More, Remedial Chaos Theory, Basic Lupine Urology, Paradigms of the Human Memory, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Always Sunny: The DENNIS System, Mac Day, Who Got Dee Pregnant?, Charlie Work
  13. lol, wtf Bradley Beal? i like him, but he got all in his feelings out of nowhere on this one.
  14. anyone who talks shit about KD's decision to join GS needs to have a logical alternative in the chamber. Otherwise, shut up.
  15. im assuming HG put all of our league dues on this game as a two team parlay, and now he have about $3,000 in the pot, yes?
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