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  1. give me a cast of 16 ugly people who seriously want to play the game over this asinine mess of weepy models who were recruited to the game based on their race, sexual orientation, and wokeness. even the dumbass redneck farmer said he has a gay, black best friend. the fact that being woke and attractive will get you on BB over folks who have an actual desire to play this game is fucking stupid, and the show is hurting for it.
  2. is this a serious question? this show should be embarrassed by how far it's fallen. name any legendary BB player ever. any one. they were cunning, calculated, they took the game seriously, and they were ruthless when they had to be. now how many of them were talking about how badly they needed to see their family on day 1? how many of them were crying week two because they were nominated? crying because they nominated someone who then cried? i am *literally* hypersensitive and yet *i'm* over here just blown away at how often this cast is found crying and disconsolate over the smallest little things, things which are basic facets of this game. you don't cast people like this for this show. it's a slap in the face. it would be like casting NFL wide receivers for The Biggest Loser, or morbidly obese, wheelchair ridden diabetics for The Challenge. it's ridiculous, and it's 100% due to CBS's woke-ass casting. bye bye evel dick, dan gheesling, and derrick levasseur; hello cast full of mentally fragile attractive people who have zero clue what the game is even about.
  3. i'm watching the live feeds right now, and they're all in the living room trying to do some musical thing, and everyone is just having fun and laughing, except for Azah, who is trying to pretend like she's just having a good time, who is clearly talking this all very too seriously. she keeps screaming at Brent for messing it up, and then acting like she thinks it's funny, but you can tell she's really pissed. living with that would drive me crazy.
  4. ^^^ those two chicks are the same person?
  5. dude what the fuck man. i'm not even halfway through this episode and i have to pause it come here and comment on the fact that more than half of the cast has already cried this season. seriously- what. in. the. fuck. have any of these people ever seen this show? do any of them want to compete? this woke shit has gone too far man. every other second someone is crying and being consoled over *nothing*. i've never bought into the whole "pussification of america" stuff, but between all of olympians suddenly quitting mid-olympics and this current cast of BB i am just totally taken aback at the mental fragility that's suddenly on display everywhere i look.
  6. something i'd like to see happen in a real MLB game, based on events which just took place in my MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode: 1)umpire makes a terrible strike call, preferably in a game where he's been making tons of them, such as that SD game that i recently posted about. 2)batter hits a fucking bomb, turns and looks at the umpire, and throws his bat like 50 feet in the air before very slowly and arrogantly rounding the bases. 3)blue obviously ejects the player as he's coming home, but the player never even looks at blue, he just smiles and celebrates with his teammates and then hits the showers. would be epic. btw, speaking of epic, let me share with you all an idea i've had for 20 years but have never had a chance to practice: if you're ever at an MLB game and either you or one of your party catches a home run ball, do not high five and celebrate with each other- instead, everyone in your group *immediately* start doing The Robot upping the catching of the home run. HR catch >> robot. all of you. you can thank me when you go viral for being hilarious and awesome.
  7. KD and Messi were two superstars who i thought might buck the tattoo trend, but they're both covered in tats now. i think it'd be cool if Giannis stayed tat-free throughout his career, simply because i remember the 80's and 90's when tattoos made you a rebel. now the lack of tattoos is like a modern day tattoo itself.
  8. i hope Giannis never gets tattoos. i think it could be like his signature look.
  9. Steve Lemme in more recognizable garb:
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