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  1. it's literally a team that was built around Dirk and his specific skill set. it's not a fair comparison at all. For example Jason Kidd is no longer even needed on the team with Luka, and he was a pretty huge part of that title run (and we've already established that Dirk was only just fine, and not spectacular or "the reason" that the Mavs beat the Heat. he needed guys like Kidd to win that title.) If/when the Mavs build a team around Luka and his point-forward skills, do you think that Dirk could just replace him and everything would be the same? of course not. they're different players with different skill sets. but which one would you rather build a team around if you had to pick? the guy with a limited skill and athleticism, or the guy who has better handle, vision, passing ability, athleticism, all around scoring, etc?
  2. 17 neg reps in a row. that's pretty pathetic even for you @immortal13.
  3. so many disingenuous hypotheticals/comparisons, you'd think everyone in here is derka. do you think that Trae Young is in the same class as Luka Doncic? of course you don't. and these lofty opinions on Doncic aren't even new- there were NBA people screaming that this was a generational talent when he was at Real Madrid, and guess what? He is. the biggest difference in Doncic and LeBron James is that LBJ was on TV for three years before jointing the league. Well that and athleticism, but even Magic and Bird pale in comparison to LBJ athletically. Doncic is a super elite talent- a Kobe, a LeBron, a Hakeem, a Duncan; I don't need to watch him play any more than I already have to see what's right in front of me. apparently you guys do. i don't.
  4. daaammmnnnn son. that's crazy.
  5. assuming you meant 35-19 in the tourney, that's still pretty fucking sick.
  6. an educated guess, but unfortunately incorrect.
  7. Hard Hit % Leaders By Team: 1. 2.Yankees- 40.8% 3.Cubs- 40.3% 4.A's- 40.2% 5.Dodgers- 39.1% 6.Padres- 38.9% So, who do you think is #1 with a whopping 46% hard hit balls this season?
  8. man, nothing gets by you guys.
  9. No, he's not, but he is better and more talented than Dirk. The rest of your post is you creating hypotheticals which you yourself don't even answer, because the more hypotheticals you throw out there, the more times you come to the conclusion that Luka Doncic is better at basketball than Dirk was. "Having more talent doesn't mean you're a better player." That's correct. Look no further than J'Covan Brown for an example of me extolling this very message from a decade ago. but we aren't talking about J'Covan Brown vs Royal Ivey, we're talking about two other specific people, and this case, the guy who is more talented is in fact a better all around basketball player than the lesser talented guy. "are we playing 1's or are we trying to beat the Heatles". lol, what a disingenuous question. instead of asking, "are we talking 1 v 1 talent or are we talking building a team around this player?", which would have been a fair question (and the answer would be Luka both times), you instead brought up the super specific scenario of the 2011 Mavs, a team that was specifically built around Dirk Nowitzki, and then asked me if Luka at 20 could step into Dirk's shoes and win those specific playoffs. What a totally legit and fair scenario! lol Seriously dude, this is not hard. you can dance around it all you want, but its simple: which of them is better at basketball? if you insist on having a hypothetical to answer, then answer this one: if you had to build a basketball team and your #1 pick had to either be 2020 Luka or 2011 Dirk, who would you take? I'd better dollars to donuts that the overwhelming majority of NBA GM's would take Luka, but that's only because of his superior skill set, athleticism, versatility, and overall game.
  10. yes Trea, that was a fucking bomb.
  11. Luka is a much better athlete, a much better ball handler, a much better passer, has far superior court vision, he does more to make his teammates better, he plays/defends more positions and is far more versatile than Dirk. Both are equally meh at defending, and Luka isn't as good of a shooter as Dirk (although he's already a great all around scorer). to me that's not close. "but, but Dirk did it for long! Dirk is an NBA champion! He's an MVP!" ok. and which one is a better all around basketball player? It's Luka. He's on the LeBron James, Kobe Bryant trajectory as a 20 year old. I don't need to wait to see how many games he wins in the next ten years before my eyeballs tell me that is better at basketball than Dirk in his prime was.
  12. there's nothing subjective about it. you either understand the difference in greatness vs talent or you don't. which one is better at basketball vs which one had a greater career. two different things. it's that simple, and it should not be a difficult concept for adults to understand, yet somehow it is. and you wonder why i make such bombastic analogies.
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