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  1. jesus this series has been marred by injuries. it's awful.
  2. same here. went to pick up some food, came home and the spring game is on. i then go to ESPN+, and their broadcast ends at the exact same time! WTF is that shit.
  3. jesus this guy is unbelievable.
  4. nah, we've got a few more out there.
  5. Tulo also said something to the effect of Ivan "being up there with the best hitters i've ever played with". said he's "different" in the cage. super high praise from Tulo.
  6. i can't imagine that anyone still ranks this show ahead of BB. disappointing final season thus far. not only is it more slow and just plain dragging at times, but nobody seems to be buying into the main storyline either. disappointing, but also goes to show how incredible BB was.
  7. just saw Tulo on MLBN saying that "MLB teams are crazy if Ivan Melendez isn't the first hitter drafted." love seeing that.
  8. why is it that the people who film these things are always the last people who should be operating any kind of camera?
  9. yeah his shot blocking ability is a big reason why he's such a big prospect. he's been an elite shot blocker at every level he's played, and he'll be good at it in the league as well.
  10. LOL @ Kendall. "these younger girls don't appreciate all the sacrifices we older girls have made, we have real lives and are here for truer reasons."
  11. how many times has a girl had a family member suddenly get sick resulting in them leaving the game? seems like it happens every third or fourth Challenge. so weird.
  12. i mean if it takes that long to decide then i don't see how you can overturn it.
  13. i was surprised when it went in, and after that replay i'm even more surprised. that's terrible from their keeper there.
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