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  1. how the rules are being called: only one of those was called a penalty.
  2. we should have hired Musselman when Arkansas did.
  3. something that i keep thinking, but haven't brought up because of its unlikelihood- there's no guarantee that Andrew Jones returns. i mean he most likely does, as he's unlikely to be drafted next season, but it wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world for me if things played out a certain way and AJ left. first, remember that he was the best player on the team up until around the time that the team started to nosedive. he's 6'4" and talented, even if he's not playing great right now. second, AJ turns 24 this year and has already been at Texas for five years. even if he doesn't ge
  4. what the fuck is the purpose of VAR if this shit still doesn't get called?
  5. holy shit what a frustrating match. from all of the missed chances to that blatant handball not going called, that match was a shitshow. FAK.
  6. it looks like the kind of roster that Shaka leads to a 4-14 league record.
  7. looking at this ^ makes me wonder why we let Baker and Liddell just leave, knowing how thin we're going to be next year.
  8. Sims, Hamm, Febres, and Coleman all participated in senior night festivities with their families on hand. I don't see any of them returning.
  9. projected 2022 roster at this point: Starters: Courtney Ramey Andrew Jones Tamar Bates Donovan Williams Brock Cunningham Bench: Kamaka Hepa Emarion Ellis David Joplin Blake Nevins with Shaka Smart coaching that team, that has "really really bad season" written all over it.
  10. i don't think anyone has ever thought that Shaka would be fired after this year. after next year though, he needs to be gone.
  11. the fact that you can actually see the official's arm counting only to four before blowing his whistle just makes it that much more unforgivable and impossible to get over. there's zero question towards the fact that the ref did not count to five before making a season-changing (and perhaps program changing) decision. add to that that Zona crushed Duke in the next round, and then played UCONN in the E8- the same UCONN who miraculously beat us 82-81 in OT in Austin- and that could have ended up being an all-time run to the Final Four for our program. the single most impactful whistle of my life
  12. fwiw, 2011 was definitely more balanced and reliable than this team. reliable meaning you pretty much knew what you were going to get from each player on a game by game basis. not so up-and-down like this team. and the defense was actually much better than this year's team. plus they went 28-8 (should have been 29-7 with a S16 matchup against Duke to go for a 30-win season) while this team is currently 16-7: either way, you really can't count on any wins in the tourney if you aren't one of the handful of best teams in the country.
  13. i think most all of us like Ramey, we just wish he had a better HC who could mold him into a more efficient and intelligent player.
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