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  1. anyone who owns aaron judge in fantasy might want to trade him for a middle reliever right about now.
  2. he pitches every four days, he isn't a starter, and he never pitches more than 3 IP. no thanks.
  3. we've got a couple offers out there right now. just waiting on a response.
  4. lol, have you met immamac?
  5. what do you think "at nearly everything" means? it didn't occur to you that "everything" was referring to basketball skills? you really needed me to type out "everything basketball related"? or did you just think that i meant that Luka was already better at most things in life in general? if i thought that luka was already a better player than dirk then i would have just said so. pretty simple. i frankly don't care whether you admit that you're wrong or not, but you definitely should move on from this dumbass conversation, because you're on the wrong side of it.
  6. Lacindor? really? you went back and edited the post just to talk shit about other people and you left that in there? really derkagoooperative?
  7. i've only ever changed my screen name when a)someone else ran over here and registered as derka, and b)when immamac would ban me because we disagreed about something. so what's your point?
  8. if Luka had played at Duke in 2018 instead of Spain then he would have been the consensus no.1 player in the draft and his skill set, size, and maturity would have had people comparing him to everyone from Anthony Davis and KD, all the way back to Walton and Lacindor in terms of most polished/talented freshmen ever. and, the idea that he already had more basketball skill than many great players from the past (particularly in the specific case of him vs Dirk, who looks like a big stiff compared to Luka) wouldn't even be a little bit controversial. edited to add: i wonder long it will take before someone claims that i said that luka is better than kareem based on this post...
  9. You said those things on dec 30, 2019 when he was two months into his second NBA season. Luka wasn't better than dirk in dec 2019. He hadn't won a playoff series. He didn't make his teammates better. He took off way too many plays every game. He didn't play defense. He pouted about no-calls too much and cost his team probably 2 or 3 baskets every game by making his defense play a man down as he stayed on the offensive end of the floor after a no call. He wasn't, in a word, professional. oh good, we're back to the part where people can't understand the difference between basketball skills and actual impact/ability as a player.
  10. having more skills does not make one a better player. there have been plenty of guys with crazy skills who didn't turn out to be great players, and then you have guys like Grant Williams, who is usually the least skilled guy on the floor, yet he's a starter and major contributor for a team that could win it all. just look at Luka before he even came to the NBA: bringing the ball up the floor, going coast to coast, throwing no-look passes, behind the back passes, beating his man off the dribble and then gliding his way to the rim, losing his defenders with his ball handling and then draining step back threes- Luka, like many players from today, had more skills as a teenager than many pros did at their peak back 10, 20, 30 years ago. so again- Dirk is a top 20-ish all time player, an MVP, a Finals MVP, and a champion- he's the greater player, by a lot. but skills wise? there's a lot that Luka can do that Dirk couldn't.
  11. the part about him retiring as a top 10 player was a bit much, obviously, especially since a lot of that has to do with hardware. but skills wise, Luka was the best at his age since either LeBron or KD, which again, means he had more all around basketball skill than Dirk ever had.
  12. ??? uh, no. it was what i believed, and what i still believe to this day, because it's the truth. and i have zero interest in trolling any fan base about anything. "hey Mavs fans, your young stud is already supremely talented!!!" epic troll job.
  13. third post of the thread. didn't say he was better than dirk, i said he was more skilled, which he was.
  14. 100% wrong. go back to the beginning of the thread and read it again.
  15. i'm the guy who correctly pointed out that luka was already more skilled than Dirk, then caught hell for it, only to have everyone open their eyes and get on board with my take before too long. it's called The Derka Cycle. happens all the time. i say something i truly believe that sounds controversial to others (eg the 2016-17 Texas hoops team will be no good, jarrett allen isn't going to blow you away, sam ehlinger is good at everything but great at nothing, the football recruits we sign don't matter because we don't develop talent, Notre Dame is going to kick our asses, shaka needs to be fired, eric musselman would be a good hire, etc etc), people flip out, but then a little time goes by and then suddenly most everyone one is on board, save some revisionist history (eg claiming that i said luka was better than dirk, when i said he was more skilled). we all should be used to this by now.
  16. Larry Bird is a basketball savant and one of the five best/greatest players ever. let's chill on saying that Luka is on his level after Luka's first ever win in the conference semifinals.
  17. lol, i'm watching the brewers game sheering all hard for Hader, celebrating his perfect 3-k save, not even realizing i'm playing against him.
  18. this is a point that i've been imploring arsenal fans to consider for some time, particularly when everyone was foaming at the mouth wanting to shitcan arteta last august. as awful as the last week has been, we're actually ahead of schedule, and we seem to be just a few player upgrades away from actually being worthy of playing in the CL. what we most need are a striker and a midfielder who can walk into the starting xi. it appears that we're bringing in cover at FB since tierney is so injury prone, and we get Saliba back from OM, fresh off making the Ligue 1 TOTS and winning Young POTY in France, so we should be fine at the back. a dynamic midfielder + Gabriel Jesus should be the bare minimum for Arsenal this summer. if the Kroenkes don't back the club with cash this summer then nobody should ever take this job again as long as they're in charge.
  19. my mom and i like to watch masterchef on hulu, and we recently started season 1 of masterchef junior. which first aired in 2013. every time a contestant goes home, we google them to see what's become of them. just now a little 12 year old girl named sofia was sent home in 7th place. i headed to google to see if she had become a chef, only to find out that she's gone pro in something other than cooking:
  20. Jokic has been so awesome in the playoffs to this point that it made it easy for me to say that Jokic > Luka. zero questions asked. for me, that performance last night, and throughout this series, is what puts Luka into that conversation with the likes of Jokic and Giannis, a couple of two-time mvps. gotta earn your stripes in the playoffs to enter that highest echelon of players, and Luka just earned his stripes with this series victory over the best team in the NBA. beyond that, i'm certain that Booker finished higher in the MVP race than Luka, and i imagine that CP3 got a lot of votes as well. Luka just destroyed any notions that either of those guys is on his level.
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