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  1. I mean, yes, obviously currency speculation is a thing. But that’s not what we’re talking about with Bitcoin. If Elon Musk had bought 1.5 billion in euro out of his dollar reserves and tweeted about it he’d have.....whatever the current exchange rate is worth of euro the next day. If he sold it the day after, the value of the euro against the dollar would be.....whatever the current exchange rate was that day. He for sure might have made some money, even small fluctuations across that much cash adds up quickly. It would be barely a blip for regular people holding euro denominated savings acco
  2. I am not sure how you can say that while looking at this graph (which looks to me like ongoing speculation). https://www.coindesk.com/price/bitcoin But when it doe stabilize...OK, it might be worth talking about. At this point it's just an article of faith that it will; and I'd also point that there are lots of really, really major investors in this thing who have every reason to keep hyping it's future positions. You think these sophisticated investors are buying this thing and hoping prices stabilize so they can use it like they currently do dollars? s
  3. I think you've just laid out a pretty compelling case for why most of the world would do their best to stay away from a digital currency built and controlled by an authoritarian, opaque regime that does not make decisions based primarily on economic interests. Like I said, unless/until Bitcoin finally stabilizes it's not really useful as money. And even then, you need some mechanism to expand its supply to make it truly useful. You could use it as an international payment system-- but it's still going to be tracked by its value in dollars or some other currencty. Remember, no one r
  4. For the past several years, there have been marked increases in rural crime and violent crime rates, particularly in areas where incomes are depressed and there's high jobless rates. In 2018, rural violent crime rates spiked above the national average (as well as incarceration rates) while at the same time a lot of major metro areas are below the national average. Add in the opioid and meth epidemic, dwindling police budgets as the tax base hollows out, and lower levels of mental health support--- and what you see in a lot of what is rural white America would be called 'urban blight' elsewhe
  5. I think that Winston belongs up there, even with only two years. If not in that list, then just outside of it. The 2013 season is not far behind what Cam did in a single season. The dude won an NC, a Heisman, and 27 straight games. He's the youngest Heisman winner of all time. Putting him behind Sam Bradford and Kellen Moore is just absurd. No issue with stacking those six you have up there as contenders for 1.
  6. I don't question the numbers around these analysis, but I think the jump of "rural poverty does not cause the same type of desperation that urban poverty does" is just that. A jump. I think there's plenty of alternative evidence (like the exploding levels of addiction) that show that folks living in "The Big White Ghetto" are experiencing plenty of desperation. All of the following things can be simultaneously true: 1. Poverty disproportionally effects members of certain minority racial/ethnic groups in the United States 2. Members of certain minority racial/ethnic groups in the
  7. Whatever Bitcoin is, it isn't money. And part of that is because the supply cannot be expanded in response to expanded needs. Think about how you use money in the real world. Would you ever agree to a mortgage denominated in Bitcoins? Would you ever agree to pay a contractor in Bitcoins for a job that was going to take six months? Would you agree to receive Bitcoin denominated cell phone bills? In each of those transactions one of the parties involved is almost guaranteed to take a complete bath and thus, would only conclude the deal if they were completely irrational or if they
  8. This dude is a serious player on the back end. Like him especially in pursuit and tackler. Very, very impressive pickup who would likely start early for any team in the nation.
  9. I live in Europe. I used to live in an area that bordered Hungary and had its own local herd. You could find it in a lot of supermarkets at a bit of a premium over run of the mill pork and I learned to love it. I’ve since moved a bit farther away but every now and then I come across it in the local meat market and I’ll grab it when I do. There are some breeders in the U.S. that sell through mail order. The premium in the U.S. is higher. Recommend trying some bacon if you decide to go that route. For uncured meat, it’s best to roast or grill pretty simply because it has plenty of ma
  10. Never been, I have no reason to doubt that it’s could be. Just that if you want to do a barbecue pilgrimage, SA isn’t your first destination but instead you go deeper into Central Texas or to Austin.
  11. Found a nice treat recently— a good chunk of Mangalica pork loin. The Mangalica is an odd looking, curly haired Hungarian heritage breed. It’s generally raised for longer than ordinary pigs, it produces LOTS more marbling and fat. My best description of it is that it tastes like pork, but more so. Most of it is turned into amazing bacon and sausage, but the fresh meat is perfect for simple grilling and roasting. Pan seared the outside then roasted in a hot oven to just under medium, brushed with a simple honey-garlic-mustard-fish sauce glaze. Right out of the oven. After resting, brushe
  12. San Antonio has awesome food even if truly great BBQ isn’t its top draw. Macho tostada burger at Chris Madrid’s kills. Absolutely kills. Josephine Street Steakhouse is the shit. Very reminiscent of the in Austin. It’s not “fine dining” but it’s a great piece of steak drowning in their Hofbrau style sauce that’s like liquid crack. The onion rings are fantastic. The setting is perfect. Schilo’s Deli with house rootbeer, house sinus clearing mustard, and hot German potato salad. And not even scraping the surface of the fantastic Tex-Mex and Mexican.
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